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6 Benefits of Using a Professional Removalist – 2024 Guide

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Moving can be so tedious and exhausting, but although it’s something that we’d rather skip, that’s a job that has to be done well. All that care about not forgetting anything, not breaking anything during transport and bringing everything safely to a new house or apartment is a huge obligation. We bet you already have a lot of other tasks to do. So why not leave this one to the professionals?

The process of buying new stuff for a new home, as well as packing all other things that need to be transported is stressful enough. Imagine if you also had the obligation to pick up and unload all those boxes. Some things simply need to be left to others who are more expert at it. Moving companies are necessary during large relocations, going to another country, when moving heavy and delicate items, or, simply, in case there isn’t enough time to pack and transport a piece of furniture.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional relocation service, just in order for you to understand a bit better how much it might mean to you.

1. More than a transfer

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As you read this article, you might have thought to yourself: ‘Why would I hire anyone just to transport the furniture? When I’ve done everything else myself, I’ll do this as well.’ People often think that way and believe that the job of a moving agency is only and exclusively transportation – that they just need to pick up the bags and take them wherever you tell them. Beep – completely wrong.

In fact, their job involves much more than this. Numerous companies generally offer packing services, as well as other types of assistance with relocation. This way you’ll be sure that all your goods are in good hands and that they’ll be delivered where they need to be, without even a little of your effort.

2. Cautious packing

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Among the things that are packed when moving, there are always fragile and bulky ones. Proper preparation for placing them in a moving vehicle is crucial for safe sending to a future location. If you don’t think about this in time, you can get into unfortunate situations that will annoy you terribly. Just think about it – could those be your favorite plates, vases, or figurines?

And not only that – in an even worse case, a device in which you have invested a lot of money can break down. When you aren’t a qualified removalist, the probability of things like this happening to you is quite high.

Qualified removalists with verified service quality will advise you on how to prepare your valuables for transport properly. Also, they’ll help you get everything to your new home untouched and make sure that each thing is in its place once they unload all your stuff. Still sure you want to do it yourself?

3. They already know the area well

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For people who live in a big city, at the moment when they decide to move to another apartment or house it might happen that it’s far from the area where they’ve been living so far. It can be a suburb that they haven’t entered in their life. And, even if they have, they wouldn’t be quite sure how to get there without a map or GPS.

You’ll definitely need time to learn all this in the beginning, and that’s why the services of someone who immediately knows where to drive would mean the world to you in all this hassle. The agency you hire certainly knows all the areas in the city as they have done a lot of removals. To prevent yourself from additional stress, jump in the van, relax and let them take you and your bags and cases to your location.

4. Efficient and time-saving

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Now, stop for a moment and think about the length of the process we’re talking about. How long will it take you to pack everything into boxes, take it to the car, load, drive, and unpack? A whole eternity, right? This takes away too much energy that could be directed to all the other commitments waiting for you instead.

In case you like to use your time more wisely (and we are sure you do), then don’t hesitate to seek help. Experienced professionals are already trained – and the things that would take two to three days to be done by a single person might take only a few hours this way. You can get in your car with your family instead and go to a new house where everything will be waiting for you. The crew will do everything – and make it look as if they had a magic wand.

5. Costs

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When you observe from a slightly wider perspective, you’ll realize that the costs that await you might reach a really huge amount, although at first glance it doesn’t seem so. You need to consider the expenses related to the packing equipment, fuel, renting a larger vehicle, and everything else you need during a process like this.

Another advantage of agencies is that they’ll do everything for you at a pre-arranged price. That way, you’ll have the total cost in mind and you won’t have to think about whether you forgot to buy or pay for something constantly. Also, costs need to be transparent and clear, as you need to know what does the price include prior to the beginning of the whole thing. Easy Peasy Removals doesn’t even charge you for fuel nor its staff asks for any deposit – yes, there are still companies like this.

6. Insurance guarantee

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A great advantage of hiring a professional team is the ability to use insurance. This refers to the careful handling we talked about earlier. At times you might hear from friends and acquaintances that certain things were damaged or broken during such procedures. Unfortunately, accidents are an integral part of such situations, but the good news is that you can avoid losing more money because of that.

Thanks to the insured removal which is usually offered by agencies that provide these services, you’re entitled to compensation in the event of damage. Of course, this only applies to those movements that include packing services, as the operators can’t guarantee for the boxes you’ve packed yourself.

You can take care of your relocation yourself – but be prepared for a long process that’ll require a plenty of time that can be used for other purposes. On the other hand, with a little cash invested, you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by hiring an agency that can do it for you. The choice is yours!

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