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Top 8 Games To Keep Coming Out in 2024

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Video games are an escape for many of us. Apart from that, they are generally fun. That is if they are well made. We all indeed like different things about games. However, the metrics to judge how good one is are the same. Today we will look at the games that have the industry buzzing. As we wait for the new PlayStation 5, there has been a lot of talk about accompanying games. Even though its games are not exactly common yet, some have made it into our list. Enjoy;

1. Watchdogs Legion

This Ubisoft production has got plenty of good reviews since its first release. It is now known for its ‘crazy’ features. The new release is completely insane. It is set in a near-future version of London. The city is packed with surveillance. Compared to its predecessors, the character you play is an ordinary citizen. One that rises through the ranks to build an unstoppable team. In the game, you can recruit any NPC around the world. A feature that helps players recruit team members with diverse abilities.

Overall, the game is set to be wild and ambitious. It comes out on the 29th of October.

2. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

If you are a Vikings fan, this may interest you. Assassin’s Creed fans will get a new experience since the game is set in a new environment. The game is about building a village and everything that comes with it. The developers did us the honor of bringing back social stealth; a feature that is gravely missed. The environment might be different but it is very well done.

Furthermore, players have a wider variety of weapons to choose from. The storyline also borrows a lot from the real Viking history – this makes it far more interesting. Players can also choose between a male and a female character. It comes out on the 17th of November.

3. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time


We all know that no one will get the crash vibe as right as Naughty dogs did. Nevertheless, this is still a game worthy of this list. Platformers seldom get good games in the modern age. This will be a good addition to the genre’s portfolio in the industry.

Even though it gets a lot of comparisons, the game is still very fun. It comes out on the 2nd of October. Mark the date on your calendar!

4. Flight Simulator

This Microsoft product is very common for PC gamers. It’s good that games can be as imaginative as the developers want, but sometimes people are looking for something real. Flight Simulator is as real as they come. The player gets to fly over any place in the world.

All the available locations in the game are very realistic; from the Eiffel tower to the statue of liberty. The graphics do the scenes from the sky a lot of justice. Mostly because that’s most of what they need to get completely right. Apart from the aircraft controls that is. Easily amongst the most realistic games on PCs today.

5. Marvel Avengers

Since the release of Avengers end-game, the franchise got a lot of attention. This game won’t fall short of the glory. A good percentage of the gaming community is looking forward to the release date. Which is just around the corner (September 4th).

Among the attractive features is mission replays. Not very exciting? Upgrading characters to discover new abilities definitely is. Characters like Thor and the Hulk will be sure favorites. Unlocking their abilities as the game goes on will be a good treat.

It’s rare for Square Enix to get anything wrong. So be sure that the game is going to be very exciting and worth playing.

6. Spiderman Miles Morales


The first version of Spiderman Miles Morales encapsulated how it feels to be Mary Jane. Which we haven’t seen in almost all Spiderman games. However, the spiderman aspect sucked.

The new game is expected to come up with a new storyline. We’re tired of the same old spiderman beats bad guys story. The developers promise a more immersive story in the new game. Apart from that, spiderman will have more things to do – which is amongst the most exciting features about it.

7. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is expected to be the most important game in the whole series. Especially since it’s the flagship game coming out with the new Xbox console. It promises a whole new experience from its successful predecessors.

Since it’s coming out on a new console, the graphics are expected to be over the roof. Apart from that, the environment is going to be huge. Generally, the game is mired with high expectations. Let’s just hope that it does not disappoint.

8. CyberPunk 2077

CyberPunk is hands down the most anticipated game of this year. It is the next big RPG game of its generation. Set in the future, there are a lot of exciting things you can do. The characters range from ordinary people to hackers and criminals; the whole package.

Players can upgrade their characters using RPG systems. The media is going crazy about the prospect of the sales it will make. If you can, you better pre-order this game. It promises to be worth every dime.

The game’s trailer will show you that the John Wick movie star is available as a character. Which clearly speaks about how good the action is going to be. Watch out for this one, it comes out in consoles and PCs on November 19th.


We couldn’t include all the other exciting games that are coming out soon. But the ones that made the list are the creme de la creme. Mark your calendars on the days they are coming out so you don’t forget. You will not forget it. As I said in the beginning, my selection of the best may be different from yours. So do yourself a favor and play these games with an open mind. If you want to know more about games, check out gamerguyde.com.