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What is Volusion eCommerce Platform

Volusion eCommerce Platform

Volusion eCommerce Platform

What is the Volusion platform?

We are very excited to show you the ins and outs of the Volusion eCommerce platform. they are one of the big players in the market currently powering more than 40.000 online stores. Since the platform was first launched Volusion merchants have made more than eighteen billion dollars in sales quite an impressive achievement.

How much does Volusion cost?

Volusion pricing can be a little on the high side for tight budgets. however their mini plan starts at $15 and for that, you can sell up to a hundred products. More comprehensive plans are available if your project is bigger.

How much does Volusion cost?

And you can try their system for free for the first fourteen days. We can safely tell you that the Volusion eCommerce Platform has quite a few advantages when compared to other platforms but it also has one big issue that we have struggled with.


You can see the dashboard it provides quick access to the main features that are displayed as bubbles. Furthermore, there are some useful reports such as your sales and other recent trends. let’s now check out Volusion eCommerce Platform designs. Under templates, you can see the many templates that you can use. If you know HTML and CSS you can make structural changes to this.

Volusion eCommerce Platform offers quite a large variety of templates in this gallery there are free ones affordable ones and to our big surprise, there are also themes that will set you back a whopping 895,00 dollars.

Volusion eCommerce templates

And while there’s certainly good looking we’ve no idea why they need to be that expensive. As of now, the Volusion eCommerce Platform offers several responsive designs of which quite a few to use. Keep in mind that in this day and age you really shouldn’t pick one that isn’t responsive as e-commerce is the next area where mobile users are going to overtake desktop computers.

Volusion eCommerce Platform payment method options

Volusion eCommerce Platform payment method options are really complete. You can choose from a wide range of payment options such as credit card, PayPal, cash wire, transfer and so on. They offer several options for credit card payment gateways and if your business is based in the US you can even use Volusion’s own payment gateway with offers relatively low rates.


We will explore shipping settings. Shipping rates can be determined either by worldwide by country or even by region based on weight ranges or price ranges. Live shipping rate calculations for various carriers like UPS FedEx or Royal Mail also are available.

Let’s see how the taxes are managed. Volusion eCommerce Platform pulls us tax rates automatically, however, taxes can also be manually defined per country groups of countries or regionally. The section products give an overview of the different articles in the online store to include a new product, just click the button to add the product a new article page will show.

Fill within the products’ basic information then add the various images that you simply would really like to display to showcase the merchandise. Different options invariants such as sizes colors or material can be defined for each product.

Volusion will then generate all the possible combinations automatically a really nice feature. Volusion eCommerce Platform product settings come with many options, make sure you take your time to read and learn about them. Let’s now have a look at order management in the orders section you will be able to find a process and manage all your orders.

To see the details of each order you simply need to click on process orders and then select one of the processed orders a new page with the orders information will show.


After having tested the Volusion eCommerce Platform for several days we were impressed with the wide variety of functionalities that the platform comes with.

Additionally, they offer great support and a lot of learning resources. however, we believe that Volusion is an overcomplicated system. Similar platforms such as Shopify have achieved better results with easier to use systems if you’d like to use Volusion be ready to spend some time learning how it works.

Unfortunately, the Volusion eCommerce Platform does not have an integrated blogging platform only third-party solutions can be added. Neither does volution offer an easy way to create regular content pages? you can find more detailed information about different eCommerce platforms.