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Relationship Between Depression and CBD Hemp Flower Suzy Q – 2024 Guide

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Many recent studies have proven the medicinal benefits and effects that CBD products can have on the people experiencing and suffering from all sorts of pain and depression. For centuries, farmers have been trying to create hybrid strains that can have exquisite psychoactive effects on the users and help them overcome numerous ailments that are bothering them. Nowadays, strains are cultivated without high contents of THC and used for medicinal purposes only. If you wish to find out more information on the many different strains of the cannabis plant and what they can help our bodies with, make sure to read this article.

In this article, we will explore the relationship between depression and one of the popular CBD hemp flowers, the Suzy Q. One of the most evident benefits of the hemp flower strain known far and wide as Suzy Q is that it creates a generally calm and soothing effect on the user. Even though many different strains are used to promote appetite, manage chronic pain, and offer a better sleep quality, Suzy Q can help users cope with depression as well, something numerous people suffer from in the modern world. 

Understanding the complex relationship between depression and CBD products is important if you are considering using it as a coping mechanism in your life. Therefore, let us take a closer look at the relationship between depression and the CBD hemp flower strain Suzy Q and how it can help you. 


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From the moment you have read the title of this article, you may have asked yourself what do plants and mental illnesses have in common. Not much really, apart from the fact that one can help treat symptoms of the other in a natural and safe way that you will love and grow fond of. 

Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety have flared up in many grown adults in recent years. This is mainly due to the current pressure experienced in society, the changes and uncertainty of everyday life as well as the very bleak future for mankind according to some. As life becomes more hurried, rushed, and controlled by technology, our nerves reach an inevitable breaking point. Some experience it much sooner than others, depending on their way of life, their work and hobbies, as well as their genetics. Recent studies have proven that almost 7% of adults experience at least one major mental breakdown in a year, which is a staggering number. Nobody should feel like this, or at least they need a safe treatment for so much mental trauma. 

There are many different external factors that play a role in the flaring up of depression. At its core, depression is a result of an imbalance in the neurotransmitters of the brain that include serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These are all hormones that make us think and feel happy and positive. To treat symptoms of depression, medical doctors will prescribe certain chemically induced medications to reset the brain and its neurotransmitters, helping them release and treat our mind and body. Often called “happy hormones” they are the best medicine for anxiety and depression. 

Using medication to treat depression might cause dependency and even addiction. It is therefore not a permanent solution and can result in numbness of emotions and other long-term medical problems. Popular belief is that the less medication you have to use the better. Alternative treatment is often possible, so exploring is really worth it.

It is because of this that researchers and users alike are looking towards more natural ways to cope with depression. One of the most used natural medications is taking CBD hemp flower products like the Suzy Q strain, which come in many different shapes and sizes. 

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Studies have proven that CBD compounds found within the Suzy Q strain are similar to a system within the human body responsible for emotions and moods. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex structure within our bodies that consists of receptors and neurotransmitters.  

Cannabinoids are naturally released from this system and the reception of these cannabinoids help regulate emotions and other human behaviors and reactions. When we experience stress and pressure, our bodies stop producing cannabinoids, or at least do not produce them nearly as much as we would want them. As a result, our bodies experience a complete imbalance which can cause depression and other problems. 

Furthermore, Suzy Q has an active compound called ‘phytocannabinoid’, which is similar to the endogenous cannabinoid called ‘anandamide’, native to the human body. This molecule is usually referred to as ‘the heightened state of happiness’ or ‘the bliss molecule’. With both being so similar in structure, an added dose of Phyto cannabinoid from the Suzy Q strain is great to reach a higher level of happiness when feeling depressed. As you can see, since it is so similar to what we already have in our body, it cannot be bad for us.

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It is important to note that CBD is not a way to treat depression, but it can definitely help a person deal with many debilitating symptoms. To help regulate and balance our endocannabinoid system, one can take CBD supplements and enjoy a life free of most common depression-related symptoms. Because our bodies already produce CBD, it is only an additional source of the compound, which victims of these mental illnesses can really do with. With such an increase of cannabinoids, our bodies will achieve harmony and balance much faster and more natural than with medication full of questionable chemicals and numerous side effects . 

Without experiencing the psychoactive effects of the cannabis drug because of high THC levels, the thing that gives the (in)famous state of being ‘high’, one can experience all the benefits from the good compounds found within certain strains. 


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If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness, and do not want to resort to chemically produced prescribed medication, we highly advise you to try Suzy Q in some form. After inhalation, one can expect to experience beneficial effects within only a few minutes, providing a temporary relief to symptoms of depression and anxiety. Once you get used to the initial low dosage, try to increase it until you find the best optimal feeling that the Suzy Q strain can give you.

Remember, taking too much of anything is bad for the body and there should always be limitations to how you consume something. Therefore, start slowly until you are familiar with the strain and gradually increase the dosage depending on how depressed you are feeling. You will get accustomed to the state it gives you and learn exactly how much you need each time around. Join millions around the world who are actively using CBD to treat bodily and mental ailments and get your life back! Alternative treatment is often possible, so exploring is really worth it. If you need help in overcoming your addiction, there is an online suboxone clinic available for your needs.