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Top 10 Alternative to Teespring

Alternative to Teespring

Alternative to Teespring

Best Print on demand website like Teespring

In this, a post I have put together what I consider to be the Top 10 Alternative to Teespring where you can upload designs and sell t-shirts. Why Alternative to Teespring? Teespring back in around 2014, this particular site got a lot of buzzes and there are a lot of people that were doing video saying that they had made a ton of money.

And what they did was Teespring put the burden of advertising on the different designers. You would create a design and you would say it would only be available for seven days and then you would personally spend your money setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook.

Then once you reached whatever your goal, if you said I want to sell 20 shirts once that time had passed and you had sold that many shirts then Teespring would print it and send it out to your customers.

The problem is is that you could spend a tremendous amount of money on advertising and it didn’t always work. You couldn’t gain back that advertising dollar you in the beginning and to like I said in 2014 I think it worked really well but it got incredibly saturated.

Now they’re not requiring you to have a minimum number of shirts to be printed in a particular design. And as a whole, the site is sort of going through a transition, and they are not only trying to sell individual shirts off their site, but they are putting the designs on other websites like Amazon.

I think all I can say about Teespring is that it isn’t that you simply shouldn’t sell in them I think you just need to be really aware of how things are different now versus back within the day. And that why I think that we need an Alternative to Teespring

List of The Best Alternative to Teespring


The first Alternative to Teespring is sort of the classic and it’s merged by Amazon. Amazon start business selling t-shirts I think in 2015 but really got going late 2017. You do have to sign up to get approved and it can take a really long time, I urge you to go ahead and sign up even if you’re not even ready to start designing t-shirts.


The second Alternative to Teespring is Cafe Press this website has been around a really long time I think I was selling t-shirts with them maybe even back in 2009. They don’t just sell t-shirts they saw all kinds of products obviously print goods and mugs consider expanding your line, not beyond t-shirts with them.

They also do a lot of licensing with different pretty famous shows like Game of Thrones and Star Trek which is good because it draws a certain type of person to the site, you want a site that has traffic that will eventually find your designs.

Design by Humans

The decks one is designs intentionally by humans and that they probably lean towards a touch more artistic. And this is a particular artist I can’t even I’m not going to begin to figure out how to say it. But these are a number of the designs this person is uploaded and therefore the selling you’ll be very creative.

But don’t be afraid to try to statement tees if you’re more text-based like I’m you’ll upload on this site also. And all you have to do is open a store and they populate your designs into their database


The next Alternative to Teespring is tee public and I think this is sort of a sleeper site, one thing that I don’t think is great is that you can only make two dollars or four dollars when you sell a t-shirt.

But they seem to have pretty consistent sales, and they have a pretty large variety of items that they put your designs on. Jump in and I would put this as a secondary tier I wouldn’t focus on this particular site I would design for other sites and then put your designs up when you have time.


The next Alternative to Teespring is zazzle.com they are really known for what I call their print like paper goods when you were if you were to type in business cards in Google this is able to be the amount one site that might come up.

They sell a lot of wedding invitations they sell a lot of birthday cards and party favors that are printable. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t sell t-shirts, keep that in mind when you’re choosing where to go first I would probably put this in the second tier


The next Alternative to Teespring is Threadless. The Threadless actually is kind of an unusual site they let you upload designs, but the customers vote on whether or not they want to see this design be sold. That is different than tons of the opposite sites, but I actually won a contest and had them select one among my designs.

If I can win a contest you definitely can win a contest don’t be frightened to work with them. And you can also sell your art or your designs t-shirts by setting up your own store. The thing is with them the only the designs that won the contest are in their database, if you set up a store you’re going to have to do all of your markets and really work on getting customers to that particular page.


The next Alternative to Teespring is Sunfrog and Sunfrog probably to me I would compare it clip the most closely to Teespring. But they don’t require you to do any like minimum orders, but they focus really on what I’m going to call evergreen designs when a new customer or a regular customer comes to this site.

They want them to think about what they do for a living what they do as a hobby do they have pets if they have what kind of pets do they have, they that’s really sort of their marketing focus.  For example your job shirts like Gift Guide like drinking shirts what your pets are you a fitness fanatic.

When you’re thinking about working with Sunfrog I would really focus on these categories which is helpful because these are evergreen and they’ll they can go on any site and they have a really long life usually.


The next Alternative to Teespring is Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt I believe is out of Europe I may be wrong about that but you can shop designs if you are a customer and I certainly wouldn’t be worried about how artistic they are I think that they can be very simple but very saleable designs.

One thing though that they push is for a customer to design their own shirt.  I guess this is for the person that maybe if they’re going to a family reunion and they want their family to have a very specific design shirt and they only got to buy seven, then this enables them to style one-offs.

And then as for somebody like ourselves you can upload a design and sell that design. And then you’ll either allow the customer to place it on any product they need and you get a little commission say 5 dollars.

Or you can say look I know to want to just sell my design by itself I want it to go on a particular t-shirt it has to be gray blah blah blah you can also control what items your design goes on. It can be kind of tricky and frustrating, there’s kind of a learning curve with this site but I still would include it on on your on the site that you use


Next Alternative to Teespring is Viralstyle, but first off what is Viralstyle? This is crowdfunding and print on demand platform. What crowdfunding is? just to simplify it is that you are selling a product in advance.

You’re taking pre-orders from people and then after you reach a certain goal or a certain amount then you begin to put out that order. What that looks like in the world of Viralstyle selling t-shirts online is that we are going to offer an item like a t-shirt design and we’re going to offer it on a seven-day window.

It could be longer could be shorter than that but let’s just say a seven-day window. And people are going to place orders for that shirt and actually give them their credit card information and then after the end of that seven days is over then all of those credit cards are charged everybody that’s placed in order then shirts get printed and shipped right to them.

This is really a phenomenal business model if you are interested in internet marketing if you’re interested in getting into the world of online sales.

Or trying to work from home make some extra money from home, this is one of the best opportunities and best platforms you can possibly consider because anybody can create sell and distribute custom products worldwide you can work right from home.


And then last but not least Alternative to Teespring is a Redbubble and I have to tell you this is one of my favorite sites I think part of it is because of the ease of upload. You would be amazed at how that makes a difference because if you’re constantly frustrated and trying to upload you’ll just walk away from a site. And this site I think really has figured it out the ease of use.

They do sell tons of t-shirts and devices just like the iPhone cases, but I would like to means that their favorite category is stickers. If you type in stickers and Google this is often getting to be the primary site that shows up.

What meaning is that it gets tons of traffic but if you sell a sticker you would possibly get 30 cents I certainly think it’s to depends on what you’re trying to sell and your design and that I’m not saying it’s flat out that you will only sell stickers.

But I do a lot of textbases and I guess what means based or you know current things that are fun right now, and that tends to lead to stickers sales instead of t-shirt sales. Keep that in mind but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money because even if you only make twenty cents I get you to know ten and twenty and thirty sales a day and over time it adds up.

When I tell people when people ask me who wears they should start I always save the RedBubble. Because I just think it is the easiest one to urge into and it’s the easiest one to use as far as uploading. And the other thing too is that they’re out of Australia they need the headquarters in Australia also as within us I feel it’s an international presence.

Even though I saw the majority of my items in the United States I get I saw all over the world. That just opens up the opportunity to sell to more people.


That’s my list if you are interested in getting started I would pick one and just give it a try. First of all, I might if you haven’t signed up for Amazon just get that done and put it just catch on over with.

Because it’s gonna take a short time then what I might do is pick one among the sites that you simply just something has struck you as interesting and you want to get started there.

And then I might just specialize in one site get a variety of styles up I might probably initially tell you to try to 50 to 100 designs which sounds may sound a lot to you. but there’s it’s numbers pool and there is a huge learning curve because some design you start today you just get better and better.