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Why Tongits Is An Engaging Game: 4 Reasons

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If you say tongits, chances are a Filipino might come to you. Tongits is a popular rummy card game, and locals have played it since adulthood.

Initially, it was known as “Tung-it,” but the word evolved through the years. Notably, it shares similarities with Tonk, an American rummy card game.

Now, why do people love tongits? One reason is that locals shared the game with their neighbors, from streets to local tournaments. Down the line, tongits evolved into an online game. As a result, more and more Filipinos have access to an engaging card game. People love tongits due to these four reasons.

Social Interaction

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Filipinos love interaction. It shows in games like tongits since you test your skills. Since it relies on three players, anyone can have fun and play tongits. Moreover, your neighbor or relative can be players, bringing a more close-knit community together.

Sometimes, when tongits are popular in a barangay, the local community can set up tournaments. It brings the neighbors together for a fun card game. The more groups, the merrier. As a result, people will understand each other more and get to know each other.


Tongits is accessible to many Filipinos. You can play it on the street or play it online. It is a means to connect with locals or OFWs who want to reach out to their homes. If you are lucky enough, having a 52-card deck and 3 players can start a game.

The best part? Anyone can play tongits. For one, you only need to choose a dealer and let the cards do the work. After the dealer discards their card, it becomes a race to reach the lowest score. Once the game is over, the players can have another fun round.

Fast Gameplay

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Due to the nature of tongits, most players must think fast. As each card has a specific value, timing is key to ensure a win. Remember, in a 52-card deck, a player can get 12 cards, while the dealer gets 13 cards. For example, players can empty a card stock to determine the final tally. It makes sense to get the lowest score, and players want to win.

Fortunately, there are other ways to win, yet it takes experience and effort. You can make a draw or say, “Tung-it!” It all depends on how you approach the game.

Easy To Learn

While tongits are fast-paced, people can learn it quickly. Since the goal is getting the lowest score, players wait their turn to place their cards in their favor. With enough practice, players can understand the intricacies of the game. Moreover, the accessibility of the game allows Filipinos to teach the game. This creates a dynamic environment where people can learn and have fun.

Wrapping Up

People love tongits due to their accessibility, social interaction, and gameplay. Since Filipinos know tongits, anyone can teach them the game, so they will know how to play. As a result, it creates a close-knit community between players with each other’s backs.

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