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What is ClickBank and How Does it Work?

What is ClickBank

What is ClickBank

What is ClickBank how does it work

If you’re reading this article right now, then you’re probably doing a bit of research on the website right here. It’s called ClickBank.

You’ve heard a lot about it. You don’t really know What is ClickBank if it’s legitimate. You want to check it out. I’m gonna give you some pros and cons and then you can decide on, whatever you want to do with this information. Go right ahead. If you want to go and promote ClickBank products, then go ahead and do that.

I’m going to give you some really cool information What is ClickBank right at the end that will really help you to get results in your business because, that’s what I’m assuming you’re here to do, right? A ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate Market places in the world. So if you go here you just go straight up to ClickBank right there and you click affiliate Market Place.

Basically ClickBank has hundreds of products on all these different categories. For example, betting systems, computers, cooking food, wine, E-Business education, fiction, Home and Gardens, parenting, and family self-help.

There’s a ton of different products here, right now if I go into E-Business and e-marketing for example, right basically, they rank all these products by either up, popularity the average sale something they call Gravity, the average rebuild, and all that stuff. But let’s just look at popularity. Let’s see what products are popular inside of E-Business and the e-marketing category.

I’m going to click on one of them. I’m going to just go to pick one, out of random e-comm profit sniper for example right now, obviously, there’s a bunch of information here like it tells you what the initial Still is it tells you what the percentage of sale is it tells you whether there’s a rebuild, there’s a get charged every single month or not.

And then it basically allows you to promote the program or not. I’m going to check out e-comm profit sniper and I’m just going to look at the product and then I’ll tell you exactly how this works.  I’m going to play.

Basically the way it works is out of all those categories you can basically pick and choose which product you want to sell, right. Now when I click on icon profit sniper, this is basically the sales page of this particular program.

Now it’s usually a video and after the video plays there will be a buy button and when somebody buys when you promote this link and someone buys from your link you generate a sale.

That’s all that happens right. Now. What you basically want to do is you want to pick what industry you’re promoting your program in. So are you going to be in the e-commerce e so this are you going to be in the Is this key? Marketing Niche or are you going to be in health and fitness Niche, for example, so your health and fitness are a lot of different programs that you can sell back to life.

Yoga burn. Let’s check out yoga burn for example, right so lots of different products lots of different markets.

It’s completely up to you. What program or what niche market you market right? So yoga burn. I haven’t even looked at this program.

But again, very very similar.

There is some sort of video sales letter, and then when and then when people, when people watch this for a while there will be a little by button and people will click on it. And when they buy they buy your program. That’s how it works.

Now here’s the thing you’re here to review with a ClickBank is real or not. That’s basically why you’re here, right? So I’m here to tell you that ClickBank is a great platform.  Also, Check Top 20 Affiliate Networks

There are lots of different products. There are products on all different types of categories as you can see right here. You can pick and choose obviously, right, but the problem is Is that it’s not so much about whether ClickBank is real or not. ClickBank is real, click on has been around for years and years and years. I’ve made a lot of money from ClickBank.

But the problem is is that a lot of people when they think that it’s as simple as coming on here and just choosing you to know, one of these programs and reselling it and then you make lots of money, right but the reality is very very different.

Because Promoting affiliate programs is an art. It’s an art and science can be combined. If you don’t understand how to market if you don’t understand how to promote then there’s no point in you coming here and choosing your program. Remember that just because this is an opportunity doesn’t mean that people are going to buy it from you.

That’s just the first part, right? If you don’t understand how to market if you don’t understand how to promote if you don’t understand how to sell online then you’re never actually going to make any money from ClickBank. Does that make sense, right?

I’ve been online now for nine years. Now the first eight years I had no idea what I was doing. I was literally like you I was online. I was researching going around, trying to figure out how to do this whole thing. I’ve invested in network marketing companies. I’ve done MLM I’ve done affiliate marketing like ClickBank, I’ve done Jvzoo.

I’ve tried to make my own programs. I’ve done e-commerce. I’ve sold physical goods online. I’ve done top-tier sales. I’ve done so many different things online.

But in the first eight years of marketing, I didn’t really know what I was doing. So I made a little bit of money here a little bit of money there, but I didn’t really make that much money. Now. The reason that was was I didn’t even know that but a year and a half ago. I met somebody who basically told me, Aaron, basically what you’re doing doesn’t work.

If you’re just promoting these websites like this one right here. And you’re trying to drive traffic to this website. The reason why you’re not making any money is that all it is is it’s a sales page, right? You see that this just popped up here, right? Oh, well, this is kind of like fake proof. But basically, If you’re just sending people to a website, even if the traffic is very focused.

Right laser targeted.

It still doesn’t matter because all this is is a sales page. It’s like, you going to buy a car and a Salesman coming on say Hey, you want to buy a car today.

You got this car you got that car you go to this car the chances that you’re going to buy from someone like this very very slim right instead.

If you know somebody who is, a lot more friendly he kind of came up he made conversation with He gets he got to know you a little bit. He got to understand your story. He wants to find out why you’re buying the car. What do you mean the car for is this your first car?

Is this your third car? Is it because you want to go racing is it because you want to show off to your friends or you buying a car for your mom? What’s the reason why you’re buying your car? It only takes you through the entire, the place and basically, he uses what you’re giving them and he basically, turns the sail back on you and he basically uses the information that you’re giving them to.

Create a good opportunity for you. Right and so that’s why it’s very very important for you to structure your sales funnel in a very very good way. It’s not just about sending traffic directly to the sales page. Now I didn’t understand that. But a year and a half ago when I met this gentleman, he basically spent explain to me is that Aaron the reason why you’re not making any money is that you’re not doing a few things:

you’re not understanding traffic.

You’re not understanding conversions.

You’re not understanding the power of presentation.

You’re Understanding the power of influence.

You’re not understanding something called posturing, and you’re not understanding something that I call power right now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s probably why you’re not making that much money online. But since I’ve gone through this guy’s program.

I’ve actually sold hundreds of products online and I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars on the internet in profit. Now, how was I able to do that?

Well, presenting someone with this kind of sales page is the last step. Up. but before you do that, there are like nine steps that you have to do before someone even ever sees this page.

If you do that correctly, then you can sell a lot of this program or any of these programs right here that you see on ClickBank right? But if you don’t understand the nine steps before someone comes to this step that’s why you’re never going to make any money.

Just to do a quick review on ClickBank if you’re wondering is ClickBank the real deal. Yes. It is the real deal but understands that. It is just a Marketplace all it’s designed to do is it’s designed to house all these different opportunities in all these different categories on their own. They’re not going to market the programs for you.

You still need to go out there and learn how to market now. Once you understand the skills to market then you could come to click back and you could sell any of these programs and you could make money. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if this program here has if a z code has a crappy sales page, it doesn’t matter.

If the viral cash app has a crappy sales page, it doesn’t matter if the app corner has a crappy sales pitch. It doesn’t matter because now you understand how to Market. Does that make sense and when you want to understand how to Market you can Market anything you want and you can make money with pretty much anything you want, but you need to learn how to Market first. Now if you want to learn how to do that.

All you have to do is click on the link right below this video. There’s a little link right there. It’s going to lead you to my website. Now, what you need to do is enter your best email address, and then I’m going to send you some information.

This shows you how I went from eight years of failure to a year and a half of pretty tremendous success. And then on the next page, you’re actually going to see the program that I went through. Now here’s what I recommend go through that program.

Take your time to go through the page slowly. Get some testimonials to watch the testimonials now if what’s being said on that page resonates with you and you think you can actually learn something and do well in it, then I recommend that you get in because, to be honest, I think it’s in nine years of being online. It’s the best program that I’ve seen online ever that will teach you how to actually Market online.

Now I want to leave you with a very very important point. Okay, if you’re serious about doing this affiliate marketing thing ClickBank Jvzoo, whatever it is and you really want to make money online. You have to understand three things. Okay. This is going to take time.

It’s going to take a lot of effort and hard work. And you have to invest some money into your business. If you think you can do this for free and you think you can push a button and money’s going to rain down from the sky.

This is not for you, because this is a real business. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take a lot of effort and it’s going to take some money that you need to invest in your business. You can’t build a business for free. Let me ask you a question. Do you think you can build a restaurant for free?

Absolutely, not right. You have to put in some you have to invest some money.

Well, online business is exactly the same thing. There is no difference. The only difference is you don’t have to invest as much money, but you have to invest something. You can’t make anything. This is a real business, but if you And that and you’re completely cool with it and you want you still want to learn this. I highly recommend that you click on the link right below get access to that program. Check it out, and I wish you all the best in your business. I hope you enjoyed this review of ClickBank.