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How to Buy the Best Gaming Headsets for Your Needs – 2024 Guide

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Gaming is not going to die sooner or later. With time, new games are released giving birth to new gamers. If you are a gaming addict and play games online whether, on console or gaming laptop, you need to have the right equipment and accessories. But first, you need to have a stable internet connection with high-speed. Click here if you have been searching for a while for a high-speed internet connection.

Apart from an internet connection, you also need to invest in gaming accessories including a gaming mouse, keyboard, and headsets. The thrill and fun increases when you have the right headset to indulge you in the virtual environment.

Gaming headsets come in many forms and if you are searching for the one, then worry not, because we are going to help you buy the best one. No matter, whether you play on a gaming console like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii U, the guide will help you to buy the best one out there. If you search for gaming headsets, you will come across a huge variety, which may put you in a state of confusion. Just stick to the article and see what to look for in a gaming headset.

Comfortable Headset is a Blessing

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Gaming prolongs for hours and you can’t bear the pain if your headset is not comfortable. The first thing you need to consider is how the headphones adjust on your head. Moreover, the size of your headset is also a deciding factor when buying a gaming headset. Don’t sacrifice comfort for saving a few pennies. The investment you are going to make today will pay you for a long time.

The headsets might feel comfortable at the start, but over time you may feel the heat, sweat, and pain to build up. After an hour or two, you may feel discomfort that can hinder your performance. Moreover, a little extra weight can also result in neck pains. Also, little pressure in the band can result in painful ear and headaches.

Insulation Matters a Lot

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As mentioned earlier the comfort of your headphones plays an important part in deciding what headphones to choose. Poor insulation can result in earache and you can’t bear the pain after using it for a short period.

The most important thing to look for in a headphone is the size and material of the pad. The better the insulation, the more comfortable you are going to experience. If the headphone pad does not create an effective seal, you might need to shape up your head. The best headphone is the one having enough pad to cover your ear. A small insulation pad can make you feel uncomfortable so make sure to look for a bigger pair of headphones or replacement pads that are bigger. The pad should have enough foam to keep you away from any ear pain or headache.

Build Quality

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If you are a hardcore gamer, you know how long you are going to spend time on gaming. If you want your headsets to stay there for a longer period, make sure to look at its build quality. The majority of gaming headsets are made of inferior plastic. You can’t afford to buy a gaming headset every three months or so. Therefore, look for headphones made of sturdy material. If you can find headphones made of metal, just go for it, even if it is a bit costly.

Headsets made of cheap plastic can break easily with little pressure or tension. Plastic can break easily if pushed a little bit. Headset like Beyerdynamic Custom Game uses metal to offer more sturdiness to the device. If you are a passionate gamer, try to buy a metallic headset instead of a plastic one.


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When buying a gaming headset for the first time, the mic is often ignored, but it is important to consider a few things when searching for a headset. If you are a newbie gamer, don’t consider recording quality too much. The reason is that most of the gaming headsets include an inferior quality microphone that is missing bass range. Especially, if you are a person with a deep voice, the sound might not feel very pleasant. Moreover, the microphone on gaming headsets isn’t powerful enough. Whether it’s a USB or 3.5mm, you might sound quieter.

Surround Sound

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Most of the first time buyers would confuse surround sound with 3D sound. However, note it down that surround sound is much common in gaming headsets and also depends on the games you play. Surround sound headsets offer up to 360-degree soundscape with several speakers covering ears. It will make you feel like something coming from behind. However, this is a luxury feature. If you are playing Fortnite we would recommend you look for surround sound in gaming headsets.

Surround sounds have different standards such as Windows Sonic, Dolby 7.1, and DTS X 2. However, there isn’t any major difference in these standards. A newer generation of surround sound has been recently released known as Spatial Audio. The most viable example of this new standard is Waves NX, which can be found on HyperX Cloud Orbit S and Audeze Mobius.

The new standard works similarly to the virtual 7.1 experience. Some headset also offers stereo sound. If you don’t want to know where the enemy is coming from, just ignore it. Gamers who like to play DOTA 2 or League of Legends will find no issue with a stereo headset.


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Last but not least, price is one of the most important factors when shopping for gaming headsets. A good one is available for the price of up to $200. However, we would recommend you not to overspend, unless you want to experience something out of this world.

If you can’t afford more than $100, we would recommend not to purchase wireless headsets. Most of the wireless headsets can cost you above $100, which is not suitable for casual gamers. Look for brands like Turtle Beach, HyperX, and Astro for best gaming headsets. You will surely get value for your money.