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Top 6 Email Apps for Android

Email Apps for Android

Email Apps for Android

Best Email Apps for Android

So you have an Android device and obviously you would like to use Email apps for Android that manage your emails with among other things. Well, of course, you could use the stock email app on your device and in some cases that are not even going to be a very bad choice.

However today I just wanted to show you five free email apps that are really worth checking out as Alternatives. So today I’m gonna talk about five free email apps for your Android device. Well, technically it is 6 but we’ll get to that a little later by the way.

I’m not going to talk about the technical side of things. So what’s under the hood and security issues and things like that. I’m mainly going to focus on things like the interface and ease of use.

MyMail App

So the first Email apps for Android I’d like to talk Talk about is my mail. Now. My mail is very simple. Very simple app. It’s very clean. It works smoothly with big avatars. Well, not everyone is going to prefer that but at least it is very clear. My mail isn’t the most feature-rich app out there, but it does have some interesting features.

First of all, you do have some control over when this app pushes your messages. So for instance, you can tell it to leave you alone at night for instance. So you’ll see your messages in the morning. You can also turn off notifications for social media and you can also turn it off for individual context.

You do have quite a bit of control over notifications. Now, it’s very easy to manage your messages from within the inbox, especially because of the swipe action. So if you swipe any message to the left all necessary options will appear and this is kind of true for the entire app, it’ll give everything you need on a basic level again. It’s not the most feature-rich app, but its simple it’s clean and it works very well.

Edison Mail App

Next Email apps for Android on the list is a decent mail. Now Edison Mail is also very simple also very clean some might say that it looks a bit more elegant a bit more subtle than my mail. It also has a few interesting features. One of them is easy, unsubscribe. Well, what is that well, Let’s say that you have subscribed to a newsletter whenever you open a message from that newsletter immediately.

You’ll see a button unsubscribe. Obviously, if you press that button, it’ll automatically unsubscribe you from that newsletter. Very convenient now just like with my meal you can also swipe your messages, but you can swipe them left or and you can actually customize what function will be activated when you do so now there’s also an undue sent button.

So when Were you send the message? You still have a few seconds to change your mind? And if you do change your mind, press that button real quick and it’s as if it’s never been sent and then there is the assistant now the assistant for your convenience will automatically organize some of your messages into categories.

So there are subscriptions. There is travel there are packages there’s bills and receipt there’s entertainment and there is security. Now, All In All, I think this is a pretty good app? It’s a good alternative for managing your emails.

Gmail App

Now, this next Email apps for Android doesn’t really need any introduction because it’s so widely used in its Gmail App. Now if you’re used to using Gmail in your browser on your desktop, for instance, then this app will feel very familiar.

One thing that’s very typical Gmail is that it uses labels instead of folders now not Everyone likes this, but obviously the advantage is that you can apply multiple labels to any single message. That’s an advantage. By the way. There’s only works on Gmail accounts.

If you use an account other than Gmail so outlook for instance. It’s not gonna work. The Email Apps for Android are automatically going to switch back to using folders. Now. Another Gmail thing is that it automatically categorizes and prioritizes your messages in your inbox. By the way. This is also something that only works on your Gmail accounts.

However, Ever there is something called Gmail of Phi now. What is Gmail Phi? Well, I’m not the most technical guy in the world. But as I understand it, you link any account to your Gmail account also a copy of every message of that account is being sent to your Gmail inbox and thereby.

It also takes advantage of the Gmail spam protection email sorting and Gmail search speaking of the search. And obviously this is one of the best features of this app because it’s Gmail

Gmail is from Google and let’s face it in many ways. Google is a kind of king of search. So a very advanced search functionality. Now, this app also has a snooze function which means that you can get any message out of the way from your inbox and have it return to your inbox and any desired moment kind of like a reminder.

Also, you can customize The swipe action just as you can with Edison mail and as it is Google you have direct links to Google Calendar and Google contacts. Now, this app is a serious option as an alternative email app.

Outlook Email apps for Android

Okay, let’s move on from one Tech Giant to another let’s talk about the Microsoft Outlook Email Apps for Android. Now the first thing I’d like to say is a great interface. It’s very well designed. Everything is very well laid out is very conveniently. A Tout’s also very easy on the eyes. I think it looks really good. Now. I just talked about the very advanced search functionality of Gmail.

I think that the search functionality of this app is at least as good if not better. You actually have a bit more options. It’s actually a bit more extensive also with this app, you can prioritize your inbox and if you select this option, you can either choose to see all your messages in your inbox or just the ones that Outlook believes are the most important for you.

To be honest personally. I’m not a huge fan of these kinds of automatic functions things. Also not the one from Gmail because I kind of like to decide for myself what’s important or not? But that’s just me. Anyway, the option is there and it seems to work pretty well. Now, this app also has a snooze Function you can also set different notification and do not disturb settings for different email accounts.

What I think is very nice about this app. It is that whenever you create an email, it’s very easy to add an invitation or a document or you can even take a picture from within the app and send that picture with that email. That’s a very nice touch.

And what’s also great is that it’s not only good for managing your emails. You can also manage your calendars with it. That is a huge bonus. So, all in all, I think that this is an amazing email app and it’s a very good alternative.

TypeApp/Bluemail App

The last one on the list is actually kind of two Email Apps for Android because I’m talking about type app, but there is also an app called BlueMail App and those two in my opinion on the same there are some differences but they look and feel exactly. The Identical so anything I say about type app is also true for Blue Mail. Okay, first impressions.

Well personally, I think it looks okay, but somehow it doesn’t look as stylish or elegant as some of the other ones you can, however, kind of change its appearance so you can change the theme color. There is also a dark theme that you can switch to you can also change the font size.

So there are some things you can tweak. Now what’s very nice about this app is that it’s definitely feature-rich. So a lot of features one of them is clusters you can cluster messages from one sender, which is very useful, especially for newsletters. For instance.

Just like with Edison mail that is also an easy unsubscribed function. There is also a snooze function. There’s even a page where you can manage all your snoozed messages. So very convenient now one thing I really like about this app is that Can really easily manage your folders with this app.

You can create folders rename and delete folders very easily. Another thing. I like is the swipe action. Whenever you swipe left or on a message, there’s a lot to choose from. Again, it’s a feature-rich app.

The only thing I would say is that wherever you go in this app, you know, there are buttons here buttons there, you know, and it can get a little bit overwhelming sometimes I mean, don’t get me wrong.

It’s still pretty easy to use. But you know, there are just buttons all over the place, and that’s not always the most user-friendly way.

Ironically to present your app. Anyway still think that this is a great app, and it’s a great alternative. That’s 6 great alternatives for the stock email app on your Android device.