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Why Big Tech’s Content Creator Funds Are Not Fully Funding You – But Bigger Bucks Can Be Made Elsewhere

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Digital marketing is one of the biggest methods of promotion in recent years. It is not a surprise since there are billions of users worldwide. Almost every company is using social platforms to share information about their products and services and communicate with their customers this way.

On the other hand, it is interesting that people who manage to attract a lot of followers and collect many views and likes can also earn decent money this way. According to the statistics, there are over two million people from all over the world who are professionals and who are posting quality content all the time.

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It is simple to understand the model where you can earn money this way. The whole point is to have a lot of loyal followers who will watch the content you are uploading all the time, and give likes and share it on their profiles. One of the most popular websites where you can earn money is YouTube. Depending on the country and part of the world, you could earn up to $20 for every 1,000 views on your videos.

The great part is that you have the flexibility to share content related to various topics. The goal is to find a way to become interesting to the audience so they will start watching your stuff all the time. If you are looking for some of the most recent platforms with the possibility of making money, you should check more about.versusgame.

Still, the main issue is that some platforms are not that efficient when it comes to earning to the number of followers and views ratio. The best example is Tik Tok with its creator’s fund model. The problem is that this system is affected by the number of people on the platform. There is a pre-determined money pool, which means that the increase in the number of popular profiles with millions of views will lower the potential profit. For example, a profile with over one billion views will make only around $15k.

The Issue TikTok Funding

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A lot of people would think that stars on this platform who have millions of subscribers and even more views are earning a lot of money. Still, things are not that great. The main problem is that this platform is using an unusual system where the amount of money for creators is determined in advance. It is quite different when compared to YT, where the top profiles are earning by receiving a share of the total profit made by this company.

When this system was introduced two years ago, the profit pool was $200 million, while it was increased to one billion last years. The fixed pool is the biggest problem. The best way to understand how low is the profit is when you compare it to YT, where you can earn more than $15 for every 1,000 views, but only if you already have a lot of viewers.

However, reaching $1,000 on Tik Tok is paying less than 3 cents. Also, the fact that the pool is fixed is leading to another problem. The number of users of this platform is on a constant rise. Since the total amount is fixed, that means that the amount of money you could earn is becoming even lower over time.

There are More Profitable Alternatives

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If you managed to collect a lot of subscribers and a lot of people are already interested in your content, but you are not satisfied with the current payment programs on social platforms, there are some excellent ways to increase the earnings you make. Depending on the area you are promoting and type of the content you are sharing, there is always a chance to create a collaboration with some brand that will pay you to show their products, make some reviews, or simply add their logo in the corner of your video.

If you are watching YouTubers, you will notice that many of them are using this option, and a lot of videos will have a separate part where some company or product will be introduced. The amount of money depends on the number of followers you have. Even if you are using the creator’s fund, this is always a great way to increase your profit.

Moreover, consider reaching higher flexibility by creating profiles on multiple platforms. However, be sure to understand the mechanics and that you will need a different approach for each one of them. If you prefer making longer videos for YT, using TikTok is a good way to introduce yourself to the audience present on this platform, but you can only share short videos here. Therefore, you can use it to create short introductions to your most recent videos, bloopers, and more.

The fact is that big tech company could be paying more money to top creators. Also, paid sponsorships should always be an idea considered. It is not a rare case that some company will decide to contact you and offer you to promote them on your page. If you are interested in this option, be sure to make it suitable to the content and find the best way to add a promotion in a way where it won’t affect the quality of your videos.

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The Bottom Line

We understand that many people are not satisfied with the current model of payment that can be seen on many social platforms. However, the only thing that we can do is hope that things will become better over time. Also, it is always recommended to look for different alternatives and find a way to increase your profit from sharing the content.

There are different issues seen on various social platforms. They are related to fixed payment pools and special requirements where must reach a certain number of followers so the system can start paying for the views you collect. In that matter, the best alternative is to look for paid sponsorships and to share on more platforms.