Apple To Sell 80 Million iPhone 6 Units, In 2014 Only?

[Article updated to reflect the fact that the report actually says 80 million units not 80 million USD]

Without a shadow of a doubt, the iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year, regardless if we’re talking about the 4.7 inch or the 5.5 inch model. Point is, the iPhone is going to get bigger this year, and this has been one of the most anticipated moments in the iPhone’s history. It happened before when the iPhone 5 got released with a 4-inch panel, but this year we’re looking at some serious changes, including a noteworthy bump in resolution.

Evidently, we’re not the only ones who are excited about iPhone 6′s arrival and you can be sure there are numerous Apple fans out there who are already convinced that the iPhone 6 will be their next smartphone. In fact, Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute has recently made a few predictions that are quite intriguing. More details below.


iPhone 6 to Bring in Roughly $80 Million in 2014?

Although the iPhone 6 is not yet official, there have been several reports in the past indicating that the device will sell like hotcakes, and that Apple might be faced with low yield and/or supply issues.

Today we bring you more estimates, as TRI (Topology Research Institute) has recently predicted that Apple will sell 70 million 4.7 inch iPhone 6 units by the end of 2014. In addition, TRI believes that between 8 and 10 million units of the 5.5 inch model will end up into consumers’ pockets, during the same timeframe.

The iPhone 6 is expected to feature a new A8 processor, a Touch ID scanner, an 8 MP camera and iOS 8. There have also been rumors suggesting that the next-gen iPhone will boast a QHD display, but there’s no way to be certain of any of this right now.

So what are your thoughts on these sales figures predicted by Topology Research Institute? Do you think Apple can sell enough iPhone 6s by the end of 2014 to account for $80 million? Are you planning on buying one yourself?