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What Percentage of the Internet is VR Pornography Related

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One industry, besides gambling, that has dramatically changed since the Internet became globally available is the adult industry. Namely, it is an industry that follows the latest technological trends and isn’t shy to try new things, which is why VR adult pornography is so popular today.

Of course, this is just one plain example, but the overall impact VR porn has on this industry might surprise you, which is why we will focus on some facts.

VR changed it all

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There is no doubt that adult websites have been existing for a long time, and thanks to many users and the improvement of modern technology, it is almost certain that they will be with us for a long time. VR is one of the latest trends in modern technology, and thanks to its wide range of usage, it found its place in the adult entertainment industry and taken it to a higher level.

As we all know, adult websites occupy a large percentage on the internet, but many people are surprised to hear how large that percentage is as it’s over fifty or, to be more precise, close to sixty of all the websites, which is pretty high.

Why is it so popular?

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We are all aware that pornography was popular years ago, but not all people had access to it due to many reasons. Thanks to the advent of the internet, it has become much more accessible to people, as all we need to have today is a device with a stable internet connection, and we are ready to enjoy it.

VR technology brought pornography to the next level thanks to the real experience it provides, and what is the best, it is expected that it will be only better in the future. Regarding that, it is not a surprise that many people choose this way of entertainment to relax and that the percentage of VR adult websites is that high and can become even higher.

Content quality

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Well, this is something we can actually talk about, as this tech has certainly been dominant for a couple of years now in the adult industry, but the popularity of something doesn’t provide the best insight into the quality. Yes, we are all well aware of certain trends and even products that became globally popular even though there are much more quality ones, and the same is with the adult industry content. When you look at the facts and what VR tech really provides, we must agree on at least one thing, it is something entirely new and interesting.

Now, when we consider other facts like how truly realistic the experience is, combined with how difficult it is to set up all the needed equipment, then some might find it troubling. On the other hand, since it provides a full-body experience, we must add that it’s not something you can get anyplace else, which is why VR porn is so highly rated. Overall, when everything is synchronized, the scene feels that much more real, which speaks volumes about the entire experience.