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5 Easy Ways to Wrap a Package for Shipping

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There are various challenges people have to face during the packaging and the shipping process of different items. Your packaging must be strong enough, so the product inside it doesn’t get damaged while on the go. If you are sending a parcel at a place thousands of miles away, then you need to be extra careful.

Nowadays, packaging has literally become one of the major parts of the product itself. It has become a promotional strategy for many businesses because a good package enhances the customer experience. In this article, we will share some very simple ways in which you can wrap your products nicely for shipping.

Picking a durable packaging

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As we mentioned earlier that the package needs to be robust enough, therefore, you need to pick the material that is durable. Corrugated cartons are one of the best options that you have today. It will keep all your products as safe as possible. After putting all the items into the carton box, make sure to seal it well using parcel tape.

Do not pick the old cardboard boxes for this purpose as they can easily break during the shipment. Always pick the new ones. If you are shipping some delicate items, then add one extra box to the packaging, placing one inside the other. To get the best packaging material, click here.

Bubble wrap each product

Envelop everything separately that is supposed to be packaged in the cardboard box, as this will offer better insurance during travel and lessen the danger of the substance causing harm to different things in the box.

Think about utilizing polystyrene, paper, or bubble wrap so the items won’t make any movement during shipment. The product ought to be ‘completely encased’ by padding to forestall direct contact with the external box.

Add an extra box

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Slip an extra cardboard box into the previous box that is bigger than the first and cushion the unfilled space with X-cushion or air pads. Contingent upon the item, you need to leave somewhere around two inches of free space between the external and internal boxes. Truly delicate things like weighty containers will require more space. You want to have satisfactory padding to secure the thing in case it gets dropped or breaks.

Be practical

Being reasonable or practical is significant, particularly if the packaging influences the functionality of the item. Looks are not generally the thing customers are pursuing; usability and productivity are likewise significant.

Investigate the market and attempt to sort out ways of working on the usefulness of your packaging. You’ll acquire numerous clients just because of using this technique alone.

Weigh your package

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When your package has been arranged it’s an ideal opportunity to gauge it. Try not to be enticed to weigh your things before it’s stuffed as the packaging should be remembered for the last weight and aspects. Dispatches utilize the dimensional load of your package to work out the expense of transportation.

Advantages of using a bubble wrap or a shrink wrap or a shrink wrap in packaging

Ensure protection

A very tight seal gets created on the shrink wrap when it receives heat, which helps in protecting your packages. It means that no dust, moisture, or dirt can enter your products and cause any damage to it.

There are many varieties of shrink wraps available in the market. Some also offer protection against the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. You can choose the wrap that fulfills your requirements.

Bubble wraps are reusable

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At the point when you’re finished with your air pocket or bubble wrap, don’t discard it. Bubble wrap can quite often be reused except if it’s been essentially harmed. As far as the majority of them look flawless, you can keep utilizing them for protecting different things while traveling.

This makes bubble wrap a significantly more eco-friendly choice contrasted with certain kinds of other materials that are hard to reuse, and it can help you in saving your money as well. It’s likewise extraordinary for organizations that offer simple client returns, as it’s easy to set up as a feature of ready-to-go return packages.


Shrink or bubble wrap is a truly reasonable wrapping material to utilize. It comes at an affordable price and can be applied rapidly and without any problem. It’s reasonable for a wide range of circumstances and item types as well.

Moreover, as a packaging material, it’s about the lightest and most slender accessible. Being light and slim means it doesn’t forestall an item actually fitting inside the shipment box, not at all like some other materials which may do. Another best part of using such wraps is that they have negligible weight, which means they won’t make your packages heavy.

Increases lifespan of perishable products

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Food is a perishable item and along these lines, makers are presented with a test to broaden their items’ timeframe of realistic usability. Food-grade shrink wraps are customary decisions for food companies as openness to the external environment might cause the decay quicker which will involve squandering for food organizations and this exposure is being kept away from by the cautious fixing of every edible item.


Bubble and shrink wrap is among the lightest packaging materials that helps in filling the voids. Its design generally contains air, with a couple of layers of super lightweight plastic for strength. That makes a truly light packing material that can save delivery costs, particularly in case you’re transporting in mass.

To sum up

Wrapping the products is an extremely important step to follow especially when you are shipping expensive and fragile items. It is generally known as the internal packaging. If you are confused about how you can achieve perfect packaging, make sure to check the above mentioned steps.