12.9 inch iPad Being Tested at Foxconn, To Be Released In March 2014?

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As we all know, the original iPad is pretty much the tablet that made it all happen. As such, Apple has remained faithful to this 9.7 inch formula until earlier last year, when the company in question has been more or less forced by the Android side of things (and the Google Nexus 7) to come up with the iPad mini. Needless to say, while the iPad is still one of the most iconic tablets in the world, Android offers more variety, and it proved that people can get along just fine with a smaller slate as long as it hits the shelves at the right price.

Truth be told, the Android tablet scene offers a lot of options, including hybrid devices like the Asus Transformer series, as well as larger 12+ inch slabs. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also joined the tablet game with its Surface series, and once again, these slates offer their own advantages, such as the ability to plug in a keyboard dock and run legacy Windows programs. The question is, will Apple do anything about it anytime soon?

12.9 inch iPad Being Tested at Foxconn, To Be Released In March 2014?

12.9 inch iPad Being Tested at Foxconn, To Be Released In March 2014?

12.9 Inch iPad In The Works?

Earlier this summer there have been a handful of rumors suggesting that Apple is working on a 12.9 inch tablet, dubbed the “iPad Maxi”. While some of these rumors have been quickly dismissed, fresh ones are now hitting the blogosphere in full force.

According to the Chinese media, Foxconn is now already testing a 12.9 inch iPad. As some of you already know, Foxconn is one of Apple’s favorite partners, and has been one for quite a while. The source also suggests that the tablet in question will be released sometime in March 2014.

In other words, last year, Apple joined the “affordable” tablet market segment with the smaller Mini, and next year the Cupertino based giant might want to make itself noticed on the larger tablet scene as well.

We should also point out that previous rumors have suggested that this 12.9 inch device could also deliver Surface / Transformer-like functionality. Simply put, the slate might be accompanied by a keyboard dock. This also makes us wonder whether the 12.9 inch iPad will run on iOS or OS X – effectively emulating the ideology behind Microsoft’s Surface Pro line-up.

I guess only time will tell whether or not these rumors will become a reality, so stick around and we’ll keep you posted if we find out more.