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4 Interesting Facts About Casinos And Gambling In Thailand – 2024 Guide

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While Thailand represents one of the most popular tourist destinations in East Asia, it is surprising that they have some strict laws related to gambling. Therefore, if you were planning to try your luck while enjoying this beautiful country, things will get a little more complicated, depending on which type of gambling you prefer. When you read the regulations related to betting, it might get confusing because you can bet on horse races, while placing a bet on some sporting event is illegal. Also, the lottery is very popular while land casinos are banned from the country.

It seems very strange when such a popular destination doesn’t have legal casinos. However, there are many ways to go around the law and gamble anyway, even if that is illegal. Yet, you might face a penalty if you get caught. In that matter, the best way to gamble without any risks is to choose some online gambling platform. You can visit CasinoRoller88 to check some of the best online casinos available in Thailand.

1. You Can Bypass Rules Related to Online Gambling

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Since most types of gambling are illegal in this country, these regulations are related to online platforms as well. However, the government is focusing on tracking and blocking websites instead of charging people with penalties. On the other hand, there is a chance that they might track your bank account number if you were gambling while in Thailand and charge you for illegal activities. The interesting fact is that there is no particular law that makes online gambling platforms illegal. Still, standard law related to land casinos affects them too.

Nevertheless, you can use a VPN or a proxy server to prevent any chance for the officials to track your activities and enjoy your vacation without any risks. Furthermore, many international websites support Thailand, which means that you can choose some of them. There are also benefits from Bitcoin and blockchain technology. You are going against the rules when using cryptocurrencies for betting, but an e-wallet is a safe solution to stay anonymous.

2. Betting on Horses and Lottery Are Only Available Options

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The interesting part of their regulations that confuses many foreigners is that lottery and betting on horse races are legal and even sponsored by the country. Horse racing has a long tradition in Thailand, and many people are interested in these events. Also, this country hosts some of the biggest tournaments in Asia. The biggest official club is Royal Turf. On the other side, the public lottery is very popular as well, with two draws per month. The main prize can go over $5 million, which is the main reason why both locals and tourists play it more often. The main advantage of choosing this option is that they are only legal ones, and you can be relaxed while waiting for your favorite numbers of the right horse to win.

3. There are Land Casinos Near the Border

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Since the most popular city in Thailand is its capital, Bangkok, it is not a surprise that their neighbors, Cambodia, has a lot of land casinos near this city because the border is very close. The Cambodian city Krong Poi Pet, which is placed on the border with Thailand, is full of attractive land-based casinos. For many tourists, it is not a problem to travel there for around three hours only to enjoy Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and Slot Machines. Some of the best land casinos in this place are Poipet Genting, Princess Crown, Golden Crown, Holiday Palace, and many more. If you are not interested in taking any risks and placing illegal bets while in Thailand, visiting this city near a border is the best option.

4. There are Many Illegal Casinos

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Even though the government is active in suppressing any sorts of gambling that are banned, there are many underground casinos. According to some researches, over $10 billion is spent by players in illegal casinos and betting houses. You can also find the underground lottery, which provides people with the ability to win much more money than a public one. Country officials are aware that people love to gamble. Therefore, they often chase only owners of these casinos, while the chance that you will get prosecuted is very small. On the other hand, it is still not recommended to choose these underground places, since you might get a serious prison sentence of between one and three years. Still, one-third of the population buys tickets for these underground events. The main reason who they prefer illegal ones is a higher chance for a win because they are offering better odds.


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Gambling represents a very popular source of entertainment. Nonetheless, many other countries also banned gambling, such as Qatar, Singapore, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and more. Also, a lot of countries have certain limitations related to available locations for gambling resorts. Furthermore, we can notice that many states started following the most recent trends, because casino resorts can bring even more tourists. Another important factor that is responsible for the gambling ban is the religion of local people that forbid them to gamble in any way. Nevertheless, the people who are currently working for their government are aware of the benefits if they remove some parts from regulation related to gambling. That might attract even more people to visit this country.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok or some other city in Thailand any time soon, and you are interested in gambling while you are there, be sure to avoid underground casinos because they might not be reliable. Also, you should try legal options, which could be especially interesting if you never watched live horse races before. When it comes to online casinos, there should not be any issues since you are only a tourist. Still, keep in mind that they are quite strict about some things related to gambling, and even owning a deck of cards might cause you problems. In that matter, the best solution is to avoid breaking any laws. The penalty fees are very small, but you don’t want to end up in prison only because you wanted to try your luck while gambling.