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Birthday Gift Ideas For Parents

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Parents are the major support system of our lives. They go to any lengths to provide us with everything and make us happy. For them, it is their children’s happiness that matters. They do so much for us, and we remain so involved in looking after our own selves that we often forget that even our parents are growing old! For instance, for their children they plan out surprises much in advance. They know what makes us happy or what keeps us excited. Ever since being a toddler in their arms to being a full-grown adult in front of their eyes, they have taken care of our each and every need.

Do you remember how grand has been your birthday celebration all the time? Especially when these celebrations were thrown by your parents! It’s now time to show them that they mean a lot to you. Their birthdays are special too. Your mother or your father, both deserve special treatments every day. Moreover, if it is their birthday you must show them how lucky you feel to have them as your parents. You also know you feel the happiest on their birthdays because had it not been for their births, you would not have been able to call them your parents.

Usually it becomes tad too difficult to keep a tab on what our parents like and dislike. Still it becomes imperative to give them some things that are both useful and memorable. For instance, it is your mother’s 40th birthday, and you are confused as to what to give her. So you might think of either a personalized photo frame or even a warm quilt. One will be a memorable gift and the other, a useful gift.

You could also think of giving her some experience to remember, that yes “My child definitely knows how to make her/his mother happy.” or “This is one of those gifts that will be full of memories for me to cherish!” You can plan on a cooking day on her birthday. You might be a cook, you might also be someone who rarely enters the kitchen, but you can use her birthday as a tool to prepare some warm, scrumptious meals for her. These are some definite ways to make her happy and make her birthday memorable and special. Apart from these, there are other ways as well that you can think of in order to make the birthday of either of your parents’ special.

1. Plants

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This might prove to be a good and a thoughtful birthday gift for your parents. They are known for the caring vibe in them and also the way they nurture. Giving mini plants will show you how your parents actually have cared for you and raised you to be the person that you are today. Their gift might be a learning experience for you as well. You will get to learn so many things from your parents while they let the plant grow.

2. Personalized gifts

These are the gifts that are worth thousands of memories. You can think of giving them a cushion with either their photo or a picture that has you in it. Cushion will help serve purposes of comfort as well as something that has a personal touch.

Apart from cushions, you can also give them a personalized photo book. This will be more like a photo journal. You can paste their photos, of the journey they have walked in on their own and even being together. This gift will be a source for all of you to look at and cherish memories. It’s indeed a good way to sit back, relax and feel happy about the journey.

3. Video journal

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Just like a photo book, this video book or video journal will be another gift worth a lifetime full of memories. Instead of a still image attached on a paper, this will have everything. Photographs, video clips, every little thing that your mother or father has been a part of till date. The slideshows of various moments will indeed take them on a nostalgic trip.

4. Self Care kit + Grooming Hamper

A perfect birthday gift for your parents. Even if it is your father’s birthday, you can send a combo that will be a perfect gift for both parents. Your father will relish his grooming hamper kit; hair trimmer, shaving kit, face and body lotions, and other useful items. This gift might not be that special for you, but for your father it will be a thoughtful gift from his son.

Similarly, if it is your mother’s birthday, you can give her a self-care kit. She might not like going out much, thus this gift will give her a salon like experience at the comfort of her own home. She will be able to do her own facial, and pamper her skin like never before. There are many products from Olay, SkinKraft, Mcaffeine, Plum Green Tea set, Natural Age Control, etc are some brands that have the desired self care hamper.

5. Cake & Flowers

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These are some of the standard gifts that can be given to anyone. You can think of exotic floral arrangements, and cakes. Today there are many options from personalized cakes as well for you to choose from.

6. Aromatherapy

If you want to give your parents such a birthday gift that will give them calm and soothe their stress, then aromatherapy gifts are the one!! There are scented candles, essential oils, potpourri essentials, and a diffuser set. These gifts are enough to make someone feel good. They are also those gifts that can uplift one’s mood. Even if you are not around, these gifts from you will make them feel as if you are with them.

7. Cooking For Parents

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This is probably the only comfort gift that will make them feel special. You can cook for them. It might be the case that they do not want to go out on their birthdays. They just want to sit back, relax and rejuvenate at their home. So you can use this opportunity to make them feel more relaxed. You can ask them to just relax in their drawing room, or bed. You can prepare their favourite meals. This will be something that they will feel happy about.

If you are away from home, then you can think of food delivery.

Apart from these ideas, you can also think of giving them a massager, a health tracking kit, reading and stationery kits, and many more. For more details regarding birthday gifts, click here.