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12 Best Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording Software

Best Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac, Most of the people related to the world of Information Technology will have the most tedious and tiring situation when they teach their employees or juniors how to do a particular thing. This becomes even more terrible when each and everyone asks you about the same thing you have been telling everyone.

Would that not be good, if you had created a video with your best free screen recorder and asked everyone to watch the video before asking you! If you are in a situation to teach someone or would like to make a video from your desktop screen, then you have come to the perfect place to find the best video capture software.

We have analyzed and researched quite a few best screen recorders and come up with the top 12 best Screen Recording Software for Making videos. We have focused to include best free screen recorder in order to keep you away from spending money. But there is software which provides extra rich features that we had included in our list of screen recorder.

Top 12 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac


One of the top and most popular screen recording software from TechSmith having enormous features Making your PC screen recording efficient, fast easy to explain things visually. Snagit can be used to screen capture images and screen recording available both Windows and Mac.

Images and screen videos captured with Snagit can be easily edited and shared on the cloud. Snagit is fully integrated with cloud-based service. It provides you with the ability to select any portion of your screen while you are running a screen video recorder. Some of the cool features are given below:

  • Scrolling capture feature while capturing images.
  • Import mobile media send your video and images to the editor.
  • Capture profiles (PC only) ability to set-up configuration.
  • Video trimming: Remove the unwanted portion of your videos.
  • Dynamically edit your screenshots
  • Free trial for 15 days

Icecream Screen Recorder

This is one the most prefer Free screen recorder software from Icecream App production. Enabling you to capture your whole screen or part of the screen for making videos or recording webinars, skype video or game. Icecream is a fast reliable tool helping you capture your screen in HD videos.

Providing the best support for all Windows Operating Systems. If you are a Pc user this can your best solution when it comes to free screen recording software. Some of the best features are listed below:

  • Area selection in Icecream Screen Recorder allows you a select a portion of your screen you wan take screenshot or make a video.
  • It has a drawing panel allowing you to add text arrows and other captions to video and screenshots.
  • Project History of Icecream Recorder gives you fast access to your previous work in no time.
  • Add a watermark to your videos and screenshots.
  • Get your screen recorded alongside with your webcam.
  • Chose high, medium and low Video quality on output.
  • Zooming feature while you are recording.
  • Pointing and easily seen mouse cursor during the video.
  • While elaborating steps you the step tool providing your best graphics visualization.
  • It comes with the best audio setting feature.
  • Share your screenshots with a short URL by sending your screenshots to Icecream app server in one click.
  • Hot-keys features while recording makes things insanely easy.
  • Use the schedule screen recording feature.


Another powerful tool for screen recording, mostly used for interactive e-learning. If you want to step in making video tutorials then ActivePresenter can come way handier then simply recording screen. ActivePresenter is designed and developed for students and educators.

Providing some cool features like editing video, making content interactive to make things easily understandable. One of the best use of ActivePresenter is to create a presentation of high quality. Other extra features include:

  • edit audio/video
  • tweak the look and feel your presented content
  • Complete integration to LMS ( Learning Management Systems)
  • Support all devices and platforms and is the best desktop recording software.
  • Video formats such (AVI, WMV, MPEG4/MP4, FLV) are supported on output.
  • free desktop recorder for personal use.

EZVID Screen Recorder

If you like to create videos from your screen and want to upload these screen-captured videos to YouTube directly as soon as possible, EZVID can be your best assistant screen recorder.

It comes with its own built-in video editor to enhance and make faster your workflow, so you do not have to look for any external software. The best part about EZVID is, it is Free you do not have to spend money. Some of the key features worth looking are :

  • Screen Recorder Simple and easy to understand interface.
  • Ezvid has some incredible features like controlling speed, voice recording, face camera, voice synthesizer and Making drawing on Screen for demonstration.
  • Ezvid stands to be an outstanding solution for making Interactive and graphically rich videos using screen recorder
  • On exporting video you have options to select sharp and high resolution.
  • Video editor also allows you to change the speed of the videos captured, insert slides, text and other elements. Making your workflow faster enabling you to make videos with a few minutes.
  • Ezvid uses some of the latest technology such as C++ programming to provide you with fasted and efficient free screen recorder software for windows.
  • Option to directly upload videos to your channels on YouTube.
  • Revolutionary screen drawing functionality.

Camtasia Studio

One of the most powerful and popular premium product from TechSmith that have achieved success in a very short period of time. Heavily rich in features when it comes to Screen recording and video editing software side.

This tool perfect for every sort of screen capturing video production. If you are looking forward to a professional video production Camtasia is your first choice. Here are some of its key features:

  • Interactive elements that can enhance your screen recording.
  • you can add tons of music for background.
  • best editing software, trimming, audio edit, Noise removal, and leveling, cut, paste features to edit parts of screen-captured videos.
  • export videos into all available formats.
  • Directly upload videos to the cloud, YouTube and other video streaming sites.
  • Special discount prices for students and teachers.
  • best for lessons, tutorials, or product demos.
  • draw an area to capture only that part of the screen.
  • The zooming feature during your screen recorder is running.
  • Best Screen recorder supporting both Mac and Windows.
  • The free trial before purchase.


This is another nice screen recorder software from TechSmith. But unlike other paid products it is completely free that lets you create a video by recording your screens. Jing also has features to capture screenshots that can be directly sent to screencast.com and shared on other social platforms and emails.

Jing does not have all the rich features that you may expect from a premium software but is powerful enough to let you make videos. The video editing tool as comparatively fewer features.

Since this, a product of TechSmith one of the advantages you can acquire is free tech-support. It has the same feature as Snagit for creating hot -Keys combination to make your workflow quicker.


Another free screen video recorder mainly used for creating demonstration videos, tutorials, and product reviews. This free video screen capture software is very famous among the folks that like to use free stuff.

Some of the features of CamStudio that are worth mentioning are, add background music from a program, hiding your mouse cursor. This tool is highly used for video production from screens despite the fact it does not provide those rich features seen on premium soft wares.


If you are looking to create videos by capturing your desktop screen with lightweight software on your computer. Webinaria is the best place to shop for. You can select a portion of your computer screen to be the only recording section.

Having the ability to capture the screen with a voice recording from the external device. A few of its editing features include adding text elements to the video. Plus it has a hot-keys selection option to give you more speed and control on the software. Worth noticing part of the software, it is opensource and completely free to use.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Rylstim Screen Recorder is another free solution for screen recording videos. Which is the simplest tool to record your screen from SKetchman Studio a software production house?

Once you’re done with the recording you can simply export the video and upload do any video streaming site. Rylstim Screen Recorder is popular among the users who do not want any sort of configuration in instead want a simple Screen video recorder software.


One of the best free trial tool screen recorder for Mac users to create a video by recording screens. ScreenFlow is a freely available software that is extremely rich in features. Providing you with the option to select a portion of your HD screen while recording. Some of the key features are:

  • Video editing tool.
  • Option to record audio
  • Export video in major formats
  • Insert text annotate your screen-captured videos
  • ability to publish videos to cloud and video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.