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How to Download YouTube Videos as MP4’s – 2024 Guide

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YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform on earth. It is currently ranked the second most visited site globally after Google.com and currently gets over 4 billion video views per day. That’s more than half of the world watching a YouTube video every single day. The platform was first launched back in 2005 by a group of University students. They came up with the idea when they couldn’t easily find a place to share videos with friends. They began development with the help of some venture capital firms and soon had a working product. Less than two years after launching Google bought them for a whopping 1.65 billion dollars.

What makes YouTube so popular these days is the vast amount of content that is available for viewing. According to recent statistics, more than 400 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Now that’s a lot of content.

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You can find funny video clips, cooking video, science films, video tutorials, etc… the list is virtually endless on YouTube. Many people have even ditched their cable television and are using YouTube exclusively as a means of entertainment.

Not only does YouTube provide a place for people to watch videos, but it also provides a place for creators to earn a living. Many people are quitting their nine to five jobs to become YouTube creators, as some creators are getting paid tens of millions of dollars. You heard me right. Content creators that are making high-quality videos get paid for the video views that their content gets. This has led many networks to license their content to YouTube and has created a new.

The video content that is available on YouTube is fantastic. But what are you supposed to do if you come across a YouTube video that you want to download as an MP4? Maybe you’re going to be going on a flight, and you want to watch a University lecture that’s posted to YouTube, or maybe you want to download that video tutorial to watch offline before you head to bed. Whatever the case, we have a few options for you to download those coveted YouTube videos as MP4’s.

YouTube Premium

The very first option we’re going to cover for downloading YouTube videos as MP4’s is YouTubes premium service. YouTube launched a premium subscription service back in 2018 named YouTube premium. It was previously called YouTube Red before it was renamed. The premium service allows users to subscribe for a monthly fee, which gives them access to view YouTube videos without ads, stream YouTube music, watch YouTube created original content, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of using YouTubes premium service is that it allows you to download video clips to watch offline. You can download any YouTube video as an MP4 file and watch it at any time. The only caveat is that you can only download videos using the official YouTube apps available on mobile phones and tablets. So, if you were looking to download YouTube videos specifically to your laptop, then premium probably won’t work for you.

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Downloading a YouTube video using YouTube- premium is easy. Just open the official YouTube app and find the video you want to download. If you scroll down to the buttons just below the video, you’ll find a button titled “Download”. Tap on the button with your finger and select the video quality you want to save, and presto, you’ve downloaded the video as an MP4. You’ll notice that the download icon will switch from being an arrow pointing down to a check giving you a visual reminder that you’ve downloaded the video. You can find all the videos you’ve download in the Library in the YouTube app.

Of course, you need to be a YouTube premium subscriber for this method to work and must be logged into the app.

While YouTube premium is great, the biggest drawback is that it costs roughly $10 for a monthly subscription. If you’re using YouTube frequently enough and downloading videos, $10 won’t seem like much. But, if you’re like me and seldom download videos as MP4’s then paying for a subscription isn’t worth it.

Online Video Downloader

If paying for a premium service isn’t for you, then using an online video downloader is the next best option. There are many online MP4 video downloaders how-ever, after viewing a large majority of them, we can say that our very favorite is the YouTube to MP4 downloader at Youtubemp4.to. This website provides a very easy to use interface for downloading YouTube videos as MP4s. It also has the option for saving videos in a few other formats as well. Getting started with the online service is quite simple.

Step 1: Visit YouTube in your browser or using the official YouTube app if you’re on your smartphone and find the video download you’d like to download. Copy the link to the video URL by selecting it in your browser’s address bar.

Step 2: Head over to Youtubemp4.to and paste the video link from step 1 into the box on the homepage and press enter.

Step 3: The page will refresh and display the download options for the video. To save the files right click on the download button corresponding to the video you want to save and select “save video as”. Once the video download is finished, you can watch using your favorite video player. We recommend the VLC video player.

Using an online video downloader to save YouTube videos in MP4 format is a quick and easy to download the content you want. What’s particularly great about using a service that is accessible in a web browser is that you don’t need to install any third-party software or browser plugins to make it work. Just plug in the video URL and click a few buttons. It’s that easy!