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Discovering the World of Minecraft Multiplayer Servers – 2023 Guide

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It is totally possible to enjoy Minecraft by using only local multiplayer or building on your own. However, the range and array of hosted remote Minecraft servers available is quite incredible and they provide all sorts of new playing experiences.

The hosted Minecraft servers cater to almost every type of desired experience. There are dedicated to players fighting players, whole sections of players battling other sections, ingenious storylines where players compete to make the best structures, mini-games where snowballs and shovels are used as weapons, and those where mansions are bases for Cops ‘n Robbers options.

Most of the basic ones are just modified (required for managing and maintaining order) creative/survival maps. The advanced servers provide everything from mini games to server-side tweaks to thematic revamps to games that let controllers change Minecraft into a totally different experience like a team vs. team capture the flag scenario or a zombie survival plot or loads of other experiences.

The server-side tweaks are quite remarkable and very useful. If you join a decent one, you can experience a whole other interesting side of Minecraft without altering your local installation at all. It runs it all for you.

To dive in deeper, let’s explore how to pick a server and the things to bear in mind while choosing.

What to Consider when Choosing a Server

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Seeing as you will probably put in quite a lot of time into it once you have chosen one, it is highly advisable to do your research so you know what you are dealing with. Having this knowledge will help you avoid situations where you get into a port that doesn’t have the features you want or the kind of play you like.

Topics and Terms to know

It is necessary to state here that for both adult players and parents equally: if you want to keep complete control over the game, it’s best to stick to local multiplayer with family/friends or single-player mode.

When choosing a port, there are a number of topics and terms you should know. In the listings you will see these terms “griefing” and “whitelist” frequently.

Griefing is a blanket term that loosely means harassment. However, this is not real-world dreadful kind of harassment such as racial slurs and the rest. Even “anarchy” ones where it’s a free for all, hardly ever accept that sort of conduct.

Harassment in Minecraft usually happens in the form of harming players through damaging the things they’ve constructed for instance. Or Player vs. Player battles in and outside of authorised areas. Servers are normally very clear and plain about whether or not griefing is allowed. Most of them are against griefing and put measures in place to stop it from happening. These measures include  plugins that safeguard player-owned plots of land from being controlled by other players.

What are cracked Minecraft servers?

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Cracked servers let players using a cracked client enter the game. They allow new players join without checking for authentication, Mojang’s checks. Players who haven’t bought the game usually download the cracked launcher and connect.. Typically, most of ports block users with cracked clients from joining. Nevertheless, there are active ones that allow cracked clients.

Assessing the Server

As well as reading the listing to know what it’s basically about, there are several other things to consider. Carefully read through the listing, watch “seed spotlights” on YouTube and look through the Minecraft forums to get an overview of them before playing, and particularly before deciding to donate to it later.

Check out the Uptime

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According to MC-Servers, lists online offer extra information about them that’s worth looking at. If available, find out the uptime.  Modest Minecraft servers have 95%+ uptime and the best ones have 98-99% uptime. Unreliable servers have lesser uptimes. Playing on such tend be to be incredibly infuriating as they can be down for a couple days or weeks monthly.

Check the Population

On occasion, a small server can work nicely; anarchy-type can be enjoyable with lesser amount of players as that offers a pleasant balance between having rom to explore/build and the thrill of the game. On the other hand, a small one can be dreadful; especially if it is dedicated to mini-games that need many active players to be logged in to complete the rosters for every new game rolling up. Waiting for one of the five people logged in to probably gain interest in your desired game can be highly frustrating.

Find out the Costs the Server comes with

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Usually, servers possess a reward system for players that donate. This system offers benefits such as an anvil that fixes tools with no experience fine or the ability to teleport back and forth from field to home base. If you enjoy it, it’s probably no big deal to give them $5-10 as support, which in turn gives you some enjoyable/useful benefits.

Some ports tend to go a little too far with the cash factor. They can push it so far the game almost becomes pay-to-play. The Hive, for instance, offer a premium level for players that goes for $20 monthly and automatically moves the player to the frontline in any game queue while kicking off any non-premium player that is queuing to play.

Choosing Game Modes

A game mode is essentially the capacity to revamp the configuration, goals and rules of a game with just the press of a button to provide players with a completely different gameplay. It is sincerely and literally a game-changer. In Minecraft, there are four distinct playable game modes: Adventure, Creative, Hardcore and Survival. These modes all come with unique elements and technicalities. This is a top reason why Minecraft is such an entertaining popular game.

Best 2023 Minecraft Servers


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Manacube has been in operation since 2013. It is a popular, consistent and active community that offers game modes such as Creative, Skyblock, Olympus Prison, Parkour and many others.


Altitude is remarkably enjoyable. It is a fusion of four survival synced to each other. It allows players switch between the different ports whenever they want with no fear of losing rewards or currency.


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LemonCloud offers game modes such as Factions, Survival, Prison, Creative, Survival and Skywars. It’s a fantastic choice for all types of Minecraft players. In addition, it holds frequent events to keep the game consistently exciting.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison claims they are the best Minecraft prison server and they definitely back up this claim. They provide loads of exceptional content designed to generate the greatest prison experience for players on Minecraft.

The Mining Dead

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For fans of the Walking Dead series, the Mining Dead is a must-play. It recreates the show’s post-apocalyptic world and lets players battle the walkers.