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Which World of Warcraft Class is Best for Beginners

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World of Warcraft is one of the favorites and something that we all have played and enjoyed these last couple of years. It is a classic, as well as a game with so many different kinds of developments & fun paths to take.

Let’s not forget to mention that there are so many new extensions and series coming out that one could never get bored. There are plenty of new players looking to pick the game up, and figuring out which way to go as a newbie can be a challenge for most of us. Keep on reading as we talk about WoW and its best (and easiest) classes down below.

What to play and how to choose your role and your path?

Well, by the game’s nature some classes are simply more micro- or skill-intensive. Figuring out what to play and what you’re best at can take some time and constant trials and errors. Some people also prefer talking to others online or looking up different sites and forums that can help navigate their gameplay.

Some also watch YouTube videos and tutorials. This is why veterans within the game can be intimidating to look up to, but some can also give you advice and answer some of your most-asked questions that will help guide you in the right direction for each role.

Which World of Warcraft class is best for beginners: Top 4 different options

1. WoW Classic – what is the best beginner DPS role?

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Did you know that when playing solo, most players tend to go for the role of a Hunter? He is easy to play and navigate with while having his mini-party thanks to the pet mechanic, which allows sending pets to tank single or duo enemies. Hunters are the main pet class in World of Warcraft.

They wear mail armor and have great survivability. Thanks to your chosen pet, you will be given a couple of valuable seconds in which the Hunter can escape. You will enjoy the role of Hunters because they have an amazing built-in survival in Feign Death.

Top three specs to watch out for:

  • Beast Mastery is the first ranged damage dealing spec and uses a bow, crossbow, or gun.
  • Marksmanship uses a bow, crossbow, or gun but otherwise differs quite dramatically.
  • Survival is the melee damage dealing hunter spec and wields a polearm or a staff.

2. WoW Classic – what is the best beginner tank tole?

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When it comes to the Tank role, Paladins is a good go-to and an amazing way to go. This is because they are easy to navigate and they can offer steady leveling. This also applies to their survivability that is impressive.

They can even heal themselves in a couple of seconds thanks to some different spells. Heads up when it comes to playing defense since they are quite slow, which does mean that they will struggle in the end-game.

Top three specs to watch out for:

  • Retribution is the damage dealing spec and uses two-handed swords, maces, or axes.
  • Holy is the paladin’s healing spec and wields a one-handed sword or mace and a shield.
  • Protection is the tanking spec and uses a sword and shield.

3. WoW Classic – what is the best beginner heal role?

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In this case and this gameplay, you could go with a Priest as your go-to. Some players love him and others hate him. There is rarely that in-between silver lining feeling towards him.

This is because of his healing power that can require some time to work and make magic, but it will take you the least amount of time to understand this character when compared to other options. One thing that is for certain is that you’re going to withstand and survive several attacks and attempts thanks to their use of wands for extra damage.

Top three specs to watch out for:

  • Holy is a pure healing class with a number of tools that can help out and buff other healers in group content.
  • Discipline primarily uses the Atonement buff to heal players with the damage it deals.
  • Shadow is the priest’s damage spec and relies on multi-dotting and generating and spending the Insanity resource.

4. WoW Classic – what is the best beginner hybrid role?

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Give it a go with a Shaman in this case! Heads up since this hybrid is already tricky to play on its own. This is because you will have to master 2-3 different kinds of rules and skills to get it just right.

With this character, you are going to have a lot of variety + it will suit you if you wish to keep your options open heading into the end-game. Also, another perk with the Shaman is that if he dies, they can resurrect themselves and they can transform into a Ghost Wolf which increases movement speed.

Top three specs to watch out for:

  • Enhancement is the melee damage spec that Shamans can use.
  • Elemental shaman is the ranged damage dealer and uses a one-handed mace or dagger and a shield.
  • Restoration is the shaman’s healing spec and uses the same weapon types as Elemental. It does well in both dungeon and raid content.

Are you ready to play and finally level up?

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