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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Scheduled For Late Q1 / Early Q2 ?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date: Rumors Are Zeroing In

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is without shadow of a doubt one of the most anticipated smartphones of year 2013, and pretty much every enthusiast expects Samsung to release an amazing successor to the Galaxy S3. The latter has been one of the most successful and sought-after smartphones of 2012, so evidently there are high expectations from the upcoming Galaxy S4.

A lot of rumors regarding the S4 have surfaced during the past few months and throughout this period of time we’ve talked about the type of display that might end up on the gadget, the amount of RAM, CPU type and possible Samsung Galaxy S4 release dates.

Nothing has been confirmed so far and every bit of information has been and still is subject to change until Samsung makes the official announcement, but quite recently we’ve stumbled across new information regarding availability and if you’re waiting for the release of the device, then you should stick around. More details below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Scheduled For Late Q1 / Early Q2 ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Scheduled For Late Q1 / Early Q2 ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date

The biggest question surrounding the Galaxy S4 at this point is “when exactly will it hit the market?” and we might have an answer.

To be more specific, once again nothing official has been announced, but according to the guys at Asian Economies and their sources, Samsung is intending to hold an “Unpacked” event in the US on Friday, March 22. During this event the Galaxy S4 will be fully unveiled and the actual market release of the device will commence in April.

Interestingly enough, if this information turns out to be the real deal then this would be the second time Samsung would hold a major Unpacked event in the States, the first one being the debut of the original Galaxy S, back in 2010.

Furthermore, these latest reports are backed by Sam Mobile and their sources, who claim that the SGS4 -which is also known by its codename “Altius”- will, at first, arrive in two flavors (white and black), and that the device will actually go on sale starting with week 15 (April 8-April 15).

In addition to that, sources also claim that the device should arrive with a 2,600 mAh battery and that Samsung will also launch an optional wireless charging back that will go on sale two weeks after the launch of the SGS4.

That’s pretty much it for now. Lots of new data to consider, but as always we advise you to take this new information with a pinch of salt, as nothing is set in stone until Samsung says so.

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date rumors.

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