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2 Winning Roulette Tips And Strategies To Try In 2024

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The thrill and joy that gamblers feel while doing what they do best are inexplicable. Gambling is one of the world’s oldest ways of making money. What started as a mere game of probability, people began to use this as an incentive to start making money off with. Gambling is much like investing if done right.

Investing involves you knowing the background of an investment venture like the back of your hand. Gambling also requires you to see the game that you’re playing correctly to win it effectively. Gambling done without analysis and observation is one straightforward way to lose all your money.

So, gambling, when done right, can lead to massive riches, but when done wrong could lead to you losing all the money you earned. There are many gambling games that people play regularly, and Roulette is one of the most classic gambling games. Visit 9winz to know more about gambling and its various intricacies.

This article will teach you about the multiple winning tips and strategies you need to know about hitting the Roulette jackpot. We’ll go over what Roulette is, how it’s played, and the best strategies that you can use to win at it. With that being said, let’s get into this!

Origins Of Roulette

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Roulette is one of the best games that you can play in casinos worldwide. You’ve probably seen movies of people playing it where they have a wheel, a ball which is spun around it and people either celebrate or cry. The usual reaction, we know. But roulette has a lot more to it than just what meets the eye.

What made this game so popular? How has it taken the world stage and what is the significance behind its dynamics of play? Named as a french derivative for a tiny wheel, Roulette has two main versions that are played all over the world. One being the American version, with two slots and the European one, with just one slot to go with.

Roulette is known to have many origins but only one can be proved to be the real one. There have been a few different theories that have come up in the recent few years but let’s take a look into the most famous and likely one. It all started with Blaise Pascal. Yes the Blasie Pascal that you’ve read of in school.

What started off as an effort to create a self-sustaining machine, after realising that it isn’t possible, he focused on creating a construct that focused a lot more on his hobby of gambling. This just didn’t happen overnight though by taking a creative detour. It involved a lot more additional designs and constant tweaks that needed to be done now and then. Once created, this was the first and original roulette machine.

This although had both slots which increased the odds of advantage for the house. As time went on, people focused more on being able to reduce that edge for the house as it is already guaranteed that the house always wins. With that being said, one of the most pivotal changes for the roulette was that the second slot was removed, lowering the advantage for the house.

How To Play Roulette

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Roulette is a game of luck wherein the player chooses a particular number or a combination of numbers to bet on and expects to hit the winning number. When the roulette ball is spun in the game of Roulette, we have a wheel that features compartments that have numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero in a set order, which means there are a total of 37 numbers that are 0 to 36.

These numbers are featured on the table wherein players can place their bet. Chips used in Roulette are a little different from the chips that are used in other games. Let’s understand this better.

Every roulette table has color chips with different designs. These markings are unique to that particular table and help us identify other players playing on the table. These chips are in sync with the table’s minimum and maximum betting limits.

You can also choose to play with cash chips as well. Let’s now learn about the betting options. Roulette has two betting options. The inside bets and the outside bets. The inside bet has five positions – straight up, split corner, street, and six lines. The outside bets comprise dozens of columns, even chances.

2 Strategies To Remember While Playing Roulette

There are a few strategies that will very likely help you win and grow while playing Roulette. With that being said, let’s dive in!

1. MG Strat

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The MG strat, also known as the Martingale strategy, is one of the most common and widely used strategies globally. If you see any person downing the chips during the game, they’re likely using this strategy. The MG strat relies on the power of belief and perseverance, with probability catching up to you at a moment’s notice. Placing a bet for as long as you hit it is what comes under this strategy.

2. The Snail Fibonacci

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The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical abstraction that can be well employed here in Roulette. It has to do with doubling down on wins and losses and adding the previous one to the next. With a high probability stake in hand, you can double down on either to give you a fair advantage.


Winning need not be complicated. It is always made hard by complicating things unnecessarily. One thing that people need to understand is that there are no losses, only lessons. Roulette is a highly mathematical game based on how well one can use their head.

So it is essential to make sure that one keeps a broad mind when it comes to playing this game. Moreover, it is also pivotal to make sure that you are well versed with the intricacies of this game and how it can change tides very fast.

The game will put you through losses, but not if you know how to recover from it again. There are multiple strategies, but we’ll give you the freedom and liberty to check them out yourself. Make sure you clear your head first. Happy winning!