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These 5 Office Injuries And Mishaps Can Hamper You For Life

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The most common office injuries and mishaps include back pains, neck pains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, eye strains, and fractures caused by slips and falls. They can be detrimental.

Let’s face it. Office injuries and mishaps have been there since the beginning. In the yesteryear, office injuries and mishaps were turned a blind eye upon. The main reason for that was the less intensity of professional rigors. But things have changed drastically now. Today, an office injury cannot be left unhealed. We live and function in a highly competitive world, where every minute wasted can push us into the abyss. Definitely, we don’t want that to happen. But before we elaborate, we’d like to tell you that a sit-stand desk is one of the best shields against office injuries.

In this blog, let us walk you through some of the nastiest office injuries and mishaps, to which every working professional is vulnerable.

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Mishaps and injuries that are common in offices

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1. Neck Pains

Neck pains occur due to a lack of ergonomics at the workplace. When people are forced to work in constricted spaces, they hunch and slouch more often than not. This renders them susceptible to excruciating neck pains. The longer the delay in finding a remedy, the worse it gets. Neck pains spread all the way to the shoulder and spine. They even impact our posture and siphon-off confidence in a brief span of time. You can use a sit-stand desk to get rid of neck pains no matter how severe they are.

2. Back pains

Another perennial torment for working professionals is, back pains have the tenacity to disable people for life. Back pains occur due to a lack of lumbar (lower back) support, which is a nagging characteristic of regular office furniture. Back pains, if left untreated, can be detrimental and sufferers often find themselves consigned to the critical wards of hospitals. Many even lose interest in work, and in the process lose their jobs. Back pains can be thwarted through sit-stand desks.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome impacts the wrists and forearms. The Carpal Tunnel goes all the way from the wrists to the forearms and gets compressed when exposed to long working durations. If it’s not treated in time, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome strikes the muscular areas of your wrists and forearms in many ways. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has lately emerged as one of the most perilous ailments that office goers have to grapple with. Beat this syndrome by working on a sit-stand desk. And you will get ample space to rest your arms and wrists.

4. Eye Strains

Poor eyesight is only a part of the ordeal. Repeated exposure to the computer monitor, lack of proper lighting, and uncomfortable and inappropriate positioning of the laptops and PCs put a lot of strain on the eyes. When the exposure is way too long, eye strains can compound into serious problems such as fatigue, memory loss, depression, headaches, migraines, throbbing, and severe pain in the eyes. Eye strains should be tackled as and when they show up. As far as this ailment is concerned, a sit-stand desk deals with it quite remarkably; you can keep your laptop at a safe distance from the eyes.

5. Slips and Falls

These are common mishaps in retail stores, warehouses, and offices. When employees are perilously cramped for space, they are forced to share the desks and chairs with their colleagues. This may cause slips and falls. In warehouses and retail outlets, lifting and moving merchandise, stacking it on shelves, and uneven floors can lead to slips and falls. The ensuing fractures and muscle injuries can seriously hamper people for life. Slips and falls should be avoided at any cost.

How to work safely in an office?

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There are many ways to safeguard yourself at work. But you must choose the option which is the most ergonomics. Some of the options that you must mull over are as follows:

Sit-stand desk

It’s the ideal way to get rid of all the problems related to the spine and also the most practicable way to say goodbye to the calories that do us no good at all. Sit-stand desks are so popular that whenever anyone talks about ergonomic furniture, this is the first option by default. Well, we can now assert that a sit-stand desk is not mere furniture, it’s an epitome of comfort, convenience, and safety.

Ergonomic footrests

According to ergonomic experts, people should use standing desks and footrests together. What necessitates this is the fact that extended sessions on a standing desk put immense pressure on the feet. And therefore, you require a footrest to bring them back into action. Compared with medicines, ergonomic footrests are a much better way to stay active, agile, and completely away from numbness and soreness.

Office desk chairs

They have been trending for ages and are still in the process of evolving. The stand-out features of office desk chairs are backrests and headrests. You also have ample space to place your wrists comfortably on the armrests. Leather, vinyl, or mesh, these chairs are designed to handle all sorts of back issues such as aches, stiffness, and numbness.

Ergo stools

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Ergo stools save you from tripping over as you stretch your legs; swivel on the deep seat, or even lunge on the desktop. This furniture option is very stylish and is gaining acceptance at a brisk pace.


We have seen the 5 most common office injuries and mishaps. They should be avoided no matter what. And the best way to do that is by adopting sit-stand desks. In the modern world, comforts at the workplace mean that employees should be physically and mentally fit. Office ergonomics ensure that quite incredibly and keep your workforce in good stead for the long run. As an employer, injuries and mishaps are your serious enemies.