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Hardest Dungeons For 15 Key

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The dungeon system provides numerous challenges for players, no matter their skills. It can be considered a legendary challenge, which gets even harder with each progress you make. Whether you are trying to challenge your Mythic 15 keystone or just want to have fun, the entire Mythic mode with the 5 man dungeon instances is something you definitely have to entirely explore.

Even with +15k, you can start with choosing the easiest dungeons and move to the most challenging parts. The +15 keystone is still the most wanted level for keystones on WowCarry. If you want to get higher keys, the Grievous damage is the same as in the 15 keystone difficulty level.

The Signs of Great Dungeon

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The features of the best dungeons:

  • It must be well-developed and unique in its design;
  • Wide options. There must be different ways to complete the dungeon. You need to explore the dungeon and find alternative solutions;
  • Unique and breathtaking bosses. They must be hard to fight against with your standard moves. Yet, the whole mechanics has to be justified and well-thought;
  • Dungeon mechanics may not be extremely unique, but still luring for players;
  • High replay value. If you don’t want to go back there to play again, this means that the dungeon is not that awesome.

Low Difficulty Dungeons

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Since you and your friends have to keep track of the time, it is better to start with something less bloodthirsty. Fortunately for you, Mythic+ has a wide range of entertainment for everyone. No matter where you start, you have to use your keystone wisely:

  • Mists of Tirna Scithe. The affixes are welcoming, and the key is simple to obtain and close. Time the Prideful buffs and the Covenant specific buffs of dungeons, like Savory Statshroom and Tasty Toughshroom. Don’t let those spirits close in on players when you stand against Spiteful. Keep in mind that you can run away from them.
  • Halls of Atonement. The place is tricky for new players. Try to help your healer to focus only on the DPS of the group, and don’t get into trouble. Spiteful may slow you down there as well. It is still considered one of the most interesting dungeons. For +15, it is considered to be one of the best choices.
  • Necrotic Wake offers you a Fortified enemy that will get on you nervous for sure. Plus, Grievous and more Spiteful will challenge you. Spiteful is probably the hardest thing to face in this particular dungeon.
  • Plaguefall may surprise you with the punishing Grievous affix, so don’t underestimate it. Keep track of your own health. The Necrolord among your warriors can use Fleshcraft here.

Moderate Dungeons of Mythic+

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You may find these dungeons slightly more difficult for you:

  • The Spire of Ascension may look easy to follow; however, it contains several tricks. You may need Kyrian to deal with Fortified there. The speed of the dungeon will still be under the influence of the Grievous. Concentrate on the effects like Dark Stride provided by Ventunax and Purifying Blast by Oryphiron.
  • Theater of Pain. The week brings more affixes to this dungeon. However, it still requires the Necrolord in your team to make a successful campaign. The limited space in the dungeon may cause more troubles from Spiteful.

Hard Level of Difficulty

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Many players with the 15 key already have their favorite and less favorite dungeons. No matter which weekly updates are offered on the plate, they still prefer to open specific familiar places. The difficulty level changes based on the numerous factors, and the major one is the team you go with. Here are the hardest dungeons based on our personal experience:

  • De Other Side is one of the least favorite places to be for many players. While fighting the Dealer Xy’exa and Hakkar the Sulflayer, a deadly combo of Spiteful and Grievous is something you don’t need there. Yet, you have to meet them. In order to stay alive and gain from the battle, check whether there is a Prideful for every boss. Going to the Ardenweald territory, pay attention to the lack of Spiteful. The presence of the high mobs can increase the difficulty of the pack. You have to use the team utilities wisely.
  • Sanguine Depths may be incredibly challenging for any group, no matter their skills and abilities. There is a Venthyr, which may be extremely helpful in the team. The perfect timing is what you need. Let Venthyr use the Sinfall Boon. The location, however, is not the best, considering the tiny corridors and Spiteful’s presence. You also need to use the party utilities after careful calculations. Build the strategy if you can, trying to avoid hits in these corridors. As for the Grievous, in this dungeon, it is still one of the biggest threats to you and the team. There will be no place to hide in the entire dungeon.

Tips on Dungeons

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Here are some simple tips you may be aware of but still forget from time to time:

  • Gather the best team you can. As you might have noticed, the Necrolord is on-demand for many dungeons. There is a chance that Venthyr will be equally helpful too. The healer is a must without a doubt, but don’t forget about tanks;
  • Trust your team. Even if you have eyes on your back too, it is highly exhausting to keep up with everything you have to check. Don’t forget that even if you are a key bearer, you still need others in Mythic realms. There is no place for ego;
  • Follow weekly recommendations of professional players;
  • Find everything you can about the dungeon and the upcoming update so that you can prepare for it.

The Hardest Way

The hardest way in any dungeon you choose with your 15 key is still the one you walk alone. The dungeon may look like a piece of cake, but in reality, you will be surrounded by enemies and not even bosses the very moment you step there. Don’t underestimate your enemies and trust your team to reach new highs.