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Your Best Choice for UML Diagram Making

Source: edrawsoft.com

A Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagram is an important visual element for tech or non-tech companies. The primary usage of creating a UML diagram is for the companies to understand how the entire project will look post-completion.

In simpler terms, a UML diagram helps document the project before it takes place. More importantly, UML diagrams come in handy when too many non-tech employees are associated with a project, and someone from the engineering department wishes to convey the flow of any project.

Some UML diagrams, like Sequence Diagrams, have a visually self-explanatory nature that helps depict the business processes to everyone involved in the project’s development.

When dealing with a diagram, it is always advisable to move ahead with a powerful tool, like EdrawMax, that helps create different UML diagrams easily. A UML diagram software is recommended for multiple reasons, like:

  • With the right visual elements, like color, fonts, style, and more, non-tech employees can easily resonate with the project and understand the flow.
  • Since several team members collaborate to execute a project, UML software will ensure that everyone is updated with the project development cycle.
  • A UML diagram software, which offers templates and symbols, is highly recommended as it saves resources while creating different modules.

What is EdrawMax?

Source: edrawsoft.com

EdrawMax is the best UML diagram software for businesses. This all-in-one diagramming tool offers a wide range of features that helps project managers to work on different UML diagrams. This 2D diagramming tool comes with pre-built templates, symbols, and styling options that help create multiple diagrams easily. The entire canvas is created on a vector, which makes it effective for teams to create diagrams of any scale.

With EdrawMax, you can not only create high-functioning diagrams but can also share them on social media platforms or export them in different formats, including Microsoft’s Visio. This import and export feature of this UML diagram software makes it one of the best diagramming tools for those who look for easy ways to collaborate with their team members.

Key Features of EdrawMax

An All-in-One Diagram Software

EdrawMax is a powerful diagramming tool that helps students and professionals create over 280 diagrams. In this UML diagram software, you are free to make highly technical diagrams, like business diagrams, network diagrams, science diagrams, architecture diagrams, infographics, matrix diagrams, strategic and planning diagrams, software development diagrams, and more!

From using built-in templates and vector symbols to customizing any diagram by importing content from your system, this UML diagram software lets you do it all. With this all-in-one diagramming software, you do not have to take the help of any third-party tool. You can create, edit, modify, and share files using this tool.

Enterprise-Scale Security

Over 25 million users use EdrawMax for their diagramming purpose, and the reason behind such a big user base is its enterprise-scale security feature. In this UML Diagram software, you get a feature to encrypt your diagram with a password. The exported file will remain encrypted with the highest level of encryption, and it is next to impossible to access its content without the correct password.

Simultaneously, you get personal cloud storage that stores all of your UML diagram designs with enterprise-level SSL certification. As a company or a project manager who leads a team, you can easily store your designs in the personal cloud storage and access them anytime from anywhere.

Beautiful Built-in Templates

This UML diagram software has a wide range of built-in templates that assist project managers when they create a diagram from scratch. You can find different UML diagram templates in the template community, like UML Deployment Diagrams, UML Communication Diagram, UML Database Diagram, UML Diagram of Supermarket, UML Interaction Diagram, UML Class Diagram, UML Package Diagram, and more.

All these templates are 100% customizable, which means you can import your company’s details, modify the font or style, update the background image or color, add or remove content, and more! With these built-in templates, it becomes extremely easy for the project managers to work on any UML diagrams.

Online Collaboration

These days, most companies look for online collaboration. This feature saves time, reduces efforts, and escalates the overall process. EdrawMax is one such UML diagram software that is equipped with online collaboration. With the built-in feature, you can invite your team members who can discuss the project and the flow while you work on the UML diagram sequences.

Unlike others, this UML diagram software’s collaboration is developed keeping in mind that not everyone gets accustomed to the software that easily. Hence, the entire layout and functionality of the online collaboration tool are extremely user-friendly.

Export As Your Wish

With this UML diagram software, you can export your file to more than just a few formats. Rather, this tool helps export your UML diagrams in multiple formats, like Docs, HTML, PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, Excel, PPTX, and more.

If you want to present your UML diagram to your team as a presentation, you can easily choose the Slideshow option of this tool. With this UML diagram software, you can also share your design with your colleagues via email or even embed the code and apply it to your website. This UML diagram software further lets you publish your diagrams to the template community, where you can take reference in the future.

Free UML Diagram Software

EdrawMax is a free UML diagram software that offers a bunch of amazing features, like diagramming, sharing, exporting to multiple formats, and more. But if you wish to access the template community, encrypt the files for enhanced security, import files from different formats, and more, we highly recommend checking out the pro version.

In the pro version of this UML diagram software, you will find some world-class features, like:

  • Accessibility to import and export Visio UML Diagram files
  • More personal cloud space to store designs, templates, and project-related files
  • Removal of the watermark in Graphic exported files
  • Accessibility to unlimited diagrams and templates
  • Password protection to your UML diagram files.

The pro version of this free UML diagram software comes with a 7-day free trial where you can explore all the amazing features it has to offer. If you plan to create multiple UML diagrams, you will enjoy the accessibility the paid version offers.

Final Thoughts

UML diagrams play a very important role when it comes to project development. As most of the team members are from the non-tech departments, creating a UML diagram with software helps them understand and later document the flow of the project.

Since UML is considered a powerful tool that enhances the quality of the system’s analysis and designs, the UML diagram increases the overall transparency and helps the team achieve the optimum results.

EdrawMax is one such UML diagram software that offers free templates, symbols, online resources, and more that lets you create complex UML diagrams with just a few clicks. With this best UML diagram software, you can easily share the design in multiple formats.