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How Does Esports Gambling Work?

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The popularity of the esports gambling industry is growing exponentially. Esports betting started with a slow start. However, its popularity has increased in the last few years. Its popularity is so massive that its net worth is believed to become thirty million in 2024.

That’s a huge number, especially if you consider that esports is still under the legislative radar. However, the popularity of esports is nothing as compared to the fanbase of traditional sports. This is mainly because most people are not aware of what esports are and how to bet on them.

So, what are esports, and how do you bet on them?

This comprehensive guide will answer all your questions related to esports betting. We have also shared an essential tip towards the end on how to find a reliable bookie. If you wish to put this knowledge to use, you can try betting at myesportsbettingodds.com. This site offers the best esports betting odds.

Esports Betting Explained In Detail

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Esports or electronic sports refers to competitive gaming. In this, players need to play video games to compete against each other. There is nothing new about playing video games and trying to beat their fellow competitors. It has been around ever since gaming consoles were released. However, it was only until recently that it attracted the attention of sports gamblers.

Video gaming is quite competitive, and adding money to the equation increases its competitiveness further. Esports betting is a hugely profitable business. People can easily download any online betting apps, bet on their favorite esports, and make money out of it.

Esports attract a lot of online audiences. For example, the World Championship’s finale held in Poland in 2017 attracted more than one million live audiences. Finales of games like the Superbowl, CSGO, League of Legends attracted millions of fans online.

Esports Genres

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There are generally four genres that comprise the esport games.

  • First-person Shooter Games:

In these games, the players can play from the first person’s view, and hence they are called first-person shooter games. These are generally combat games in which both teams and individual players can participate. HALO, Counter-Strike, etc., are some examples of FPS games.

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena:

In these games, two teams fight against each other. The number of members in a team generally varies between 2 to 10. Ancients 2 and League of Legends are some of the popular MOBA games.

  • Sports Simulation:

Two categories of games are present in this genre. The first category of games in the genre is FIFA and NBA2K. These games recreate physical sports in a game. The second category involves games such as Rocket League, which includes features of a physical sport.

  • CatchAll Games:

The games that have easy gameplay fall under this genre. These games are also relatively easy to play, and the gamers need not have much experience before playing these games. Clash Of Clans, Mini Militia and Clash Royale are some of the most famous examples of this genre.

How Esports Gambling Works?

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Esports betting is quite similar to gambling on physical sports. The esports gamblers can place their bet on a particular team member or the entire team.

With a wide range of esports games, there is an abundance of betting options as well. Even the gamblers who are unaware of esports games can easily opt for an easy betting option and place their bets.

A Bonus Tip: Consider betting on a team or a player that has a continuous winning streak.

Categories Of Bets

1. Match Winner

You can place this bet even after the match has begun. In this type of bet, you need to bet on a team that you think will win the game. The odds in this type of bet may be fixed before, which means an odd compiler may decide the winner even before the match starts. Alternatively, the odds may depend on the number of bets that have been placed on a particular participant.

Say, for example, if the maximum number of bets are placed on Team A, then the odds of that team winning the match will be equal to one.

2. Totals

In this type of betting, gamblers need to bet on how many times a particular thing will be repeated in a match. The gamblers can bet on the total kills of a specific player or on the number of goals a player will make in games like FIFA.

Placing a bet on the total has nothing to do with which team will win the match. Even if you have placed a bet on a losing team member, you will win the bet amount if your predictions about the gameplay are correct.

3. Betting Outrights

These are the bets that a gambler places before the match starts. You can bet on the team that you think will win the game. If you want to play low-risk bets, you can bet on a player you think will make it to the next round. Alternatively, you can also bet on teams that you think will get eliminated in a particular match.

Tip To Find Reliable Bookies

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When betting on esports, finding a reliable betting site is a daunting task. It is not a surprise considering the high competition among the bookmakers out there in the market. However, while looking for a betting site, make sure to opt for one that offers a fast payout.

Events are generally short, and you can easily bet on two to three events in a day. However, you will not be able to do so if your bookie takes a lot of time to release your money. Hence, make sure to check the deposit and withdrawal speeds of the website. Also, make sure to opt for a website that allows live betting.

Final Words

Esports gambling is quite famous these days. With proper knowledge, you can easily cash in on this opportunity. We hope that this article helped you understand everything about esports betting in detail.