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Why eSports Gamers are Using CBD

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Traditional performance enhancers are known for mainly two things –they provide professionals with the energy they need, including focus and alertness, but they also come with a subsequent crash that may affect the athlete or gamer.

In short, things like caffeine, energy drinks, and so on are reliable only in the short-term. If someone wants to keep their health in good shape for a long time, then these enhancers should be removed completely.

This is the reason why people, especially eSports athletes, have been looking for a performance enhancer that comes with little to no side effects – but especially with no crash and tiredness. As a result, they are now using mainly CBD-based products before entering the arena and, in the majority of cases, seems like the right choice! If you find this article interesting and helpful, be sure to check out CBDClinicals.com for the best anxiety-relief cbd oils!

Performance Anxiety Aid

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Anxiety is a big issue in today’s society. For instance, several studies made a couple of years ago discovered that the modern days’ average levels of anxiety in teenagers would qualify them for a spot in a mental asylum in the 1950s.

On top of that, given the still-present stigma surrounding gamers, we can expect that most professional eSports players do suffer from anxiety at a certain level. This anxiety is usually enhanced when they’re about to perform.

Luckily, CBD has been shown to reduce this type of anxiety, as well as other types, significantly if used on a regular basis. Even better, most professional eSports leagues don’t forbid the use of this substance, so gamers could take a gummy right before their big match.

Social Anxiety Aid

Playing from the comfort of their home surely is extremely convenient for mildly anxious gamers. But when they move on to the professional level and have to perform in front of thousands of people, give interviews, and so on, their social anxiety levels go through the roof.

Naturally, CBD can help them in this situation as well. They may perform well in games without any enhances, but if social environments increase their heartbeat, they can easily relax by ingesting some CBD-based products.

Mainly, high social anxiety levels are due to the same stigma that revolves around gamers. They’re not included in social circles, they isolate themselves and, eventually, they don’t know how to manage their emotions in society.

Muscle Pain Relief

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Now, moving on to the actual helpful things for gamers, CBD has shown to alleviate neck, back, and overall muscle pain. Why would gamers need this if they stay in one place all day long?

Well, if you’re an office worker, you already know. Long hours spent in front of a computer or at a desk result in serious muscle stiffness. It is also worth mentioning that gamers can go through training sessions of as long as 12 hours. This is why we always recommend taking some delta 8 and cbd products.

Even if their coaches force them to go to the gym, muscle stiffness and soreness can’t be avoided. This is where CBD comes to their help and relaxes their entire body. As you might know, CBD is basically THC without the high – it relaxes the body and the mind, but keeps both sharp and ready for action.

Great Sleep Aid

Doctors recommend taking a full break from any type of screen for at least one hour before going to sleep. Why? Because the light emitted by most screens – unless it’s a special blue light – can have serious effects on our sleep.

In short, long-term exposure to monitor light and exposure prior to sleep come with insomnia-like symptoms. This is something most gamers cannot avoid – and if they can’t sleep, they won’t be able to perform on the following day.

If they use CBD, on the other hand, they can fall asleep much easier. CBD-based products are known for their relaxing effects and, on top of that, it was also proven to restore disrupted circadian rhythm. If you’re interested in finding out more about these products, check this site.

Focus Enhancer

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When anxiety is not an issue and gamers can fall asleep easily, it’s often focus that they lack – or simply cannot find. Once again, CBD can be of great help in situations when gamers just cannot find that stone to balance themselves on right before the big game.

However, thanks to the studies done on CBD that showed that it can improve cognitive function and focus, the ESL has banned this substance from being used in their championships.

But not all leagues have done this. If a gamer feels like they can’t focus or have a hard time concentrating on the game, a CBD dose can be a literal game-changer!

Overall Wellness and Wellbeing

The lack of sleep, potential anxiety, as well as back/muscle problems can really take a toll on someone who makes a living based on how much time they spend at 100% focus in front of a computer. This can have serious effects on personal wellbeing and wellness.

CBD can be the solution! Even though forbidden during some major leagues and championships, you can still use it in your free or leisure time. On top of that, it also exits your system faster than THC, meaning that you might be able to take advantage of its properties one or two days before a big competition.

This is because CBD was found to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote a healthy mood, and overall induce relaxation throughout the day. Moreover, it was also discovered that it can prevent the apparition of several diseases and relieve the symptoms of PTSD, depression, and so on.

The Bottom Line

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As you can see, the reasons why eSports gamers use or should be using CBD are more than just valid. CBD-based products are the solution to many day-to-day issues that gamers face – not only that, but these issues are faced by the common people as well.

In the end, the most popular reason for them to use this substance is that it increases cognitive responses and, ultimately, makes them have better reaction times to what’s happening on their screens. As we know, reaction time is the single most important thing that a gamer must excel at when it comes to competitive video games!