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7 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives and Similar Software

Microsoft Word Alternatives

Today when I was trying to use Microsoft Word I had some problems and this made me look for Microsoft Word Alternatives. In this article, I’ll present you with seven different alternatives to Microsoft Word. This software was selected on the basis of ease of use and its similarity to Microsoft Office Word. Let’s started right away.

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Office word is the best solution out there for editing Excel sheet word or PowerPoint.

We’ve been using these for years. This is the best solution out there, but it comes with a cost to solve this problem. Currently. We have a lot and a lot of Microsoft Word Alternatives and I’ll be presenting you with seven different Microsoft Word Alternatives which really rocks and which is awesome.

Microsoft Word Alternatives Google Docs

Number one on the list as Microsoft Word Alternatives is Google Docs. Google Docs is a web-based solution. It’s the best out there and it gives you a lot of solutions when it comes to sharing the documents. You can share the documents and you can edit the documents in real-time multiple people can use this software without any problems and no worries.

It is compatible with all the formats of order Excel-like docks lxx. It does give you a lot of options when it comes to contemplates. It’s not just Google Docs or googles who is creating these templates. It’s almost everyone who can read this template and share which is really useful these files which are created.

It can be shared across any platform or any device out there mainly It can be used in Mobile iPad. This is one of the best out there.


Second, Microsoft Word Alternatives on my list is the only office. Only offices one of the best solutions out there. It’s a desktop app, which you can install into windows

MacLinux. It has it so inversion of documents spreadsheet and presentation and real-timesharing. And it can be used in Windows Linux and Mac iOS and it’s downloadable in Apple Store and google play store.

This is more into Enterprise Edition, which Enterprise users get benefited a lot, but it is free for personal use and you can use that version. The main feature is for the Enterprise Edition. It comes with the greatest feature which you can run on the server. Small the instance runs from right from your prophecies.

Office suite

Next to Microsoft Word Alternatives on my list is the office suite. It’s a desktop application, which really works. Well, Windows PC Android and ios, and iTunes only one license across the road. It’s a simplified version of Word and Excel.

The different formats can be used over here like Doc’s docs ex XLS and many more other versions. And it can be accessed over the cloud. Any cloud service can be used for this dropbox google Drive One Drive Amazon Cloud anywhere it can be shared across.

Polaris office

Next to Microsoft Word Alternatives on my list is the Polaris office follows this office is of the best out there. It gives you are all convenient user interface, which is really similar to the office that’s its own version of templates where you can choose from it also can be shared over google drive Dropbox and Etc.

It has its own version of PDF Excel presentation software and Word document and it can run in all the devices like Windows Mac Android iOS Linux.


Next to Microsoft Word Alternatives on my list is Libre Office. This is an advanced version of the open office. It has his own version of software’s like Kelsey impress writer and drawKelsey is Excel impresses PowerPoint and writer is the word and draws the additional feature which comes with this.

It is more of a VCO kind of software where you can draw and create flow charts. The right has its own interface. It is not a hundred percent similar to, but it has its own plus and minuses. has Galaxy which has its templates where you can download from thousands.

It also has the graph macro and external plugin can be added to this which is really beneficial press. They have their own templates, which you can download and start editing. Libre Office, it is really compatible with a lot of devices, but they don’t do much on the cloud. So sharing becomes a problem.

WPS office

Next on my list is WPS office 2016. It is free to use its perfect free software. I have ever seen one of the best recommended out there which I love to use. It supports all the file formats like dots ppt, lxx PDF. It’s menu and Reuben or options.

It’s very very similar to Microsoft Office Word and excel. They have their own collection of templates, which you can download from which is one the best out there. I was able to use many of them from this list, which is really good.

It’s free to use software but it comes with and which runs for three to five seconds every time you open the software. They’re Advanced version. Our pro version comes with a cost that is $10 for three months or thirty dollars per year.

When compared to Microsoft Office price. This is a fraction one license that can be used in nine devices and its professional for a version with 1pc license is only $80 Lifetime.

Office online

Number one on my lists Microsoft Office online its exact replica of Microsoft Office on the web which is pretty much almost the same. It was not a great application when they released it, but over the time hey improved a lot comes with a lot of benefits.

You can share the file and edit your file simultaneously with other users. You can collaborate with your colleagues or your friends and multiple people can use the same file at the same time. This is the best out there. I will recommend you to use and that comes to the end of a list.