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9 Best Buy PS4 Games 2024

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Many studies have shown over time that games can lead to improved perception, concentration, and creativity. Games have long been not seen as a waste of time, but a pleasant and potentially useful way to use free time.

When you sit in front of your console, what will you light up to play? It may depend on your mood, taste, but also the society in which you are.

A lot has happened since the release of the PlayStation 4, and the range of games itself has expanded significantly. We have a super period ahead of us during which new contestants and challengers eager for fame and their place on a similar list will appear, so it seems that the ideal moment has come to compile a list of the best games for PS4.

9. Transistor

The sequel to Bastion Studio Supergiant is a beautiful, deep, and memorable RPG. Transistor’s confident artistic style has helped create a unique and exciting world, and the stellar soundtrack is one of the strongest lately. The story is excellent, especially as it relates to your talking sword, which may contain the soul of a former love. But the beauty of the Transistor isn’t just on the surface. The combat system is a unique being that rewards you with the time you invest in mastering it. Stopping time, carefully planning attacks, and watching them perform perfectly evokes an incredible sense of satisfaction.

8. Doom

The new Doom took everything we loved in the original 20 years ago and inserted the beauty and madness of 2016 into it. Every moment of exploring the depths of hell is equally beautiful and terrifying, and paying homage to classics from the past is appreciated. The fight is aggressive and punishes mistakes, and we endlessly enjoyed upgrades and special abilities.

7. Resogun

Many were surprised that the game by Finnish developer Housemarque became an excellent game for the PlayStation 4. Even more surprising was that it is still one of the dominant console games even three years after its release. Studio Housemarque is the undefeated champion in creating twin-stick shooters. Resogun took advantage of that to the best of his ability and gave players a significantly different experience than games like Super Stardust or Dead Nation. However, at its core, there is something that adorns the mentioned games: the pursuit of the best possible result and place in the rankings. There’s probably no other game on PlayStation 4 that’s as addictive as Resogun.

6. Final Fantasy XIV

It’s not true that Final Fantasy XIV is the best MMORPG on the PlayStation 4 just because it’s the only game of its kind on that platform. The game has earned that title and place on this list because it is an excellent MMORPG, no matter where it is played. It has all the usual pitfalls contained by the beautiful world available for exploration, has a traditional but perfectly nuanced fight that requires good team coordination to achieve success, and you can even own your Chocobo pet. Still, the difference is made by the free and class system and skills. If you change a weapon, you will instantly switch to a category related to that weapon. It allows for greater diversity than many of today’s MMORPGs, especially when some side capabilities and dynamic FATE events are involved.

5. Rocket League

The idea of rocket-powered cars flipping in the air during football matches housed in a Thunderdome-like arena sounds like some lunatic apologized to you, but it turned out to be weird enough to work. Rocket League, Psyonix studios’ work, is a sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, which found quality in fun during a turbo-powered ice cream truck. The fast and fluid absurdity that the Rocket League brings turns into a damn fun and enjoyable game.

4. The Witness

The Witness possesses the strength and power that accompanies you and forces you to travel through the game. His combination of achievable goals, obscurity, and freedom creates countless opportunities for small victories and great discoveries. Different topics are beautifully intertwined with a beautiful world with a wide range of puzzles. The feeling that you have achieved something after solving a particularly tricky problem can hardly be compared to anything.

3. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is an amazing, demanding, and exhausting pilgrimage through beautiful landscapes that leave you feeling as if you are plunging into the depths of madness. FromSoftware took a formula well learned in Souls games and instilled in it a sense of vivacity and anger that made us witness an unforgettable experience. Some incredible power lies in unraveling the mysteries of the game and achieving success even though you will almost bleed to achieve it.

2. Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 combines the realistic beauty from which you fall on your butt, and the story itself is at the level of a blockbuster, which is a rare occurrence in video games. The adventure will take you through several different parts of the world, revealing a mystery woven of politics, betrayal, pirates, love relationships, and responsibilities, all in today’s environment. The game tries to tell a fictional lesson from history. The smooth third-person action is interspersed with real sincere moments of empathy with the characters that will draw you into the events, whether this is your first encounter with Uncharted or you’ve already earned your doctorate in the original trilogy.

1. The Witcher

The Witcher 3 is an excellent example if you want to play and open-world design game. Its two sandbox areas (if we count the expansion of Blood and Wine, then there are three areas) are more than significant and vast, but in fact, their density and detail are what match that width. Wherever you find yourself in that magical world, you won’t even be able to turn around without coming across something worth doing or exploring. Best of all, everything that captures the player’s attention is related to the most in-depth story in gaming to date and motivates research, character development through a complicated RPG system, and brutal and responsive combat.