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10 Best Multiplayer Gamecube Games 2024

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The Nintendo GameCube is a console that came out together with the PS2 and the Xbox and those did outshine it in a lot of ways, but the GameCube is still the favorite of many gamers all over the world, mostly because a lot of timeless games were released on that console, and that means some amazing multiplayer games to have fun with friends too. GameCube parties were famous at the time, they were filled with fun and very competitive friends which sometimes ended up with broken controllers.

So we are going to take a look at some of those multiplayer games and see which ones are the best.

1. Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon is truly a timeless franchise and this is just one of its very popular games. In this installment you get to choose a trainer and go against your friends. Since this is a pretty old game you won’t get to see any pokemon from the newer generations, but that does not make the game bad and it has a huge nostalgia factor.

2. Mario Superstar Baseball

It’s no surprise to find a Mario franchise game in here too since the Mario franchise is the most sold in the whole world. This game gives players a chance to go against a friend after making their own baseball team, using popular Mario characters. Each one has a specific set of skills that make them stand out from the rest.

Now if it were just baseball it wouldn’t be a Mario game, every character has a special power and every field you play on also changes the games, all in all it’s a very fun game to play with friends.

3. Mario Party 4-7

To this day the Mario Party series is still one of the most fun games on the GameCube. A lot of nostalgic gamers nowadays would even say that this one is better than the newer ones. But which one is the best?

In the end it isn’t really important. People have different tastes and there are a lot of different ones, but the main idea of the games appeals to everyone, that’s what counts. What makes them differentiate the most is what kind of mini-games each game has, but whichever ones you choose to play with your friends you are going to have fun, and possibly make all your friends angry with you.

4. F-Zero GX

This game isn’t really thought of when you think of racing games on the Nintendo consoles, but that doesn’t take away from it’s greatness or its amazing multiplayer element. It looks great, it’s fast and the level design is there to make you dizzy.

5. Pikmin 2

It’s hard to make a good sequel to a great first game, but this one definitely managed to do it. This game stands out as being pretty unique as far as single player games, but the multiplayer is even more unique in my opinion and has a very interesting game mode.

If you’re interested in the multiplayer features then you you’ll be glad to know that there are co-op challenges and a mode similar to modern capture the flag game modes. This is a rare case where a mostly single player games gave its players an incredible multiplayer mode too.

6. Soul Calibur 2

You could find this game on all gaming consoles, but whenever you ask someone about Soul Calibur 2 everyone seemed to play it on the GameCube. This game is another installment of the very popular Soul Calibur franchise, an extremely popular fighting game.

So why did everyone play it on the GameCube, the answer is actually pretty simple, you could play as Link. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that made the game popular, it had an interesting story, some amazing fighting elements and overall a great single player entertainment factor. This is almost the best fighting game on the GameCube!

7. Super Smash Bros. Melee

As mentioned before, Soul Calibur 2 is almost the best fighting game on the GameCube, this one actually is, this game is even still played on the competitive level.

If you ever had any doubts which would be the best game on this list then you probably never played Super Smash Bros Melee, it’s the general consensus that this is one of, if not the best game on the GameCube. Of course, this game isn’t perfect, it has some issues with balancing, but you could not find a better way to beat your friends in an “easy” and satisfying way.

All in all, this game is an incredible piece of entertainment and we still recommend you play this with your friends, even nowadays.

8. Super Monkey Ball

This game was not originally a GameCube game, it was a Sega party game and was initially released on the Dreamcast but since that gaming console did not succeed it was released on the GameCube.

Super Monkey Ball came out as the GameCube was released and people loved it, it is a very arcady game that has some party games and mini-games.

9. Super Mario Strikers

Another Mario game, who would have thought? The most popular gaming franchise in the world has many amazing installments and this is just one of the. In this specific game you actually play soccer in a team of 5, basically you have to score a goal. If you play well enough, which means passing and scoring without mistakes you get the “superstrike” ability which enables you to get 2 points, of course a Mario game is going to have special abilites.

10. Pac-Man Fever

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When this game was released back in the day it didn’t really garner that many positive reviews, they were mostly mixed, but it’s still worth giving a shot.

All the characters are on a game board and as they move around different mini-games get turned on and as you play them you move to different tiles, so in the end it all depends on your skill.