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What Is The Easiest Trick To Do On A Fingerboard?

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Fingerboards are an interesting toy for both children and adults because they manage to relieve stress and distract from nervousness and bad mood triggers. Although practically a toy, fingerboards are a great way to entertain people. You can learn really interesting tricks and be the main one among friends, and even teach them how to play with this toy.

Yes, toys can be used by adults, and there are many benefits of playing with the fingerboard.

It may boost your creativity, enhance your motor skills and reflexes, and you can focus on your skateboarding skills. It can be a good starting point if you want to understand the physics laws that apply to skateboarding too.

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Also, teachers can use it at school, to explain some difficult topics to the students. Another benefit is exercising your fingers, especially if you have some picky job to do. People who are making jewelry or other pieces of art, need to exercise their hands nicely, so they can stay calm, and be more detailed when working.

Probably we will assure you it’s worth at least trying finger boarding. If you want to do that, you can easily find great models of fingerboards on roswellsskateboards.com.

Not only is finger boarding a fun and entertaining hobby, but it’s also a reason why competitions and organized leagues are held all over the world. If you are new to this, learning some basic tricks will help you understand what’s happening and why it’s beneficial for the people. We recommend you try some of these tricks, to impress the people around you. Who knows, maybe you will be the next fingerboard star.

Trick Number 1

We will name it “Shove It”. It’s probably the easiest trick to try with a fingerboard. The goal is to spin it about 180 degrees with your fingers. Position your fingers so that your index finger is in the center of the board and your middle finger is on your tail. Press with your middle finger so that the fingerboard can rotate around your index finger. This way you will learn how to do it in one go. You will see for yourself how much pressure is enough to turn the board. This is also the easiest trick, although it can take you a few days to fully master it.

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Trick Number 2

This is another easy trick, which is similar to the first, but with a roll in the air and obstacles with a slight curvature. His name is Shuvit. You need to place your fingers classically, at the ends of the board and while driving, press the tail to turn the board over and stand with your fingers on it again, and continue driving.

The advanced version is called Pop Shuvit and is actually similar, but with some trajectory interference. To perform it successfully, you need to be really focused and assess the right moment when you need to press with your back finger. It gives you incredible control over the board and you can skip the hurdle in many ways.

Trick Number 3

This trick is called Ollie and is a bit more difficult than the previous two we described. This is about skipping bigger obstacles. The trick is to keep your fingers on the surface of the board while skipping these obstacles. You will do this by launching the board with your middle finger by pressing the tail, and the index finger will move to the nose of the board, so with a slight push, you will actually lower it. Of course, this is about skipping an obstacle, not sliding on it.

These are the three basic tricks you need to master with your fingerboard. Of course, there are grinds and slides, but they require more exercise and skills, so we will leave them for another time.

But are you interested in what are the most difficult tricks?

They are known as Heelflip, 360 Flip, and Impossible. To master them, you must first know how to apply the basic tricks.

What we would advise you to do is to practice the basic moves. Fingerboarding is an interesting micro sport that will help you understand the basics of skateboarding. Best of all, it’s a portable toy and you can have fun wherever you are.

Many of those who already have such a board, claim that they come up with interesting tricks themselves. Therefore, do not hesitate to practice and experiment. In fact, it can be a very fun pastime. In addition, it will help you to get rid of stress in your body and distract thoughts from what makes you sad or nervous.

Advantages of fingerboards

From toy to industry – this is the easiest way to explain the development of fingerboarding. There are brands that are committed to their production and promotion. They have been popular since the early 90s, although no one at the time could have predicted that one day they would be a huge industry with a large number of loyal customers. Nowadays it is very easy to learn interesting tricks because tutorials are available online.

But why all this? In addition to the cognitive and motor benefits, of course, tournaments sometimes offer really tempting rewards. Therefore, fans see a unique opportunity to invest very little time and be rewarded with a cash prize. That’s enough to keep them motivated. And motivation is crucial in other segments of life.

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When you start with something that is unfamiliar to you, it is best to get acquainted with present-day techniques. In this case, this article will help you understand as much basic information about fingerboards as possible, but also explain the easiest tricks you can perform as a beginner. The improvement will continue because you will already be able to add moves and create something that is recognizable and specific only to you. And that can bring you great popularity among other fingerboard enthusiasts.

So, you can at least give it a try. It’s a pretty entertaining activity for you and your friends, and you will surely have a great time learning interesting things about the fingerboards.