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6 Things You Should Know About Pool Construction – 2024 Guide

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The idea of ​​setting up a backyard pool sounds really cool. Just imagine – you would have your own relaxing corner where you can enjoy some sweet moments with your loved ones.

We know that this is the dream of many people, but due to the high maintenance costs, not everyone can afford that pleasure. Yet, if you’re one of those who can, you must keep in mind that the construction process isn’t really a piece of cake – not at all! – and that various factors need to be considered at the very beginning.

Once you make good investment decisions in all phases of planning, you can be sure that the construction will come to an end successfully. Regardless of the material, equipment, or model you want, the course of works will be influenced by budget considerations, maintenance, and many more aspects.

In order to tick this item on your bucket list for this or next year, you should start gathering some valuable information. Before you go to a meeting with your trusted architect, get acquainted with every major segment of the procedure so that you don’t encounter unpleasant surprises during the construction process. Everything you should pay attention to is in this article – so you better take notes.

1. Project location

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In the beginning, before the arrival of workers and construction machinery, you should clearly establish where you would like to place your pool. The wrong place can have a bad effect on your ability to enjoy the perks of the object, so make sure it’s a favorite corner of your yard.

And not only that – you also need to follow some general tips. Sunshine is crucial for a pleasant water temperature – make sure there’s a lot of it at the place you choose. Besides that, there should be a couple of corners on the surrounding lawn where you’ll be able to take shelter in the moments when the sun is strongest. Also, the location should provide all the conditions for the installation of additional equipment, so if you want a full package, make sure to consider that as well.

Don’t forget to get informed about the legal norms that regulate the location conditions in your country. Read the regulations, get the necessary permits, and follow the legal measures to avoid possible problems that could ruin your excitement.

2. Project costs

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When, in the middle of the construction process, you realize that there are additional costs that you didn’t take into account, it can really cause you a serious headache. In an even worse case, you would have to stop the works until you get the cash and go on with them. Trust us – you don’t want a scenario like this to happen, so try to prevent this in time.

In agreement with the architect, create a predetermined financial organization. You have to be aware of the fact that the construction of a concrete unit is more pricey compared to the construction of a fiberglass pool. Consider additional costs that include a filtration system, or in some cases a heating system, landscaping, equipment, and so on.

3. Project constructor

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Such projects require a quality and dedicated team and a reliable company that can guarantee great final results. Finding one can sometimes be quite a difficult task, as the goal is to find people who’ll make this process easier for you and guide you properly. Poolresurfacingplano.com is a great example of a service provider with a splendid career and many years of experience.

You probably won’t install a pool more than once in your life, so we assume that you won’t know who to contact. To make the best possible choice, talk to colleagues, friends, and acquaintances from your area to give you a recommendation. You can also get some useful pieces of information on the Internet and also read reviews from other users.

4. Materials

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The two basic materials that you’ve probably heard about more than once – and also the most popular ones when it comes to building a pool – would be concrete and fiberglass. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but we’ll help you with a little introduction in order to help you make the choice that suits you best.

The concrete pool is a traditional model that still belongs to best solutions because of its longevity and strength. It offers a great choice in terms of interior design which can be painted or lined with other materials or tiles. It can also be made in the desired shape to adapt to the space in which it’ll be located. Disadvantages? You have to wait for too long – up to three months – which further implies exposure to different weather conditions that can interfere with the project implementation process.

Fiberglass pools are a modern solution that has conquered the world as soon as it showed up for the first time. The building process is significantly cheaper than the concrete model one and can easily be installed within a couple of days. These units don’t provide flexibility in choosing the desired shape and design, but you’re limited to the already existing offer.

5. In-ground or above-ground pools?

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Depending on your personal preferences, you should also decide whether you want your unit to be set up as an in-ground unit or as an above-ground one. It would be best to consult a local installer or architect about this, as they’ll give you some advice on what the best option would be. Numerous factors might affect this decision, starting from the costs, all the way to the terrain on which it should be placed.

Excavation takes much longer and is definitely more expensive than simply placing an already-made fiberglass pool above the ground. Yet, this type has a longer lifespan, so consider the priorities in this case. On the other hand, if you have steep terrain in the yard, installing a fiberglass pool on such a surface would be quite a difficult task.

6. Frequent mistakes that shouldn’t be made

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We also want to warn you about some mistakes that happen quite frequently and that should be avoided. It usually happens that people invest loads of money in additional equipment or auxiliary facilities which later remain unused. Don’t invest in things you don’t plan to use just to make everything look nicer and more luxurious. It’s much better to have a clear, free space to enjoy other activities than to cope with a bunch of pipes, chemicals and devices.

As we have already mentioned, try to find the perfect location and thus avoid problems that may arise as a result, such as lack of sunshine. The surrounding area doesn’t have to be paved, at least in the beginning – you can simply leave the existing lawn to save some cash, and later, when the financial conditions allow it, you can add some cool features to make it even more beautiful.

Once you have a good look at all these factors, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into and what a project like this means. We hope that these tips have helped you gain a broader picture of the process and that you’ll be able to make your dream come true!