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4 Reasons Why Airsoft Is The Perfect Team Building Exercise

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Opening Word

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There are certain things every modern company has to offer to its employees no matter the line of work they deal in. Gone are the times in which the employees were less important than the service and the product. In the contemporary way of doing business, it is generally understood that the well-being of the employees is directly responsible for the optimal and efficient production.

If everyone is happy in the work place and more importantly, if everyone gets along with each other, there is no stopping the progress and advancement of the business and the revenue will keep pouring in.

While the physical and physiological health of the workers has been taken to new heights and safety regulations and security are on high levels, there is something far more important in terms of employee happiness.

That would be the all-important team building. You probably already know what this is if you work in any sort of collective, especially a new, up and coming business with lots of younger people working there. The focus that is being put on team building activities is increasingly important and something that was not really a thing back in the day.

In this article we will talk about one of the most popular team building activities the employees love and why it is the perfect thing to do with your fellow colleagues no matter if they are your juniors or seniors. That activity is airsoft, the fan-favorite shooting game featuring prop guns, safety equipment, and team based battles with obstacles and cover. To find out more about team building and airsoft, make sure to click here.

About Team Building

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Team building as an effort to increase productivity and motivation in the workplace is hardly a new invention. It has been done for centuries but it was never as important and prominent as today.

The aim of this approach is to frequently organize activities and trips where all the employees would go and participate free of charge with the goal of creating stronger and more meaningful bonds and relationships that would translate from the fun times and challenges straight back into the office. It is actually proven that companies who carry out team building activities for the workers once per month, or even only several times per year are much more successful and efficient.

And it is easy to see why. There is so much that can be identified, solved, explored, and found on such occasions, from hidden talents that could help with promotions to meeting and getting along with people from other parts of the company and increasing communication. It is a limitless source of potentially new and game-changing ideas and a chance for everyone to bond and be equal in the activity.

About Airsoft

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The competitive team based shooting sport of airsoft is a very popular activity for numerous reasons. Equally exciting and engaging for people of any age group, it is arguably the best simulation of warfare you can participate in. From the replica guns that look exactly like weapons in the real world, to authentic army and camo tactical gear and equipment, the whole premise is always an amazing idea.

The venues and terrain on which the games take place vary in detail and obstacles, with forests, close quarters, and anything in-between acting like the battleground. The sport originated in the 1970s in Japan and it quickly took over the world. The main projectiles shot out of the soft air guns are airsoft pellets usually about 6 mm in diameter. They do hurt when they hit the naked or slightly covered body, so protective gear is crucial, especially headwear and eyewear.

Reasons Airsoft as Team Building Works

As mentioned, team-based activities are the best for building stronger relationship and meaningful bonds among your workers, and nothing beats some survival and warfare simulations with real-life looking guns and gear. There are many reasons why airsoft matches are perfect for your next team building session.

1. Development of New Skills

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It takes a great deal of stamina, endurance, and physical activity to properly play this high-octane sport. Moving around, aiming, and constantly ducking is good exercise, but more importantly the employees will develop new skills and values. Hand to eye coordination is sure to improve, while strategic thinking will skyrocket through the roof. As a matter of fact, any type of planning will benefit.

2. Mental and Physical Prowess

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As mentioned, the sport is a demanding one for many reasons. Sportier types will have an edge but even they will find it hard to use every fiber of their body not to get shot and win in the process. Mental readiness for high adrenaline and dangerous situations will constantly be challenged and the employees will come out of the activity stronger and more prepared in every sense.

3. Teamwork

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The most obvious benefit is the high amount of teamwork involved. Airsoft is a team game where two teams of however many members must work together towards one goal. Depending on the type of match, different objectives may exist.

Getting along and setting clear objectives along the way, as well as finding new solutions once the original plan fails will easily translate into the office. It is smart to team up people from the same departments who know each other well, as well as to mix everyone up so that people have to work harder and get along with new faces in tough situations.

4. Fun, Excitement, and No Work

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Arguably the most important reason he employees themselves enjoy airsoft is because it is pure fun and madness. Getting to shoot your (least) favorite colleague is not something you can often do, so many take every chance they get. After all, where else can you team up and rush a base where your boss or manager are trapped in and empty a clip in them without any consequences?

Forgetting about work and allowing yourself to be free and careless at least when your daily obligations are concerned is important and there is nothing that can make you forget about your job-related struggles like trying to navigate a battlefield without getting shot!