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Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 Release Date Scheduled For “Early 2013″ ?

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Microsoft hasn’t been too eager when it came to revealing what the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 OS has in store for us, and the release date of the update has been even more of a mystery. There have been a few leaks and rumors surrounding both the features and the launch of the update, but very little information came from the horse’s mouth.

Nevertheless, the software giant has recently revealed a launch timeframe for the update so, in case you’re still rocking the previous generation of WP 7 devices, join us after the break and we’ll talk a bit more about what to expect in the near future.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 Release Date Scheduled For "Early 2013" ?

Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 Release Date Scheduled For "Early 2013" ?

Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 Release Date

The company in Redmond has recently made a new blog post regarding the availability of Windows Phone 7.8, and judging by their latest reports, WP 7.8 should be ready for the masses sometime in early 2013. They’ve also mentioned that at this point they’re working closely with their carrier and hardware partners in order to test and approve the upcoming software update for “as many devices as possible”.

We’ve expected the long-awaited WP 7.8 update to hit the waves by the end of the year but it appears that this is not going to happen. We’re quite disappointed by Microsoft’s progress and to be honest, we’re a bit intrigued by their quoted statement above. Does “as many devices as possible” means that WP 7.8 will arrive on some Windows-powered smartphones while the rest will remain on whatever software they’re running at this point? If so, I must say that a list of future-to-be-updated gadgets would be nice. We wouldn’t want certain people to wait for nothing.

In any case, we’ll keep an eye out on Microsoft and hopefully we’ll get more information soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks Pocket Now for the heads-up regarding the Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 release date.