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Best Search Engines like Google

Search Engines like Google

Search Engines like GoogleBest search engines like Google: You may know Google and Bing are the best search engines but there are some other search engines which serve millions of peoples. This may be shocking, Google is not the only search engine used, there is a number of search engines available on the internet today.

Here are the other best search engines like Google


Bing ranks 1st in the list of the best search engine like Google. it is owned by Microsoft, provides search results in more than 40 languages, 24rd – Alexa Rank, and 20th in the United States, April 3, 2019, and 24/7 active. 350,000,000 Estimated distinctive Monthly Visitors.

Bing was created to compete Google in the area of search, and it is the second-best search engine in the United States with search volume at 19.8 percent as of February 2019. The feature of Bing and Google are almost the same, but Bing search result in some ways is different from Google search result.

The main advantage of using Bing is you will spend less time searching, brings your search items in seconds and also entertain users with images, trends, news, weather, discoveries, and much more for fun.


Yahoo is the second-best search engine like Google, it is also the best email service provider since on October 2011 yahoo search is powered by Bing. 300, 000,000 Estimated new Visitors every month. Alexa ranks it 5th globally and also in the United States.

Yahoo inspires you whether searching for photos, videos, websites, answers, news, finances, dating, movies, weather, and much more. Yahoo apps also available for mobile


It is the best search engine like Google, 245,000,000 Estimated distinctive visitors per month. 48th, Alexa Rank as on April 3, 2015, also called ask Jeeves.

Ask.com is generally based on question & answer format, most of the questions are replied by users, it also performs search functions but as compared to Google, Bing, and yahoo, the results searched are not of good quality. Best, if you submit an inquiry, you will get an amazing answer instantly.



It is the best alternative to search engines like Google, with ?125,000,000? Estimated new Monthly Visitors, delivers good web results like Google, gives you quick and easy access to searched videos, images, maps, news and more.

Brings you highest relevance websites first, you can also switch to advanced search to search specifically and get best results, the AOL search toolbar also helps the user to search in seconds and block unwanted pop-ups.



Perfect, if you are concerned about privacy, has clear interface, no ads and performs well by using its features, performs anonymous search engine functions, don’t track users, and let you search directly other websites this search engine has about 13,000,000 – Estimated Visitors/per month, 707- Alexa Rank | April 3, 2015, it ranks 4th in the list of best search engines like Google.



It is other best search engine like Google, Wow search also is enhanced by Google, provides a number of quick links to most popular websites on the home pages, to save your time. Wow.com search results are similar to Google in a number of ways; bring you the most relevant websites, images, files, news, and much more


Social Mention

It is the best alternative to Google, allow you to easily search content like blogs, images, videos, news and many more it is a real-time search platform and social media search engine.

Perfect in tracking what people inquiry about your brand, commodity, device, Company and websites, and other topics, with daily media alerts. Provide most results directly from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social sites. Also, display the latest trends in social media and other famous websites.



With reference to Alexa chacha.com is the 8th best search engine with a ranking position of 297 in the US. It is the same as ask.com where the user asks the question and gets instant replies, you can become a leading guider through this search engine, also gives access to millions of websites and social networks.

Keep it user excited by offering the best answers and solutions to their quires, you can also download its apps on mobile, besides these, it has thousands of highly engaging content, galleries, and information.



It is the Best search engine like Google, with approximately 12,500,000 – Estimated Monthly Visitors, if you are really tired of spam and like slash tags, I recommend you to use Blekko. It also provides results by category, top results, SEO sites, and latest results, a unique user interface.

It gives better results than Google, searches the results from 3 billion trust sites. It has joined IBM Watson, now you can search vast digital content easily and save your time. It also offers a search bar to your browser.



MyWebSearch is another best search engine like Google, nearly “60,000,000”, Visitors/month, 405 Alexa Rank as on April 1, 2019, Like other search engines it also best in searching the website photos, videos, news, and provides quick links to social sites.

Satisfy many users with its search results and other features, search bar, quick links, images search, related websites, and much more. You can customize your favorite site, to save your time.


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