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I Tried the Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool – Easy to Use

Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool

Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool

Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool

In this article. I’d like to share my experiences and some of the reasons why I really like the Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool and why you may consider the stencil app, if you are looking for a Photoshop alternative well, to be honest, it is not exactly the Photoshop alternative. But my requirement was simple I was looking for an Online Graphic Design Tool or any software that lets me create thumbnails for my recently started YouTube channel.

And one of the videos I publish I like to create a thumbnail that looks pretty attractive and the same thumbnail. I will be sharing it on Instagram and Facebook with proper resize and proper background images and one important thing is I didn’t want any of the copyright strikes or images that I use, shouldn’t get me on any copyright strike problems, and I wanted the learning curve to be cut.

I don’t want to spend several. Harbors in learning the tools and heavy lifting that normally, the Adobe Photoshop that requires you to do. So I was not having enough time to do that and I was looking for a simple easy-to-use Online Graphic Design Tool that just gets the job done of creating which is upgrading these thumbnails that look pretty attractive and created by that looks like created by someone who actually knows Photoshop.

So Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool definitely, is the one which I was looking for. Through a lot of free and premium Online, Graphic Design Tool before trying out the Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool and I find that this is definitely the tool that I will be using for a very long time.

So without any delay, let’s dive into the reasons that I like to coat to make you in Okinawans. I hope convinced to purchase this beautiful app. The reason number one is a complete web application. It doesn’t require you to install any software. Are to your Mac computer or to your Windows or Linux systems, so you can simply run it through the web browser that you have like Chrome or Firefox and you don’t download have to any software to use it.

You can export the images. You can do all the customization with all the powerful tools that it offers and you can simply generate the final output image that looks pretty attractive and that is that gets liked and shared by thousands of users on Twitter and Facebook.

It doesn’t require, many additional plugins. It simply uses all, integral features of your web browser and it runs very smoothly. It doesn’t require much RAM memory or it doesn’t put, the heavy load on my system memory or CPU while creating and generating the final image as an output so you can create any time anywhere without the need for carrying the software. To your office or to your home computer.

You can simply launch the open the browser and you can start doing the images and wherever you left off the images that will be saved within your account and that will be there for you to access any time. You can save these images.

This is the account, the Stencil dashboard how it actually looks inside the account


This is the account, the dashboard how it actually looks inside the account. So I have right now logged in and can see all the images that I have created and saved for future use. So this web interface is pretty easy to use. And, you can upload your beauty own images That’s the of it.

You can upload you to create the thumbnails and you can customize it the way you want. You can use the preset templates already have in the store and you can create, you can put in your own images that are to create a wonderful, overall a wonderful final output that will be liked and shared by your followers their photos gallery these Gallery.

I’m not sure how are there but whatever the search you do they bring up, images that are relevant to that particular search so you can see that if I searched for apple and I get the backgrounds and images that are, tagged with the keyword Apple so I can search the search goes on and on and there are plenty know thousands and thousands of photos.

Are there Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool says they have almost 1.8 million photos of royalty-free photos that anyone can use and you can use for customizing modifying it you can apply the filters and all the built-in tools that it provides and create your own unique looking images.


You can upload your own background if you want to and you can search, tons and tons of images from this beautiful Gallery. So not just the images. You can also see the icons are there if you want any, icons in grayscale or in the color you can always get it, simply by clicking on the image by searching it on.


Icon section and you can customize it the way you want it to be and you can see the rulers are here there to make the measurements and where you are exactly placing the icon so that you won’t miss the orders. So this built-in image editor is truly in phenomenal when it comes to placing the icons or resizing and placing them the text and everything.

These measurements will really help you to create a beautiful looking image. Depending on the preset that you choose here. So if you want, there are tons of presets almost 40 plus presets here. I think and you can also create custom presets for example here.


I have created a wallpaper for my iPhone with custom dimension in pixels and II simply I have to mention it and I have to name it what I like it to be called and I can if I set it set this particular resolution then automatically you will see the editor window changes it to that particular screen resolution once you’ve completed the Meaning you can generate the final output or you can save it for future use and this saved images will go here.

So you can reuse it by altering the background or altering the title and the images that you want to do in the future. So as I said, I’m a very beginner when it comes to designing and I’m slowly learning it and Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool is definitely the application that I can totally rely on when it comes to creating an attractive thumbnail.

That doesn’t suck. So here when it comes to icons. They have almost 1 million-plus icon in their storage. So you can simply choose any of them and, simply drop it to your thumbnail that whichever you are planning to create on so you can simply delete it you can click and delete you can resize you can do everything in this editor and there are templates, as mentioned earlier the templates which will let you create images quickly without any Without wasting your time in doing everything from scratch.

So the font Styles and everything is there so about the Fonts the reason number three, it offers plenty of essential tools. So it may look simple and it doesn’t, have a lot of tools in front. But when you start to use it the tools they naturally pop up and comes in front while editing a particular image.


If you want the font to be from Google fonts, you can use this huge library or you can upload your own. In particular, the font that you want to add here and here to add the Google font. You can click on import fonts and you can import any Google font that you want to in. Add it to your gallery.

So simply have to search for open science or any font that you comes to your mind and you may use the Google fonts directly and you can mention the name there and you can add it to your phones and will be added to your font. You can choose all the thickness language.

All those settings here and it will be readily available under my fonts. You can change it in real-time and you can create a beautiful image that you wanted to be on as the final output.

Also, another important thing is like you can move forward or you can move backward of any objects that you create in your image and they do have, a preset of codes available and you can search is from under thousand, almost 1 million-plus code are they?

You can search it from there and you can create images that motivate people or if you like to create your own motivational quotes.

You can always do it by simply selecting the preset size that you want it to be shared, for example, whether it is YouTube thumbnail or these are very precise and these measurements, will give you the exact fit and perfect finish when you publish it on YouTube or when you put it as an Instagram photo or, if it is for Pinterest, Just these measurements fit perfectly and pops up your image when your audience tries to view it on your, from your social media profile.

If it is a blog post image simply choose it there and you can, customize it and you can add the codes that you want to add and you can do everything literally to create a final perfect-looking output and finally the tech support.

I had, never had a chance to contact the tips of tech support mostly. the tool is pretty simple and I never had downtime in the past three to four months of usage. So I simply never had a necessary contact with their support.

But if you want any tech support, then they are always there for you and they will reply within photo fibers of time in short so you can always use good tech support after-sales support is very very important for any product that you purchase online.

So it is there for you and the Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool team will help you too. Solve any queries that you have or any customizations that you require for your project and if you want to suggest something you can always do the suggestion by contacting their support and they will bring it in the future releases and this software, this web application is regularly getting updated so you don’t have to worry about using a, an ancient application.


So they regularly add more images and icons and templates so you don’t, feel outdated. It so this application the regularly gets updated and you will feel it when while you’re using it for your image works. So here are some of the images that I have actually created for, my Instagram profile and I also shared it on my Facebook.

This is not the one so here you can see it is totally up to you and your creativity level. So I’m a beginner as I said earlier. You can simply do so many things with this Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool.


And finally the pricing when comes to pricing I was a bit hesitant and I was to start with the free Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool. And right now I’m in the unlimited plan, which is just $12 a month, but it lets you create plenty of images without worrying about any limitations because their Pro Plan is decent but it allows you to create one Lee 50 images per month.

If you have a minimum requirement where you are a part-time blogger, and you’re a part-time YouTuber you create fewer thumbnails for your videos and posts then this should be sufficient.

Otherwise, if you want all the bells and whistles that this beautiful web application offers, then I would definitely recommend you to consider their unlimited plan to never feel the limitations while going in the flow with your creativity and another beautiful thing is like if you don’t like it, they do offer seven days money-back guarantee.


So any time within 7 days, if you don’t like the app, you can always claim a refund and the full refund. Be made to your account in the mode of payment that you actually paid to purchase the Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool create any images without worrying about, the copyright problems and attract more crowds and followers. Stencil Online Graphic Design Tool alternative to Canva.

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