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Is Squarespace Website Builder worth your money

Is Squarespace really worth your money I’m writing about Squarespace Website Builder and whether or not Squarespace is actually worth the money? Squarespace is a tool that is quite useful, actually, I would compare it to the likes of wicks and Weebly with regards to it being super easy and quite intuitive actually to create a website and have a website up and running in fairly no time whatsoever.

But Squarespace the reason why I like it is because of its marketing capabilities. In this post, I write about marketing and you can have the best-looking website on the planet. But if it’s not actually achieving your goal to acquire new customers or to help you sell your products or to help you to sell more of your services online then is it really that effective.

Squarespace Website Builder, in particular, they actually have their own email marketing platform built-in within Squarespace so if you’re a Squarespace customer then you can make use of their email marketing software.

So when one of your customers makes a purchase from you, then you can actually set up so that they are put on your Squarespace Website Builder email list?  just in case you haven’t seen that yet but you can also add people to your Squarespace email newsletter you can utilize pop-ups within Squarespace which I think is a really cool feature as well.

This comes within your Squarespace Website Builder website as well within the capabilities without having to use any third-party apps, I think that is really cool. I’ve noticed on my personal website when I use pop-ups it increases the number of people who actually subscribe to my email list.

You can use this as a way if for example you’re setting up products or offering a service on your Squarespace Website Builder site you can give people a promotional code if they leave their name and email address or just an email address.

That can be a really cool and effective marketing aspect or element of Squarespace Website Builder that you might want to make use of Squarespace, also make it super simple and easy for you to utilize their search engine optimization features.

You can optimize each and every page using simple to edit meta description and meta titles and they show you how your website will look if it is indexed in Google your website and your web pages as well. They also have an easy SEO settings tab as well where you can make use of some of your search engine optimization kind of facilities that are available for you within Squarespace.

The one downside I would say to Squarespace Website Builder that I have found so far is the limited kind of variations that you can actually have with Squarespace. Unless you are a designer and you know HTML or some sort of other code it’s very difficult to kind of make it your own design whenever.

I see a Squarespace website I more or less already know it’s a Squarespace website without even having to Arc’s the website or not if they will with Squarespace simply because a lot of the templates can be very similar. And there’s not a lot of variation when it comes to creating a Squarespace website.

You kind of have to stick with the limited templates that they have on offer and try to utilize that and make it your own. When I’ve used other website builders such as Wix, for example, they have a range of loads of different templates that you can choose from and they’re not as limited as the ones on Squarespace.

The age-old debate is always going to be what’s better is it Squarespace is it Wix is it WordPress store. I personally think it depends on where are you trying to achieve with the website, I think that Squarespace definitely has its benefits all of them besides wordpress.org have free trials.

I recommend if you’re stuck between Squarespace Website Builder or Wix or Weebly then take out a free trial with all of them and see which one that you prefer. But if I was going to rank Squarespace or Wix or Weebly there now definitely put Squarespace and Wix above Weebly I think Squarespace and Wix definitely have the upper hand to Weebly in my own experience.

However, the battle between Squarespace and Wix is yet to be won in my opinion I think is personally down to personal preference and personal opinion like I said Wix probably win on design elements.

Squarespace makes it really easy for the marketing elements and have a really cool feature that you can utilize within Squarespace is the abandon cart feature so that that means if someone is abandoned their cart but left their email address then you can actually remark it to that person via email and get them hopefully back to your website.

This can help you to increase conversions if you’re running an e-commerce website. The argument is Squarespace better than Shopify? in my opinion probably not but it might be a cheaper alternative for you if you don’t have the budget for Shopify just yet.

That is my opinion on Squarespace Website Builder I feel like it’s a really solid tool I know website owners who are doing really well with Squarespace and as long as you really promote it effectively then there’s no reason why you can’t do well with a Squarespace website with whatever it is that you’re selling.