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10 Best Crafting Games Available in 2024

Source: pcgamesn.com

Video games have entered our lives a long time ago. Their evolution has been gradual and, throughout time, from some basic ones we have come to the very complex and challenging ones.

Crafting components of the games has changed the way the gaming world functions in a lot of ways. Not only has it improved the quality of gaming, but it has also brought new kinds of excitement. On top of that, it does require a slightly different set of skills. When it comes to this topic, there are games whose essence is all about crafting, and there are also those which are complex and implement different genres, and crafting is their component.

In case you are interested to read which 10 best crafting games are a must-play in 2024, take a look at the list below!

1. Kenshi

If you are into single-person games, Kenshi will definitely not disappoint. It is considered to be one of the harder ones when it comes to survival. Nevertheless, according to the players, this is what makes it thrilling. In other words, it is hard to stay alive, whereas it is very easy to die. When it comes to the crafting component of the game, you will get the opportunity to create new weapon and build your own base. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to become a powerful character.

2. Fortnite

If we are talking about the crafting, Fortnite is, of course, an inevitable topic. The popularity of this game doesn’t seem to decrease any time soon, and there are many reasons for it. When it comes to the genre, it is a battle royale, survival game. When it comes to importance of crafting, it will, without a doubt, help you due to the fact that in some modes where you can build structures basically anywhere around you in order to protect yourself from being sacrificed. The system in Fortnite is definitely one of the most complex and challenging systems in the whole world of gaming. Some players enjoy it particularly because of its complexity.

3. Junk Jack

If we are discussing crafting as a genre of its own, Junk Jack is one of the best representatives of this genre. Not very challenging, this game is perfect if you want to ease your mind, relax and kill some time while playing it. It is less likely that Junk Jack will cost you the nerves as some other games do. You can build your home, or farms, as well as grow different plants and go fishing. There is combat, but it is balanced with your building and taking care of your house.

4. Space Engineers

This game is aimed at those who are space enthusiasts, but are not obsessed with aliens and space robots. Therefore, if you tend to get a bit philosophical, but practical as well, you will enjoy the narrative. Space Engineers is set in space and your task is to figure out the technology necessary to go back come. Therefore, you need to think rationally and practically and do a lot of crafting in order to avoid staying in space forever.

5. Dying Light

If you are into horror genre and action, you will enjoy playing Dying Light. You will need to infiltrate into a Zombie town in order to defeat them. When it comes to the crafting, it refers to the weapons. So, it can be said that some skills are obligatory when it comes to Dying Light. Furthermore, you will have enough time to test your weapons and increase their effectiveness.

6. Forager

The survival genre of Forager is usually the first thing that attracts the players. Crafting is one of the most important features of this game. You will get so invested into building new structures and discovering all the possibilities that time will pass extremely quickly. On the top of that, you will create different items and devices, which will be helpful for further crafting.

7. Prey

Prey incorporates crafting like no other game of this type. It is an essential skill if you want to fight off aliens successfully. The crafting itself is not as complex as in some other games, but it can be challenging at times. You will craft some of your tools and decide on your own how and when to use them. If you are into the genre of survival horror, you will be thrilled by what Prey has to offer.

8. The Forest

The Forest is a mixture of genres and has both horror and crafting features. It will allow you to spend your time building and crafting for a long period of time. However, when it comes to the horror moments, it will without a doubt leave you speechless. Not only does this The Forest require some specific skills, but it also makes you react quickly and rationally because it is dynamic and complex.

9. Starbound

Another one for fans of the space – Starbound is a type of the game where exploring other planets is a top priority. In order to that, you should create and develop different set of technology and tools. This game is fun and fascinating for a lot of reasons. It is one of the most high-ranked on the fan made lists and when it comes to the popularity among the audience it is highly appreciated.

10. Minecraft

Last on this list (but definitely not the least) is a classic and a symbol of countless generations. Not only is this crafting game a mutual language all around the world, but it has also become a part of the pop culture. Some gamers even claim that Minecraft has the best system ever made, because it provides you with the opportunity to build the best things on your own.  Nevertheless, if you are into crafting systems, this classic is definitely something you should try, even in 2024!