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Top 6 Tested Alternative to Cloudflare

Alternative to Cloudflare

Alternative to Cloudflare

Best Cloudflare Alternative DNS

So What is the best Alternative to Cloudflare and what Cloudflare is? Cloudflare is a CDN a content delivery network it’s also a proxy, and what I mean by proxy is I mean that when somebody goes to websitelike.com, for example, they’re first going to go through Cloudflare and all Cloudflare optimizations before they hit your server?

This is a great thing because Cloudflare offers firewall speed optimizations which include caching and deferring of JavaScript as well as a CDN. Which means that if I’m in California and I’m pulling a website that’s normally based in New York City with Cloudflare is going to pull the static assets like CSS and images from a cached server in California, closer to that user what that does, in the long run, is just make sure that all of your website content all your application content gets delivered to that client to that browser faster than it normally would without a CDN. Sign up for Cloudflare.com it is free and people laved. Check a list for an alternative to Cloudflare.

List of the best alternative to Cloudflare CDN content delivery network


Incapsula alternative to cloudflare

One of the best alternative to Cloudflare it’s a web service called Incapsula an all-in-one website security that puts itself in between your web server and the Internet, and will help protect your website for any DDoS attacks bad robots trying to connect to your website or even being a nice content delivery network.

I’ve been using it on one of my websites for about the month, it’s helped speed it up better it’s helped with caching a lot of the pages, they load ultra quickly. They are very nice, they load everything in a snap, it is something that everybody who runs a website out there wants to see is their website loading up in a snap.

Incapsula provides all of this tool into one kind of all in one package you’re not having to go to multiple different web services, paying out multiple different people for all these products. Like I said Icapsula does a lot of things.

First, of its DDoS protection they monitor your website they see if somebody’s trying to attack it and they block it automatically. They also have a global content delivery network that will identify static content on your websites and will serve it over their network which is a lot faster than a single server in a single location which is very nice to have.

They also have what I think is one of the best utilities which are website security. It will actively look for people trying to access your website that may not be trying to visit your website for a very good thing which is very nice to have.

Things that you can do within Incapsula and how they provide them to you

The alternative to Cloudflare – First off you have normal traffic graphs you can monitor how traffic is visiting your websites when the busy points are when the not busy points are which is very nice to see.

They also have a security dashboard and this is getting a more into what I like which is seeing all the attempts on to your website too if they’re doing anything bad that they’re doing, what kind of people are trying to access your website who may not be in of the best of minds.

You can see event log of who they’re blocking what kind of things they’re trying to access you can see the whole bunch of bad BOTS trying to come onto the network, but you also can see that some DDoS bots will try to access certain points of your website, such as cronjobs.

They will try to access any known exploits within your website it’s identified a lot of BOTS out there, may have identified that I use WordPress and WordPress is a nice platform but some of the plugins that people use can have vulnerabilities to them, there are BOTS out there that will go around and try to find those vulnerabilities.

And there aren’t a lot of people out there who will try to do that to exploit your website for their gains this blocks that and identifies that it makes it that people can’t do, that it’s a very interesting thing to see indeed there’s a lot of settings behind this.

You can access what kind of bots can come on to your services. You can have a whole range of security features if you have, maybe not a public website maybe it’s a more private website. Because all of this option what you can do with Incapsula I thing this is Cloudflare best alternative.

There’s even a feature to turn on logon protection which is very nice to have, you have a whole host of general features such as setting up custom SSL Certificates which by the way I had a little bit of a problem with I had a few days before.

I could use the Incapsula service because it was having issues generating an SSL certificate for me since logically com already has an SSL certificate.

I had some back and forth with there support on that you can turn on and off different features and headers and you can change how the website will identify threats and we’ll give you what you can do with those threats.

You can also set up custom rulings these custom rulings which I don’t have access to apparently because I need to upgrade my plan. Can redirect things on your website, can identify things on your website, and redirect them which is kind of cool as well as there is even monitoring things that you can do with load-balancing and that kind of gets more into the advanced configurations.

But on the default at least which is kind of cool is that they have content caching which allows you to cache that static content which is something very nice, saves you on the bandwidth it makes people load your website faster there’s a whole host of settings there that will help you out.

I’ve used other services in the past this one is a nice one to have and Incapsula definitely can be Cloudflare alternative it has a lot of things that they can do for you and somebody who runs a business somebody who runs a public website might want to look into some sort of website security functionality.

Whether it be Incapsula can be an alternative to Cloudflare of whether it be any of their competitors it is something that in the general people should have access to.

Incapsula Plans

An alternative to Cloudflare, They have a basic free plan which people can start, they can change over their blogs their websites over to use it and you can see the features there if you haven’t even need more features you can upgrade your plan on the pro plan.

But you can also use the business plan or you can even call them and they’ll help set up a plan as well. So there you guys go that’s Incapsula the service has been working well I’m happy on the part of it protecting my website I’m happy on the part of it being something that people should use, check it out for yourself on Incapsula account.


Sucuri Cloudflare alternative

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give a little bit of a case study and some feedback to another website like Cloudflare Sucuri over its security and I suppose almost like a bit of a testimonial.

If you’re thinking about using Sucuri service now I don’t know if you’ve ever had a website hacked if your answer is yes, You now that is an absolute nightmare and you just don’t know who to turn to to get the right advice.

Now over the years I had lots of my different websites either hacked with malware or viruses or other people, just suppose generally creating a little bit of a pain for themselves now of the different services that I tried and I tried a whole bunch oftentimes.

You’ll find some of them is very expensive can be very time consuming and when you think about it if it’s your main site and it’s going down and you’ve got traffic to the website it can be a really bad impression and image on your business.

You want to make sure that your website’s safe and secure, now I tried as I said a whole lot of different services and perhaps the one that we got the best results from was Sucuri, and the reason I suppose it is a few ones.

The speed at which they get back to you is key and they were very fit very fast also very efficient in cleaning it up and clearly, they know what they’re doing they’re professionals when it comes to malware clean up and keeping your website secure.

I can’t recommend it enough regardless of whether or not your website’s already been hacked, or you just want to make sure that you’re safe and secure you should check them out if your website’s being hacked.

They’ll take the steps to make sure it’s cleaned up correctly and safely and put things in place to make sure you’re secure moving forward if you haven’t yet been hacked it’s a little bit of a case of you know a stitch in time is worth nine you want to make sure that you’re safe right upfront.

You have that peace of mind and that safety and that security knowing that your website is in good hands. Go ahead and sign up for one of the best Cloudflare alternative Sucuri.net and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I have.


Reblaze Cloudflare alternative

The next alternative to Cloudflare is Reblaze. Reblaze is a next-generation security platform that solves all problems and more. When you protect your site with Reblaze your website is shielded within a VPC our virtual private cloud, a private subset of the internet over which you have full control.

This isolates your website from internet threats when your site operates within a virtual private cloud legitimate traffic has normal access to your site, but attackers can not reach or even find your network.

Hostile traffic is excluded from your site, data, apps, and services Reblaze gives you the most powerful traffic control in the industry you can allow or deny access by visitor behavior, cities, countries, networks, companies, and more and you can watch and control incoming traffic in real-time.

Reblaze offers many other benefits as well including full content delivery network integration but complete DNS solution, and automatic immediate upgrades and updates as new web threads arise you get effortless web security always active effective and always up-to-date with no effort required on your part Reblaze the cloud-based comprehensive adaptive and robust protective shield for your website.


Rackspace alternative to cloudflare

Cloud computing is increasing the adoption of mobile technology, not only for personal use but also in the enterprise market software and data in one specified location becomes extremely limiting and the cloud is the solution.

And now we have one more website like Cloudflare Rackspace. Rackspace was the number two cloud provider in 2011 stands out in this market because they try harder. Gartner research projects that the value of the cloud computing market could reach almost 150 billion dollars worldwide by 2014 there are over 90 vendors of cloud computing solutions in this hot technology market.

Rackspace was the second largest provider of cloud services after Amazon although Rackspace business is roughly 1/10 of Amazon’s founded in 1998 and based in San Antonio Texas. Rackspace is a leader for cloud infrastructure for storage and web hosting.

IT environments are inundated with massive amounts of data, while the workforce becomes more mobile Rackspace benefits their customers by not locking them into a proprietary stack of cloud software, their OpenStack service is unlike Amazon’s web services or Microsoft Windows Azure.

Rackspace is good Alternative to Cloudflare Hosting Inc is closer to a pure-play cloud provider than either Amazon or Microsoft now with the upturn in the economy and the predicted growth of Enterprise IT spending many believe that 2011 was the let’s do it year that attitude combined with Rackspace Enterprise focus uniquely positions the min the market Rackspace offers its service under the brand fanatical support.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure alternative to cloudflare


Now we have one more Cloudflare alternative witch is Azure. What is Microsoft Azure what’s the big cloud service provider all about, Azure is a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft.  It’s basically an online portal through which you can access and manage resources and services.

Resources and services are nothing, but you know you can store your data and you can transform the data using services that Microsoft provides all you need is the internet and being able to connect to the Azure portal.

Then you get access to all of the resources and the services. Here are some things that you need to know about Azure alternative to Cloudflare it was launched on February 1st, 2010, which is significantly later than when AWS was launched.

It’s free to start and has a pay per use model which means like I said before you need to pay for the services you use through Azure and one of the most important selling points is that 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure services which means that most of the bigger companies of the world actually recommend using Azure.

Then as you’re supposed to a wide variety of programming languages the c-sharp no J’s Java and much more. Another very important as Alternative to Cloudflare selling point of Azure is the amount of data centers it has across the world it’s important for a cloud service provider to have many data centers around the world because it means that they can provide their services to a wider audience.

Now they have 42 which is more than any cloud service provider has at the moment it expects to have 12 more in a period of time which brings its total number of regions it covers to 54. This is, in my opinion, the best Alternative to Cloudflare.