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Sites Like Airbnb

Sites Like Airbnb

The Best Apartment Booking Websites: Sites Like Airbnb

If You have a house an apartment a spare bedroom or even a couch that you thought about renting out for extra money will find out how you can do just that with Best Sites Like Airbnb.

I previously have done some posts where I’ve written about different jobs that are similar to Uber as well as to GrubHub and I’ll have links. For those down in the description as well as a card up here if you want to check that out.

But for this article, I decided I wanted to talk about sites that are similar to Airbnb. Airbnb, as I’m sure you’re aware, is a website and an app that lets you rent out Living Spaces whether it’s a house
an apartment couch, whatever and you can host Travelers in your area and make little extra money from just letting them stay in your living space, but there’s a lot of Their websites and apps out there that are similar and if you’re looking to list something it never hurts to check them out and kind of see what the different options are.

So I will go ahead and just go through a few different choices that you have. If you are looking to rent out your living space. Okay.


The first Sites Like Airbnb I’m going to talk about is HomeAway. HomeAway is a very large company. That’s a competitor to and as they’ve grown Throughout the years they’ve actually acquired a lot of different smaller companies.

They’re kind of like a network of a whole bunch of different companies together and here’s a list you can see of that HomeAway family. Most of them are going to operate in a pretty similar way because they are owned by the same parent company, but you have HomeAway you have VRBO. That’s another company that I’ve heard about a pretty common one.

You’ll hear vacation rental. Dot-com home Le days of the stuff on these are all websites that are a part of the HomeAway family and whereas with Airbnb they focus on a whole range of different places that you can rent out HomeAway focuses more specifically on vacation rental properties.

If you have a house or any kind of living space like that that you want to rinse out where you know, like let’s say you travel for part of the year or you have a job or you’re away from your home for an extended period of time.

This could be a thing to do. So you just go on to their website you’re going to you know, Mark how many bedrooms bathrooms sleepers you can have at one time and go through and do that with a home away. Their payment structure is set up a little bit differently from Airbnb they do.

Take out a chunk of every rental fee that your renters will pay whereas with HomeAway, you get the option of doing something like that or you can do a yearly subscription fee for your property instead.

If you want to just pay a flat subscription fee rather than have them keep out a chunk of the payment every time someone rents your property they can do that as well.

But just take note with a home away and with VRBO that it does seem they focus on houses rather than you know, like couches or apartments or whatever. So you might not have kind of flexibility like you would have with Air B&B.


The next company and  Sites Like Airbnb I’m going to talk about is Wimdu this is another company that is very very large. They’re a company that is based out of Germany and according to their website. You can see here. They have over 350 thousand apartments and Holiday Homes worldwide.

Or as we would call them in the United States vacation homes. So yeah, there they’re definitely a really big website to check out. I’ll go ahead and navigate to their page where you would list stuff. So they do have a huge range of options.

You know, it shows you can do Apartments. You can do private rooms. You can do a castle. So if you own a castle and you want to rent that out. Are you in luck or a treehouse? I mean there’s really a huge number of options here or a car. You’ve got a lot of options with Wimdu too.

There they’re good option to check out they do claim that you can make up to 900 euros, which would be the equivalent of a little more than a thousand US dollars per month renting out properties on a whim to So yeah, that’s pretty cool.

You see that right here 900 euros. So that is a good chunk of money. If it’s something that you’re doing just in addition to your regular job as a way to pick up some extra money.


Then there’s TripAdvisor and this is also Sites Like Airbnb. I mean a lot of us have probably already heard about but what I didn’t realize was the extent to which they actually do their own vacation rental listings, And sort of like a home away.

They own a lot of different smaller companies. I know Flip Key is a company that they own so there are quite a few different companies that you can know lists with them. I’ll try to look for the list there on the website somewhere.

I don’t see it. But I know Flip Key is a part of TripAdvisor and with TripAdvisor they also A really wide range of properties that you can list. It says you can also list a castle TripAdvisor.

I mean you really have a lot of options if you own a castle as well as houseboats or whatever. So TripAdvisor is another good place to check out. Check also a website like Tripadvisor.


There is Misterb&b, Sites Like Airbnb which is not affiliated with Air B&B as the disclaimer at the very bottom will tell you but Misterb&b is like Air B&B, but it’s more focused on gay and lesbian clients and the LGBT community basically the founder of the website.

He was traveling in South America and he was with a site kind of like Airbnb or one of their competitors and he ended up staying with someone that was kind homophobic and wasn’t comfortable with him being gay.

So he wanted to Set up a website where gay men could feel safe traveling across the world. So it caters to you know, either gay or gay-friendly hosters that would be interested in hosting LGBT people within their homes and possibly showing them like, you know, like what the LGBT, you know life would be like in their area. So going over here to there.

Our page where you would list it does say they have $500,000 insurance coverage for the people that are renting their properties. So that is a really good thing and they also, you know, you can rent a house. You can rent an apartment or guest room with Mr. Bean to be

Rent Like A Champion

Another Sites Like Airbnb, Rent Like A Champion. This is an interesting one. It was actually featured on Shark Tank. So I’m a big fan of that show. That’s kind of interesting. And to know that about rent Like A Champion caters to sports fans.

For people that are traveling for like college football games or something similar to any kind of sporting event. Basically, they provide, you know, a listing for people that have houses around those 14 events that want to rent out to fellow sports fans.

You know for football weekend golf tournaments racing events. These are the different kinds of events where someone would list their house for a weekend to rent through rent Like A Champion so that can be an option.

If you are, like let’s say you live in a college town where there’s a lot of people that come in just for a weekend to see a college football game. This could be a good option if you have a house or an apartment that you Rent out to people.

Spot Hero

So with the other Sites Like Airbnb that I’ve talked about so far. They cater to people that want to rent out a house or an apartment or some kind of living space. But if you live in a really large crowded City like New York City or San Francisco, Chicago Etc in these places, it can be so crowded just having a parking space is a hot commodity.

With spot hero what they do is allow you. To rent out parking spaces. So if you have a house or a property or an office building, you know, if you just have a driveway any kind of thing where you have an area where someone could park a car this could be an option for you if you want to make some money from that.

I know in the area where I live in around the Fourth of July, I was driving through some neighborhoods and I saw a bunch of signs out that’s sad, you know like No parking or you will be towed something like that around people’s private property is because they were near an area where they do a fireworks display and there was going be a lot of people parking there.

I thought some of these people could just rinse out those parking spaces and make some money instead of putting up the science and this would be kind of an example of a way that someone could do that.

Spot hero will actually let you not only set your own fees, but they will let you set the availability as well. So if for any reason you ever need to personally use that parking space you can say that it’s not available and then Park your vehicle there.

It’s not like this permanent thing where you’re giving away that spot it’s only you know on the terms that you set and with their prices. They do give you recommendations for your area. So if you’re ever not sure what the going rate is they do. That information is available.


Outdoorsy is a Sites Like Airbnb that lets you rent RVs. out They’re one of the largest and most trusted RV or until marketplaces on the planets or so their website says but with outdoorsy, what you can do is if you have an RV some kind of camper you can list that on here.

You can see some of the listings that are on here. And so they do offer insurance for both the owner and the renter they do DMV checks on all of the drivers. So, you know, you’re not going to get some crazy driver who’s gonna like crash your vehicle and they have good customer service as well.

This could be a good option if you maybe you don’t want to rent out your house or an apartment, but you have an RV or a camper you want to rinse that out instead and they do have a variety. Have different Vehicles as you know, within the boundaries of being RVs and campers that you can rent out.

That’s definitely a good thing to check out and so you can see the estimated earnings on just one rental is pretty high. So this is something where if you have an RV that you’re I mean, you’re not probably going to use for most of the Year. Well, you might as well make some money on it. So that’s definitely a good option.


And then finally Sites Like Airbnb you can Always just list your living spaces on Airbnb. They remain one of the largest and most well-known places available to rent out homes or apartments whatever and I will say it with Airbnb. They do really emphasize, you know being a host.

They have things available like you can host an experience for someone if you want to You know kind of like be a little travel guide or show them different things in your area if you’re a chef or something like that, so it’s definitely a good option for travelers or people that have a huge passion for travel that like helping out other Travelers.

Airbnb be can a good option for you and unlike Couchsurfing or their websites like that. They do actually, you know to pay you so we all Like money and we like getting compensation for our Hospitality. So this can be a great thing to check out.

So anyway, I hope you liked this post about Sites Like Airbnb and found it informative as always. If you are renting your personal property and private space make sure to be really safe. There are all the safety concerns to take into consideration.

I’m not going to go into that in-depth in this article, but I just encourage everyone to know exercise. Caution and make good choices when you are renting out private living areas.