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9 Tips For Choosing The Right Material For Your Sofa Covers

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Sofas can be a significant investment, so you shouldn’t compromise with the quality, material, and style choices you make. You can avoid future regrets by taking the time to choose the right material for your sofa cover, whether it is customized or not. Your choice will last for many years, and you won’t need to spend extra on maintenance. Here are some tips for choosing the right material for a sofa cover to maintain style, durability, and comfort.

1. Set A Budget

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You will first need to consider how much you are willing to invest in sofa covers. There are many materials you might be interested in. However, not all materials are right for you. You should instead choose those that best suit your preferences and needs.

However, choosing cheaper options is not always a good choice because you may have to compromise with quality. Setting the budget will make the buying process easier. You should set a budget you are willing to invest in.

You can then look into other materials that would complement your budget. If you do not decide on a budget, you can overpay for certain materials. Check the exclusive range of sofa covers at a very affordable price here.

2. You Should Look For A Certain Style

Once you’ve set your budget, it is possible to narrow down your choices by looking at styles that match the style of the space. Many people cannot choose the right style. This is why they contact an interior designer to help them make the right decision.

This is unnecessary, and you can select a great design for yourself just by following a few factors. To choose the authentic style according to your home design, you can consider a few factors. You should look for the cover material, color, and shape.

These three factors are essential for avoiding a bad decision. It will take longer to narrow down your list if you don’t consider them. If the product’s design doesn’t match your space’s style, you should consider another option.

3. How Much Will You Use Them?

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You should pay close attention to how often you and your family use these covers. This means how often you will use the sofa in your living area. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use these covers.

If you fall asleep during a dream, it can cause a decrease in the quality of your sleep. These covers are meant to protect your sofa from such unfortunate events. It is important to choose covers that allow you to use them as often as you want but not cause damage.

4. They Will Be Used by Pets

We also want to discuss the possibility that your pet will use the covers as often as you do. You should also know if your pet has an allergy. Many different substances can adversely affect your cat or dog’s health. Before you make a decision, it is important to be informed.

5. Durability

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Fabric durability is important for different reasons. It depends on the furniture and the room in which it is placed. Also, personal factors such as children or pets living in the home can affect fabric durability. These factors should be taken into consideration when choosing fabric.

  • Print patterns are more durable than woven ones. They also last longer because of tighter weaves and higher thread counts. Thread count is the number of threads used fabric per square inch. Fabric that is denser last extended.
  • Consider who frequently uses your sofa. It is recommended to buy a microfiber or leather fabric if you have pets; they also share the same sofa. These fabrics can withstand more wear and tear.
  • Fabric durability is essential that your chair or sofa will be used daily.

6. Color

The fabric color is usually the foremost thing you choose when shopping for a furniture cover. It can have a huge impact on the decor of your room, specifically if it is a big sofa or another furniture piece that dominates the space.

You should choose a color you are comfortable with for a long period of time. It is advisable not to choose a dark color for a small room. This is especially true if the sofa is large. Neutrals tend to be the most secure as they are easy to please over time, and also, don’t buy delicate colors if you have pets and kids in your home.

Consider the color temperature to set the right mood. The mood of a room is affected by the color temperature. If you don’t like trendy colors, avoid them. They can quickly look old and worn out, even before the chair or sofa needs to be reupholstered.

7. Fabric Weight

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You should consider the special fabrics for the modern sofa cover because they are not suitable for them. For this, you should go with the general rule that says you should avoid heavy fabrics. The heavy fabric cannot adjust with the shape of the sofa. To give the sofa a structured look, choose a medium-weight fabric.

8. Easy To Clean

Choose a fabric that is easy to wash, like cotton, if you want to clean the covers yourself. Professional cleaning is required for natural blends such as cotton-linen or cotton-wool. Complex fabrics will shrink differently depending on how they react to water. This is why it is important to check your covers before putting them in the washing machine.

9. Cost

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A variety of factors affect the fabric price. Denser weaves need higher labor costs and denser thread in production. They are also more durable but can be a bit costly. There are lots of fabric varieties and designs available in the market. You can choose as per your need and budget.


Choosing the right sofa cover isn’t as easy as you think. This article will show you how to make the decision easier. These are the factors we strongly recommend you consider before making a purchase. These will prove to be very useful and practical. It will make the process much easier if you follow them.