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Is Booking com Reliable And Safe?

Is booking com reliable and safe?

Is booking com reliable and safe?

Is booking com reliable and safe?

Is booking com reliable and safe? So what is Booking.com? What are the benefits? is it really worth all the commission that you have to pay?  I’m going to give you 12 incredible reasons why getting listed on Booking.com is a must for any property worldwide.

Plus I’m gonna go into some of the amazing marketing benefits that you get at standard when you list your property on Booking.com.

I think everyone on the planet has heard about Booking.com, but in case you haven’t, here’s a little background. Established in 1996 in Amsterdam as a startup, Booking.com has grown to one of the largest eCommerce travel platforms on the planet.

They offer 1.6 million properties in over 120,000 destinations worldwide. The Booking.com website and mobile apps are available in over 40 different languages. Booking.com is alternative to TripAdvisor.

They’ve got more than 15,000 employees and over 200 offices and over 70 current countries, not currencies, in over 70 current, in over 70 countries all around the world.

The variety of properties that Booking.com has on its platform is really extraordinary. I mean they have family-owned bed and breakfasts all the way up to luxury hotel resorts to tree houses and even igloos. I mean you can go on there and book an igloo. (laughs) It’s amazing.

Booking.com is truly a powerhouse when it comes to getting guests to your property, and it’s an essential part of online internet distribution for hotels. Booking.com is like a reservation host pipe, get listed, turn on the tap, and watch those reservations flow.

It might sound funny but it’s true and I’ve seen it in action. Without further ado, let’s jump into the 12 incredible reasons to get listed on Booking.com today or to contact your markets manager in order to get your listing optimized.

Reasons to get listed on Booking.com today

1. extremely large global audience. Booking.com markets your property to a large global audience and travelers all year round. That’s 24/7 365 continuously.

2. registration is free of charge. That’s it, zero, zip. You pay absolutely nothing to get listed.

3. 24/7 multilingual support. Booking.com have round-the-clock support teams ready and able to support you and your guests in up to 40 different languages.

4. no guest service fees. Booking.com don’t add anything on top of the prices that you load. Unlike some other platforms out there that add service fees and charges which end up increasing the price given to the end client, the prices you set are the prices that are displayed and paid by the guests.

5. simple how it works method. Open and close your property whenever you like. There are no locked-in contracts. You control your availability.  You’re empowered to take advantage of the platform and you’re not locked in in any way.

6. search engines. Booking.com are masters of white hat search engine optimization and search marketing techniques. They actively promote your property to search engines around the world on a continuous basis.

7. maps, that’s Google maps. Once registered with Booking.com, your property automatically shows up on Google Maps searches.

8. airlines and flights. Booking.com have some amazing partnerships with some of the world’s leading airline brands, and they actively promote your properties on a continuous basis to their clients.

9. influencers and articles. Booking.com make sure that their brand is always being talked about, meaning more people turn to Booking.com for accommodation which in turn means more exposure for your property.

10. innovative marketing and technology. This one is my favorite. It’s awe-inspiring to see how they constantly push boundaries when it comes to marketing and technology innovation to push conversion for your properties.

From email marketing campaigns to their members, Secret Deals, the Genius program, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, mobile, social media, video, they succeed in getting exposure for all properties listed on their platform.

I mean haven’t you been browsing on the internet and you’ve clicked on an ad and then you’ve kind of gone to the Booking.com platform, you’ve had a look at a hotel and then you’ve closed it, and then you’ve continued searching along, and all of a sudden you’ve got these adverts for that hotel following you around on different websites.

11. don’t forget about the billboard affect people. If you’ve never heard of the billboard effect, that’s when you’re listed on online travel agent websites such as Booking.com, you’re getting loads and loads of exposure that it’s going to be driving your direct bookings as well.

Some people say the billboard effect is diminishing but I couldn’t disagree more with that when you look at the level of marketing and exposure that you’re getting on platforms like Booking.com and various other OTAs. Let’s face it, people, the billboard effect is alive and well.

12. conversion orientated platform. If you haven’t heard about A/B testing, it’s the method in which they put, okay, a very simple form of A/B testing would be two different landing pages let’s say. They’ll put version A out, version B out, and they’ll see which ones are getting the most reaction, which ones are having an effect on conversion, and then they’ll basically deploy the one that’s the best.

Booking.com ab testing

Now in Booking.com’s case, they’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of micro A/B tests running concurrently on various aspects of their platform all the time. It’s amazing how they found the balance with overall guest search experience, meaningful search results, and maximizing exposure for the properties listed.

Here’s an extra benefit when it comes to working with Booking.com, and that is customer services and technical supports. The customer service team is available in all different languages, technical support teams are the same.

I tend to go on about after-sales support when it comes to choosing technology providers, and Booking.com is exactly the same. And they don’t disappoint, they do customer services and technical support very well.

They are super responsive and everything can be done either via their extranets or over the phone. If you’re not listed on Booking.com, I highly recommend that you get listed today, the process is super easy.

How do I list my property on booking com?

Go on to Booking.com, click on the register your property link at the top or List Your Property at the top, and you can complete the registration process and you can get started immediately. If you’re already listed on Booking.com, fantastic, now you just need to optimize your listing.

Highly recommend getting in touch with your market manager or contacting Booking.com direct and they’ll assist you with ways that you can optimize your listing to really take advantage of all of the benefits that are available on their platform.

Overall Booking.com is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to hotel online distribution, and it contributes massively to the overall billboard effect that I mentioned earlier. Going back to a big question at the beginning of this article, and that was is it worth the commission that you have to pay?

booking.com commission fees?

Well, if you weigh up the amount of commission that you’re paying versus the amount of marketing and exposure that you’re getting, also take the billboard effect into account because it is inevitably going to be driving your direct bookings, then, in my opinion, it is definitely worth getting listed and it’s definitely worth paying out the commission.

Question time. Let me know what you thought of this article in the comments below. If you found this article of value, please share. I would love to know what you think when it comes to cost per acquisition versus commission paid to OTAs like Booking.com.

And remember some of the best tips and feedback come from you, please link up in the Comments section below.