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Top 9 Best 2-Player PS3 Games in 2024

Source: psu.com

What’s better than taking a controller in your hand and starting your favorite game?

Well, it’s obvious. Handing the second controller to your friend and starting your favorite two-player game.

Two-player games are getting better each year, and there are so many out there in the market. But, of course, some are not that good. Because of that, we’ve made a list of the best two-player games out there, which are still good in the year 2024. So you don’t have to burn money on games that are not good.

You may have played some of these games, but you certainly didn’t play every one of them. And if you did, maybe you didn’t use the two-player mode.

The games we gathered are classics, timeless, and, most of all, fun. We’ve tried to include games from various niches. There will be something for everyone, sports, RPG, adventure; you name it.

Buckle up; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

It’s the one and only Modern Warfare. This is an evergreen game, which believe it or not came out 13 years ago. But it still rocks. This first-person-shooter is still a gem, many years after the initial release. Many love the online multiplayer mode, but we are not talking about it today. This game is perfect for playing with your friend at home, with split-screen multiplayer mode.

2. Blur

Blur is another old game, which has been released in 2010. Unfortunately, many don’t know about it, or they don’t think the game is okay. It’s underrated. But it’s one of the most exciting racing games. And you know what? It’s has a two-player mode. You can race your friend and blast his car quickly with split-screen mode. This game is so much more than other racing games, and it has that special something that even Need for Speed doesn’t have.

3. Diablo III

If you ask a gaming enthusiast to recommend one game for two players on PS3, chances are it’s going to be this game. Diablo III is an RPG classic, with lots of weapons, and magic. You and your friend are certainly going to enjoy the adventure on the way to meet Diablo.

4. Resident Evil 5

There had to be a horror movie on our list. And what’s better than this one? And if it’s a horror game, it’s always better to play it with someone. Nobody likes to be alone while playing horror games. Or do they? It doesn’t matter, let’s talk about the game. Resident Evil 5 has it all. It’s a good horror game, it’s a good action game, and it has a two-player mode. What’s best about the game is that you really need to work together with your friend if you want to survive. And yes, we know there’s Resident Evil 6, but we still love Resident Evil 5 more.

5. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a fun game, and no one can argue with that. In Borderlands, you can go on numerous quests with your friend and play as different characters. Each character has its specific characteristic, unique abilities, and looks, so the whole game is super exciting. And you know what? You can explore Pandora with more than just one friend because this game supports four different players.

6. Just Dance

Okay, it was time for us to give you a game where you can relax: a game where there is not shooting, but dancing. But you should know that you won’t be relaxed fully, because you need to dance. And it would help if you danced hard. There are many dance games, but we like this series the most. It doesn’t matter if you are not talented for dancing, or you are, as long as you are having fun. The game has super fun songs featured, and it’s perfect for when you and your friends are bored, or even at parties. You can battle your friends, or you can dance with them – it depends on the song. Try it, and you won’t regret it. You won’t feel guilty about playing games, because you will feel like you did a heavy workout after finishing.


FIFA is an evergreen game series. When most people think about a two-player game for PS, they think about FIFA. And what’s incredible is that you can play any FIFA on your PS3. FIFA is excellent for a night with your friends, some snacks, and drinks. It’s always a good day to play a soccer match.

8. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is such a fantastic game, and if you already didn’t, you need to play it. And you can, and you should play it alone. But if you would like to share an adventure with your friend, you can do that too. It has an utterly different campaign for the two-player mode, with a different story and even different characters. What’s cool is that this story is set six months prior to the main campaign story. So, to have a complete account, you need to play both campaigns.

9. Mortal Kombat

We couldn’t end our list without this game. Like many others, on this list, it’s an evergreen. Some would say that it’s not very well, but they are not right. Mortal Kombat has been in our lives since childhood, and it has a special place in our hearts. And it’s going to stay there forever. You can love this game or hate it. But what’s better than inviting your friends to come over. And preparing snacks, drinks, and organizing a Mortal Kombat tournament. Nothing can beat that. The only downside of playing a lot of Mortal Kombat is that your fingers will hurt you after some time. But it’s worth it.

It’s the end of our list, and we hope that you’ve got some inspiration on what to play next. Now you only need to call your friend, chill some drinks and prepare some snacks. And enjoy.