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How to Drop Money In GTA 5

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Probably everyone who ran away from the police in the back streets of Los Santos thought how good it would be if friends joined his adventure. Getting into trouble in the company is even more interesting!

And now, the dream has come true: the developers have released GTA 5 online. The multiplayer version of the game is really something different than usual, but it retains its atmosphere and uniqueness perfectly, allowing you to immerse yourself in the criminal everyday life of GTA 5 with your friends now.

GTA 5 Online quickly gained popularity, with many gangs and groups appearing in the game world, constantly at war with each other. But, some users playing in the company started asking an interesting and unusual question – how to transfer money online in GTA 5 to your friend, colleague or just a classmate?

It seems like a rather logical task, implicit in the game itself, because in real life, helping a friend in a difficult situation with money is as easy as shooting a pear cannon. But not everything is so simple, the fact that this feature is often disabled by developers (because of fraud and multi-accounting – they just do not know how to protect the game from this).

So let’s take a look at how to transfer money to another player in Buy GTA 5 money drop in each of the two cases:

  • When direct transfer of funds function is enabled in the game itself;
  • When this feature is disabled.

How to transfer money directly to GTA 5 online?

When the function is enabled, you can simply transfer money to a friend via the interaction menu. In it, select the “Items” tab, then select “Money”, but there is a limit – 5,000 per day.

Other ways to transfer money

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So what happens if this feature is disabled? After all, sometimes when playing with friends, they lag behind in pumping and, consequently, in earning. And they want to buy fashionable clothes, get an expensive car and own an apartment. Don’t worry, you can help them by choosing any of the following methods:

Complete missions and tasks together with a friend and share rewards. In this case, you can give up to 90% of all profits;

You leave the weapons and money of the enemies killed on the floor.

Give any car: Buy the car you like, tune it and give it to a friend. He should insure it and keep it in his garage, and then you can do whatever you want with it;

Assign a reward for hitting a lower-level player. It is important that it is your partner who kills the unfortunate victim. If he does this, he will automatically complete the task and receive the assigned amount of profit.

These are the methods that exist to transfer money online on GTA 5 – for anyone, in any case, remember that happiness is not in financial well-being, however … keep emotions aside, of course, in these green pieces of paper, or rather – In their numbers!

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First transfer money to GTA Online. Another player can go to the Money section and interact through the menu. The limit was $ 5,000 per day. Following another multiplayer update, Rockstar Games has temporarily disabled this feature.

Also, you can throw weapons, or leave cash and ammunition of defeated enemies lying on the street for your friend. If you want to give a friend the coolest car, then just choose the right one, drive fully in LCS and then give it to him so that he can insure it and keep it in his garage. And there’s the last option – you go to the server with a friend, find a knob there and reward him for his head ($ 9000). If your friend completes the task, he gets paid.

It is everyone’s goal to discover how to get that sweet GTA 5 money. It can be done. Another way is by becoming a VIP or forming a Motorcycle Club (MC), players can access a range of missions and activities that offer monetary rewards. As the leader, you have the authority to distribute profits to your organization’s members, incentivizing teamwork and collaboration. This allows players to work together towards common objectives and reap the financial benefits.

Another avenue for making money is through investing in businesses such as vehicle warehouses, CEO offices, or biker businesses. These ventures generate income over time, offering a passive income stream. As the owner, you can hire other players to work for you, providing them with a salary or bonus for their assistance. This creates a mutually beneficial arrangement where players can contribute to the success of the business while earning fair compensation.

Furthermore, when undertaking missions or activities with other players, it is common practice to agree on a fair distribution of earnings. This can be done by splitting the earnings evenly among all participants or assigning specific percentages based on each player’s contribution. By ensuring a fair distribution of rewards, players foster a cooperative and supportive environment, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie.

These legitimate methods not only enable players to accumulate wealth but also promote social interactions, collaboration, and a sense of shared achievement within the game world.

All transfers of millions to other players and huge prizes – GTA Online Hacks. This is completely illegal and therefore such Rockstar Games accounts are immediately banned.

Money in GTA Online is the basic and universal equivalent of the price of goods or services. That is, with the help of money in GTA 5 Online, you can buy real estate – houses, garages, weapons, air and water transport, change your image – hairstyles, clothes, etc., and buy anything in general sport.