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8 Best Women’s Wood Watch Under $100 – 2024 Guide

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So, you are looking to buy a watch, but you are on a limited budget. Lucky for you, there are numerous stylish wooden watches to be found both online and at the specialized stores with their prices never leaving the 100$ margin. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone extra special to you, or you simply want to rejoice yourself after a long work well done, a wooden watch may be the right choice for you.

Choosing a wooden over a classical watch may positively affect both your style and the general feeling of comfort. You could pair it with almost everything since there are variants of this little piece of craft to fit all kinds of different outfits. Both your casual and business outfits could be complemented with a gentle touch of style contained in a wooden watch.

They are easy and pleasant to wear, creating almost no friction to your wrist, while gently adorning your hand. Since it is made of natural composites, you may wear it with no guilt that you produce harm to the environment. Depending on the model, the variants of wooden watches may be completely or partially eco-friendly, where leather bracelets are substituted with their caoutchouc counterparts. Therefore, wearing one may be your way of expressing a silent protest to animal abuse.

Whatever your reasons for wearing a wooden watch are, its presence will not remain unnoticed. On the other hand, if your goal is to present someone special with a unique and classy gift, choosing this specific kind of jewelry to bestow will make them mesmerized. Although there are numerous astonishing models to be found under $100, we present you with a list of specially crafted wooden watches that may draw your attention and help you decide which will best suit your need. For your consideration, visit LoveThatBoho.

1. Exquisite Wooden Watch for Women / Bamboo or Ebony Wood

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The marvelous piece of art comes in two different variants. You may select the material of your preference and pick between bamboo and ebony wood. The beauty is in the contrast made by the elegant black case and the white or ebony color stylish bracelet. Considering the elegance of certain female hands, the band can be sized up and down to fit almost anyone stylish enough to try it.

2. Luxury Women’s Wooden Watch with Steel Band

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Although the price of this specially designed watch for a thinner wrist lady nearly reaches our financial limit, this particular piece of craftsmanship is worth every penny. Equipped with both elegance of its round case and style contained within its bracelet, it fails to disappoint even the most demanding individuals. The details of its bracelet are linked with stainless steel that shines gracefully between its wooden foundation.

3. Women’s Bamboo Watch with Leather Strap and Inca Pattern

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Although not entirely made out of environmentally friendly materials, this wooden watch remains within the realm of nature. Namely, apart from its wooden case, the bracelet is made out of leather. Along with the genuine Inca pattern branded inside the case, this wooden watch embodies the freedom and togetherness with the nature of the Inca people. Although, it bears a certain dose of mysticism resembling a shamanic artifact, the purpose of this pattern solely is ornamental. Moreover, if you are looking for an online bracelet store then visiting TheBracelets.com.au would be a great help in this regard.

4. Women’s Maple and Red Sandalwood Small Face Watch

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The specific merger of components from pairing types of wood such are maple and sandalwood makes the mottle ideal for every day wearing and can match almost any type of garment. This watch is made of environmentally friendly materials and it feels comfortable on the hand thanks to a delicate finish in the process of shaping the parts of the bracelet. Both younger and elder generations find it an astonishing part of an everyday outfit.

5. Women’s Elegant Minimalist Wooden Watch / Ebony wood

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The darker color of the bracelet especially accentuates the case. There are twelve roman figures presenting the numbers on a white background, there resonating with minimalistic grace. This one model in particular is designed for mature connoisseurs with a tendency to wear classical long dresses and enjoy in hiding their eyes under large elegant hats.

6. Women’s Wooden Watch with Zebrawood and Ebony Wood

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Crafted to be worn on a sophisticated wrist of a young lady, this one of the kind mixtures of zebrawood and ebony wood fascinates with its magnificence. The wood case remains in a dark shade, while brownish and reddish details dominate the band surface, reflecting the essence of the natural elements fitted to make this perfect craft notably different from its competition.

7. Women’s Wooden Watch with Pearl Face / Solid Sandalwood and Maple

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Intense contact of the pearl case and a combination of sandalwood and maple makes looking at this wooden watch a fascinating experience. Not only will it look god on your hand when you go out on a dinner with your partner, but also you will enjoy wearing this type of garment at your workplace, showing dignity and pure class. The shining pearl case is somewhat luring the glances wherever you go.

8. Women’s Wooden Watch with Zebrawood and Leather Band / Silver Face

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Last but not least on this list is a modern combination of leather and zebrawood. It resembles something an Indiana Jones’s chosen one would wear. Namely, it simply shines with style and has a specific note of adventure attached to it. This unique combination will not fail to impress anybody.

Although you probably have a collection of different watches, having a wooden watch would definitely make a significant shift in your style. Not only can it be a unique part of your jewelry collection, but it also combines two different accessories into one stylish piece. Namely, being made out of finely crafted natural materials, it can be used both as an ornament or as a time showing the device. Whether you want to use it for a time-show or a show-show, or you simply want to enable those things to someone dear to you, this precious thing may be the right pick for you.