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Ways To Renew or Extend Your E2 Visa

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A granted E2 visa is an excellent thing to have, according to AshooriLaw. Meeting the requirements that immigration has given you is the nerve-cracking part of the process. But, what is the other condition when you already have the E2 endorsement, and the only thing you need to do is extend or renew it. Well, in that case, we would like to share the ways to renew and extend your E2 visa.

This article will show you the other side of how you can renew your E2 visa or extend it if possible. It is crucial information that you need to consider while applying for another request for this endorsement. If you meet the conditions that immigration has, then you can ensure the continuity of your visa.

To understand more about this topic, then keep on navigating. Join us to give you the information to help you know the things you need to understand about E2 extension and renewal. Each of the data contains a valuable detail that allows you to see what you need to perform and provide.

What is an E2 visa?

Before anything else, let us elaborate on what kind of endorsement this visa is. It is an American visa that allows a person who is not a citizen of the US to enter their country with the plan of investing and doing a business. It is the access of each person to make amends in commercial premises of America.

In short, you need to be an investor, entrepreneur or run a business before applying for this kind of affidavit. And the person that you need to work with is a professional lawyer with significant experience filling the E2 petitions. The validity of this visa is within five years. Yet, if immigration will grant you an extension, then it will be great.

Again, not all the individuals can be a candidate for this visa. It needs a position as an investor or entrepreneur. Typically, two years is the minimum number of years that this visa can give you. Thus, if the embassy renews your application, you can extend your stay for two more years per extension.

Renewal or Extension of E2 visa

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Renewal is not easy as it is. If you don’t meet the condition of demonstrating the satisfaction of all the E2 visa requirements, then it will affect you big time. You can’t get a renewal and continue your business in the US. The significant performance of your business is one of the best things that you need to acquire through the years.

Things You Need to Consider When You are Renewing and Extending your E2 visa.

Let us say that your E2 enterprise is not doing well. This section contains some tips to try alongside when applying for an E2 renewal or extension. Each of them includes chances that you can try on to make your application possible. It consists of the following;

Delaying your renewal

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This idea is risky, yet some people are using this trick to make a good chance of renewing and extending their E2 visas. Thus, you need to consult your attorney before performing this plan.

E2 visa can grant you at least two years of stay in the US. Thus, if your access is somehow close to its limit, you can use it to visit other countries and come back before your endorsements end. At that moment, you can and might be granted an extension of two years for your visa.

If this idea is a success, you can now stay within that extension without renewing your E2 visa. Is it a great thing to know, right? However, ensure that your attorney knows it all. It may cause you trouble if you do it alone. This strategy is quite tricky. That is why consulting a professional is an excellent idea.

Set up your case

Having a five-year visa can cause you a disadvantage. It is better to have two-year access than having the maximum years of stay in the US. That way, you can bargain for more years of practicing your plans and escalate the progress of your business.

Immigration somehow gives you other years to make a significant profit to prove that you can use your strategic plan within that limit. It is an excellent move in your case. Showing them that you are focusing on the growth of your business is a positive aspect. Plus, it means that you also have a great relationship with your employees.

Hiring employees for your business

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Of course, it is a great option to consider when you hire employees for your enterprise. It can also play a crucial role when applying for your E2 renewal or extensions. It is an excellent proof that you have the payroll records for your application. As you know, it can also be an excellent supporting document in applying your endorsement.

Having a finances record in order

When doing business, an essential thing to produce is the financial statement. It is evidence of your business status. You need to arrange all of it in order. The immigration includes this essential document as a requirement to identify your capability when doing business.

Moreover, it contains the profit and loss statement, also, balance sheet and the record of taxes you handed over for at least two years of stay. Your position requires great learning of handling your financial statement. Hiring a great accountant is also an outstanding idea to manage your account successfully.

Having an excellent feedback

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Customers are one of the people you need when you are aiming more for your business. Of course, they are superior when you are in the products and services. Thus, your clients also play a vital role in providing you a compromising profit and extra capital.

When you are longing for renewal and extension of the E2 visa, this factor means a lot. You can show immigration the good side of your business. That way, you can show them the positive side of the story and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Consulting for the best lawyer that can help you in your E2 petition

As we said a while ago, it is an excellent idea to hire an attorney with exceptional experience in filling an E2 petition. That way, you can ensure that they can provide and work for your outstandingly.

They are the ones that are arranging your application and advice you on what you need to do upon filing your request. Also, your attorney can provide you the previous documents for an extension or renewal, arrange and add more papers as your requirements. They are the ones that you can trust when it comes to these transactions.

Don’t renew or extend your E2 visa – apply for a new one

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If your business is not profitable and has no chance of growing, it is better to do business in other enterprises. You can also start a new business and make a serious conversation with the Visa Franchise. They can help you find a business or enterprise to manage with the strength, interest, and investment funds you have.

Of course, consultation with your attorney is what you need. They can give you a bit of advice and communicate to the officials what you can provide and what requirements to start a new application.


That is it. We hope that this information can help you in renewing and extending your E2 visa. All the details above are essential factors that you need to consider when applying for your E2 visa. Other than that, we also include the possible move that you can perform for better application.

It can serve as your guidelines in aiming your goal. We are grateful to share this article. We hope that we provide the data that you need. Thank you, and Goodluck with your application!