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6 Cool Gadgets to Add to Your VR Setup

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A vast majority of tech enthusiast has no idea that the first pieces of virtual reality headsets have entered the scene during the last decade of the 20th century. We do not blame them since the real deal emerged on the market about a decade ago and won the hearts of almost anyone who tried it out. Modern VR setups continue to amaze the public even more if utilized alongside matching gadgets designed to enhance the virtual experience. Thus, we invite you to read the following list and discover which cool gadgets you should add to your VR setup in order to make the most of your numerous journeys through computer-generated realities.

1. Asterion Aura Universal Charging VR Stand

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Your VR setup requires energy to lead you through the miraculous virtual worlds you choose to visit. Now, numerous VR setup chargers might be worth your time and money, but this one does the job flawlessly, and the quality that makes it stand out from the crowd of similar gadgets is that it will charge your device in no time regardless of its type.

It is of utter importance to have compatible devices in order to make the most of them, and Asterion Aura takes care that you do not have to purchase alternative solutions if you opt to change your VR set in the future. Besides that, it looks amazing, so you should have no trouble finding a spot for it in any peculiar setting.

2. Tap Strap 2

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Would it be amazing if you could manipulate numerous devices you would regularly use while you are doing what you do in the virtual world? It definitely would, and we have the Tap Strap 2 to thank for potentiating the realization of the aforementioned.

As its name suggests, it is a seemingly regular hand strap you can easily put on your arm and take care of different appliances such as your mouse, keyboard, and other gadgets you would make use of while exploring the unknown. A stable Bluetooth connection makes sure you are wirelessly attached to the devices you want to use so your experience goes as seamless as possible.

3. Woojer Vest Edge

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Even though a VR set can provide one-of-a-kind adventures, we would lie if we would say they are perfect since being part of a computer-generated reality to the fullest implies the activation of numerous sensory receptors at once. Music and the feeling of the vibration that comes with specific sound effects represent an important part of the equation.

Thus, we give represent Woojer Vest Edge and the miraculous atmosphere it transfers from the virtual world to your body to complete the experience. What Woojer does is that it transfers the vibration associated with the sound of the virtual experience you participate in. Some guys use it for enhancing their gameplay time while others prefer using it while listening to their favorite concerts and feel as if they are at the event itself. The two are just some of the options you can use this amazing vest for, so we suggest you check it out yourself and potentially find alternative ways to use it alongside your VR set.

For a more in-depth review, check this video:

4. Aidsgun Interactive

This one is specially designed for gaming lovers who cannot afford to miss a thing on their first-person shooter ventures. Namely, Aidsgun represents an ideal instrument for covering a 360 degrees radius and corresponds to your virtual surroundings flawlessly. The last thing you would want is your aim to lag once the time for terminations of foes comes, so consider making this amazing gadget a part of your arsenal as soon as you can.

We know there are alternative gaming devices you can purchase at a lower price, but the performance Aidsgun emphasizes is incomparably better than any competitive products available. Thus, do your homework and assess whether spending a few bucks more for pleasure justifies the price tag for this beauty.

Source: theguardian.com

5. Kiwi VR Link Cable

The point of entering a virtual reality setting is to feel as real as ever, otherwise, the reality would not be a part of the syntagm. Unfortunately, a vast majority of users worldwide fail to find the means to achieve the aforementioned due to uncountable obstacles their environment imposes. One of the most annoying things that affect the experience has everything to do with the cables necessary for the transfer of data.

Well, we have good news for you, since Kiwi VR link cable makes sure that your VR ventures go as undisturbed as possible. The materials used in production are carefully designed so as not to mess with your virtual business, so you should be insulated from any background noises standard cables would usually make. Just attach the gadget to your ceiling and move freely around your room without worrying you will make a mess.

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6. Quest 2 Carrying Case

Owning a VR set does not mean that you are obliged to use it at your place only, moreover, the chances you will be taking it with you wherever you go are major. Now, if we were not talking about a sophisticated piece of equipment it would be perfectly safe to do whatever you want with it, but the reality is a bit different.

Thus, we recommend you consider purchasing a suitable case for your VR device since not only should it make sure your gadget is always safe and sound, but it should also facilitate transport. Quest 2 Carrying Case suits the description and it will take care of your virtual headgear as well as it will make you look cool wherever you decide to take it with you. It is always better to secure the safety of your devices than to think about it when it is too late to make amends.

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We hope that the gadgets we have introduced to you will enhance your virtual experience and allow you to enjoy the time you spend in the computer-generated realities to the fullest. The future is here, so as long as you know how to make the most of potential opportunities you will have a whale of a time.