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8 Best PS3 Racing Games 2024

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Gaming enthusiasts are well familiar with the fact that racing games are usually the ones that provide you with the best gaming experience. The adrenaline rush you get while playing this genre is top-rated by gamers all around the planet. Not only does playing racing games provide you with excitement, but it also requires certain skills, especially if we are talking about PS3 racing games.

Even though there are many types, narratives, and genres of these games, one thing is for sure, they all have one main theme – racing.

Have you ever wondered which PS3 racing games are actually the best? In case you have, take a look at the following article, since it might be helpful!

1. Split/Second

The main goal of Split/Second is to become the season champion. This game is considered to be one of the most dramatic and dynamic games because it is not only about racing. In other words, you are racing with other vehicles, but you have to avoid triggering the explosions which can significantly affect the course of the race. So, you have to be careful, wise and use your skills efficiently. There can be up to 8 players which makes it even more interesting and thrilling. All in all, this game will not disappoint you because it is all about action, speed and adrenaline!

2. Blur

If you are looking for a good race with 20 other cars, Blur will provide you with the best experience. The narrative of this game is so well-written that it will make you invested in the story, and you will want to engage as much as you can. One of the best things is the fact that you will be able to play both with your friends and alone. On the top of that, you can also meet other players and make friends along the way. The total number of players is up to 20, and this makes the whole race even spicier.

3. SkyDrift

Playing racing games can be both thrilling, but it can also calm you down, especially if you decide to play SkyDrift. It will provide you with some of the most beautiful sights in the virtual world. In that sense, you will have the opportunity to experience desert canyon, arctic glaciers, and tropical islands. Some of the most exotic and fascinating places on the planet have been presented in this game and you will be able to visit them, at least through the screen. On the top of that, it will be both fun and calming.

4. TNT Racers

TNT Racers requires you to be both fact and smart. The essence of the game is to collect pickups and figure out how to use powerful weapons in your favour. Once you outsmart your opponents, you will be able to win. It is one of the best rated games of this type due to the fact that players enjoy playing and implementing their skills and thinking about the next move.

5. BlazeRush

What better way to enjoy a good game than with your friends? You can gather a group of friends and enjoy one of the most dynamic and thrilling race. BlazeRush is all about survival and speed.  You need to overcome obstacles and beat your opponents by using strategy and being effective and fast. If this is your cup of tea, BlazeRush will definitely not disappoint you!

6. Fuel

The narrative of Fluel is probably one of the best ones ever made. The setting is post-apocalypse, and you have to race in the environment of hurricanes, tornadoes and fire. Not only do you have to fight against your enemies and time, but you also have to beat Mother Nature. Rarely can you encounter a game with so much spectacular moments. This probably the reason behind such a great popularity of Fuel. The adrenaline rush in Fluel is so big that once you start playing you won’t be able to stop.

7. Armageddon Riders

The race is so furious that you have to fight to win the race and survive at the same time. By winning against your opponents you are actually surviving. Therefore, if you are into “bloody car battle with no rules and no brakes on PS3” you will without a doubt enjoy Armageddon Riders.

8. Cars Race-O-Rama

Slightly more peaceful and calming race, compared to some on this list, will make you ease your mind from a stressful day. You can enjoy a good competition and have a great time either by yourself or with your friends. In other words, you can use a single player or a multiple players mode. Therefore, if you are not into anything else besides the car race, you will definitely like Cars Race-O-Rama!


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When it comes to the racing games they can be different and exists within various contexts. Therefore, all the different kinds of narratives are written for one cover theme – car race. Depending on what type of virtual world is your favourite you can find the appropriate game. For example, if you enjoy saving the world while driving a car, you will for sure enjoy a bloody race. On the other hand, if you like racing for your life and fighting the time factor, there is plenty of games created with this content. There are also those who like a peaceful good race without the extra pressure, and the creators have thought of these players as well. The key thing is to try different types and genres and decide which one suits you best. Once you have done that, you will be able to enjoy your playing and the best gaming experience ever.