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What is the Difference Between Youtube and Vimeo

Difference Between Youtube and Vimeo

Difference Between Youtube and Vimeo

Difference between youtube and Vimeo

Today we’re gonna talk about what is the difference between Youtube and Vimeo. Two of the most popular video-sharing platforms. If you’re just starting to make videos, you might be wondering which platform is right for you. When you sign up for either one you get your own account and a place to organize and share your videos with the world. Both let you upload in 4k resolution.

And both have great privacy settings, options for sharing, and cool statistics that show how your video is being watched. Let’s talk about what makes them different. Hopefully, you know YouTube. You’re…using it right now.

First: It’s the largest video sharing platform, meaning your potential audience size is greater with YouTube. It’s also free. And you can upload an unlimited amount of videos to share as often as you’d like. Vimeo don’t have a free option, but there’s an upload cap. You can make money! It’s not easy to make a lot, but the opportunity is there.

You can place ads on your videos and receive a portion of the revenue. Now let’s talk about Vimeo. Vimeo is more towards for professional filmmaker or the filmmaker where higher production value is usually the norm. No advertisements! Vimeo takes pride in the fact that their viewers never have to watch advertisements. You click on a video and it starts playing immediately.

Vimeo has a very respectful community. Because it’s geared more towards professionals and artists, comments generally tend to be more supportive and constructive. In other words, it’s very rare that you’ll get a “this sucks” or “go kill yourself” comment on your video. Vimeo has great customer support. You can ask a question and it will be answered by another human being as quickly as possible.

It’s hard to get official answers or technical support because it’s hard to call or email anyone. That’s a win for Vimeo. So what do you choose? I always hate when I ask someone for advice and then they say “it’s up to you.” So I’m just going to tell you. Since you’re a beginner, YouTube has everything you need.

Choose YouTube. It’s free, it’s fast, and it has a huge community. As weird as your content may be, there’s always someone on YouTube who’s just as weird and will likely find your stuff. At the same time, why not sign up for a free account of Vimeo too? Upload more videos on Vimeo and content on YouTube.

It’s always a great idea to find out how both platforms work and since they’re free, you can sign up for both. So that is it for this video. There’s a lot more to both platforms but I didn’t want to fill this video with a bunch of information you probably don’t need yet. So I’m just sticking with the basics. Let me know in the comments if you use both platforms or if you have any other questions in general. Check out for more website like youtube.