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What Is The 7 Best Alternative to Tripadvisor

Best Alternative to Tripadvisor

Best Alternative to Tripadvisor

Top 7 Alternative to Tripadvisor

Looking for an alternative to TripAdvisor then you are in the right place. TripAdvisor is one of the largest online review websites that help travelers about their destinations to maximize trips.

TripAdvisor is free which helps ensure accurate fair and honest reviews users can post photos to hotel managers and business owners, now have the ability to respond to issues or positive reviews this helps create an open dialogue and improves the travel experience for everyone.

However, some TripAdvisor review tips and user creating guides may not be accurate, because of those people many people looking for alternative to TripAdvisor others may simply be out-of-date hotels and attractions may reach out to customers offering free or discounted stays or services in exchange for positive reviews bottom line TripAdvisor is a trusted site that many travelers use as a regular basis for research. See more on travel categories here.


booking.com tripadvisor alternative

let’s take a look at booking.com which is the number one Alternative to Tripadvisor site I use most nowadays especially for initial research. This is because I feel they are strong in the areas Expedia.com and hotels.com calm lack particularly the variety and quantity of accommodation.

This is plainly evident in numbers alone by the fact that hotels.com has roughly 325000 hotels on their site whereas booking.com has nearly 30 million listings. This is because it includes hotels apartments B&Bs hostels guest houses both houses tree houses and everything in between meaning you can really find anything for anyone.

This might seem like too much choice but it’s backed up by a very good review and filter system based on a number of factors making it very easy to find properties based on your preferences. Only those who’ve actually completed a stake and post a review, they are all verified and because properties actually reply to feedback.

There is greater detail and context to them reviews just seem to be built into the ecosystem of booking. com much more than other sites you tend to get a lot more and better categorization. For instance, is good at finding accommodation based on your specific situation such as properties rated good for couples or those rated good for groups.

On top of all this booking.com reward scheme is also very good you only need to Tuesdays with them within a two-year period unlocked genius-level 1. This gives you 10% of many listings and this often ends up making booking.com cheaper than most other sites.

After five more stays within two years you reach genius-level 2 which gives you 15% of and free breakfast or other benefits and certain properties, however, the best thing about this reward scheme is that once you reach these membership levels you maintain those benefits for life and don’t need to keep on booking to retain your discount whilst hotels.com and Expedia.com

Sometimes beat these discounts I like booking.com because it is a simple blanket discount that stays the same rather than a random discount that is only available for a short period like secret deals on hotels. com.

You also don’t have to worry about losing any of these benefits because you haven’t used the website in a while as another extra. I like the fact that com offers far more properties with free cancellation meaning if you are booking very far in advance you can always make changes. If your plans change or you find a better deal.

There are a few minor things that annoy me about booking.com search filters for some reason by default it automatically includes properties that aren’t available on your dates, almost like it is rubbing it in that you missed a deal. I really don’t know who this feature would be useful for it.

Also categorizes the price range in strange intervals that are very helpful it will be far better to have a sliding scale of price like hotels.com, you can more precisely refine your search. However, as I say these are only minor annoyances and overall.

I definitely prefer booking.com for the bulk of my accommodation research and booking, how exactly do I go about booking accommodation myself using these sites. Well, first of all, it’s worth pointing out that I do generally prefer to stay in an Air B&B for longer stays.


rivago.com alternative to tripadviser

Have you ever looked for an Alternative to Tripadvisor hotel online? did you notice that there are many prices out there for the exact same room?  Trivago does the work for you and instantly compares prices for over six hundred thousand hotels from over 100 different websites.

Instead of searching for hours and spending too much, Trivago makes it easy to find the ideal hotel for the best price. Just go to Trivago.com type in where you want to go and with two clicks select your check-in and check-out dates and search it’s that simple.

With Trivago you can search hundreds of websites at the same time and find you the most popular hotels you can adjust the price that it fits in with your budget. Select the number of stars or filter by average guest rating from over 34 million reviews. Trivago.com shows you all the different prices for the exact same room that’s how you can be sure that you find the ideal hotel for the best price with Trivago.comExpedia com


expedia.com Alternative to Tripadvisor

Expedia com a household name in travel unlike the other sites like Tripadvisor are compared. Expedia is also a major flight and car hire booking service which is its unique selling point, and maybe you need to grab combination deals in between several parts of your travel together in particular.

I like the fact that if you book flights through Expedia.com you can still grab a discount on accommodation or car hire for that trip at a later date and don’t have to book it all at the same time. This can lead to some really great deals in certain situations.

Every booking you make earns Expedia points which can then be redeemed on further bookings or travel extras after spending five thousand pounds on eligible bookings or staying seven nights. You’ll earn silver status and gold status has earned after 10,000 pounds or 15 nights with each of these membership levels you get enhanced benefits such as spa discounts and free drinks at certain hotels as well as earning more Expedia points for every pounds.

However, despite all these benefits I personally find the base level pricing isn’t usually the best on Expedia.com and over the past few years I have rarely booked anything with them as a result, in my opinion, the reviews aren’t the most extensive either.

And only the most popular hotels and resorts seem to have many this is the same for their range of accommodation to weave more focus on bigger chains hotels and resorts and not much variety of other places to stay like apartments being bees and hostels.

I often feel like some properties are hidden that come out top on other sites like Tripadvisor I’m not sure exactly what it is but to me personally it just feels like a much harder task to filter down and find what you want in their search system.

And their website interface generally just seems much slower to use in any case as you can probably tell I’m not the biggest fan of Expedia.com but it is a way to work and check to see if you can find a cheaper price for somewhere especially if you have booked flights through them already.


hotels.com Alternative to Tripadvisor

Another alternative to Tripadvisor is Hotels.com which is actually owned by the Expedia group as well and therefore suffers from some similar problems namely its lack of reviews and variety of accommodation as its name suggests.

It only really lifts hotels not much use if you’re looking for something different however if it is a hotel you were looking for I do generally find hotels.com offering some of the better prices, particularly when taking into consideration their reward and loyalty schemes.

First of all just by signing up and searching as a member you get secret prices which are temporary deals on hotels that can’t be seen on price and aggregate sites as I was discussing earlier there have been a number of occasions in the past where I have found a hotel on a different site then logged into hotels. calm where it happens to be on a secret deal at a much lower price.

It is always worth double-checking secondly they have a loyalty scheme called reward nights which is basically a form of loyalty stamps for every 10 nights you booked and stay through hotels.com

They give you a free night, the value of this free night will be based on the average of the ten nights you have previously booked not only this but those ten nights also give you silver membership which like Expedia.com includes extra benefits such as free breakfast airport transfers and spa vouchers at certain hotels it managed to book and stay thirty nights in a year you’ll reach gold membership which adds free room upgrades and late checkouts to your benefits.

The only downfall of this reward scheme is that to maintain it you must continue to book and stay with them and if you don’t cook anything for twelve months you will lose any nights you have already collected.



There is many Alternative to Tripadvisor one of them is priceline.com. Priceline.com is a major player in the online travel game they were initially known for their unique pricing structure which allows customers to bid on travel deals and get great prices.

Now priceline.com offers much more that way we put the site to one of the best Alternative to Tripadvisor it’s easy to sort by price amenities or star rating when you booking a hotel and comparing prices between hotels is simple due to the many options available. relationships with Airlines make it easy to find multiple flights to popular destinations each day Regular users often get bonus discounts or special savings.

However, Priceline.com  packaged travel deals can be confusing some users find that it’s hard to tell if they’re paying too much for one element like their hotel within the package.

Bottom line priceline.com offers a low price guaranteed if you do find a better rate for the same service priceline.com will work with the customer to lower their total costs.



If you are looking for a good Alternative to Tripadvisor.  Tripadvisor alternative Orbitz.com is definitely one of them. Orbitz.com is a popular online travel service offering airline tickets hotel booking car rentals cruise booking and package deals designed to help you get the most of your vacation.

Orbitz.com has a flexible date finder which makes it easy to find the best price for your travel if you’re traveling for leisure booking your trip a week or two ahead or behind your initial schedule may be worth it if it saves you money.

Orbitz.com customers love the mobile app some mobile travel sites can be hard to use but the Orbitz mobile app is simple and easy allowing you to book your travel quickly and accurately. However, you cannot compare prices to other sites like Tripadvisor easily on Orbitz to compare prices you’ll need to visit a similar site like Tripadvisor or contact the airline hotel or car rental service directly bottom line.

Orbitz.com easy to navigate website flexible date finder and simple and fast mobile app meets booking travel easily while saving you money please visit orbitz.com one of the best Tripadvisor alternatives.


tripping.com Alternative to Tripadvisor

The alternative to Tripadvisor On tripping.com users search millions of available rentals all over the world save time searching by looking at all of the most popular vacation rental sites in one place and quickly see price differences for the same rental posted by different sites.

However, tripping.com can be a bit overwhelming because there are many options between all of the Alternative to Tripadvisor sites since each rental site like Tripadvisor looks different.

Jumping back and forth between sites can get confusing bottom line tripping.com is a great resource for finding a place to stay if you are a detail-oriented person who wants to sort through everything you can find.